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27 Dollar FX Systems

This is a new concept, get a few new strategies every month with 27 Dollar FX Systems. So you pay $27 a month and you get access to a handful of new trading strategies every month, trading templates, custom Forex indicators, a personal trading journal, and live trade videos. The concept sounds great, I hope that the execution can be just …

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Forex Trading GPS

This one just popped out of nowhere today so I thought I would give a quick rundown of the Forex Trading GPS by David Hyatt. Tagline: How to get the unfair edge to score out sized pip gains out of nowhere. So there is very little to this page so I won’t be able to provide too detailed information on Forex Trading …

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Plug n Play Income Method

Today I am looking at a new binary options indicator by Josh Hibbert, the Plug N Play Income Method. Josh believes this system can make nearly $20,000 in less than 3 months. So what is it? As I scroll through the sales page, this question gets more convoluted to answer. While the Plug N Play Income Method web site is flashy and tells …

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FX Quest to 80K

Everyone has their own journey, ours are often trade based, today I look at the FX Quest to 80K. This is a new product that is based on one trader’s (Mark Lewis) ability to make eighty thousand in a mere month. Now, while this theory of the FX Quest to 80K is impressive, I hope there are some sort of …

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Forex Moon Secret

Rita is back, this time with a new manual trading system, Forex Moon Secret. The system trades on the H1 timeframe, EUR/USD pair and is compatible with Metatrader 4 on any broker. The Forex Moon Secret strategy does have some explanation which helps us understand exactly what to expect. The manual trading product costs $99 for the first 300 customers and …

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Profits Gainer Review

Today I review a new software that shows us a video and nothing else, so that leads to the question what is the Profits Gainer? So, we do know the software is created by Simon Carter and he his not very shy as he flashes a 2 million dollar bank statement in our faces right off the bat. Simon then …

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Forex Profit Keeper

Mark Ellis is the developer of a new Forex trading system, Metatrader 4 templates and indicators, Forex Profit Keeper. So what does this trading software have to offer? If I am going by the look of the web site, the lack of results, the issues I have with sloppy product I would have to say not very much. Is this going …

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Fast Forex Results Review

Back at it again, today I am reviewing a new trading course that goes by the name Fast Forex Results. So, what does this new software have to offer traders? Well, I hate to sound like a broken record in my trading reviews but Fast Forex Results is another sales page that really doesn’t meet our expectations. So what do we know? …

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The Price Action Protocol Review

Hey traders, today I am going to write and review a new manual trading method called The Price Action Protocol. So the main question here is what exactly is this manual trading strategy? Well obviously the Price Action Protocol comes with price action based strategies. It comes with 5 action setups and teaches you exactly how to use them. There are really …

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Forex Power Review

Wow, a great looking website, I hope that this new automated trading system Forex Power is as good as it’s website is impressive. I can’t lie, I do like shiny things and this website sure is shiny. So, what about that product, what is it? So, Forex Power is another automated Forex robot. It is developed by Javier Perez, 2 other trades …

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