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FAP Revolution by FAP Turbo

fap turbo fap revolutionWell it looks like the FAP Turbo guys are add it again this time releasing a new robot called FAP Revolution.

I do really just got the e-mail this morning so I don’t know all the details yet but I’m going to inform you of everything I do know immediately. I really don’t like the way they’re going about this. In order to get access to the new FAP revolution traders have to sign up and find a life trading account with their broker affects choice.

So basically what they’re saying is you don’t have to pay us for the robot but if you put your lives money in this account then we’ll give you the robot. The problem with this type of approach is this a lot of traders that just like to use demo accounts but I guess what you could do is put your lives money in their get the robot and then once you have the robot you could take your money out.

I believe you already have to be a FAP Turbo member to have access to this as well. So on top of spending the original money for your purchase for BAP Turbo you also have to input your live money into this FX choice brokerage.

FAP Revolution Details

The software trades to pairs, GBPUSD and USDCAD. As for results they have shown us a couple of back test equity curves. There is a PDF on the website that gives you more details and they do show a statement there aswell.

The FAP Revolution trades quite often it seems like anywhere between 5 to 6 trades a day per pair so this system is likely a scalper or has some scalping capabilities. The wins and losses are usually small.

FAP Revolution Conclusion

I really don’t like the way that they are going about selling this product but this company FAP Turbo has a long history of success so if you are interested in this you could check it out. I am going to try and contact them maybe see if I can buy this software since I don’t feel like putting money into this brokerage. If I get anywhere all obviously write about it here in my review.

If you have anything you would like to add just leave a comment below I would like to hear what you have to say about this new FAP Revolution software.

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  1. Fapturbo revolution unlike their other bots is a complete peice of crap. In beta it was a miserable failure and I tried to give it another chance and it continues to be a complete failure managing to destroy all my profits and wiping out a 500 dollar acct in less then a week.

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