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Here you will find a collection of all our Forex VPS reviews. The purpose of a virtual private server is to give traders faster execution speeds, and response times between their MT4 client and their Forex broker. This is especially important when it comes to traders that use high frequency trading robots, or even short term scalping strategies. There are a litany of Forex robots, signal providers, and indicators that require extremely fast response times in order for their systems to be profitable. Using a Forex VPS also plays a vital role in reliability, and up time. Depending on where you live in the world, many internet service providers have issues with keeping their service online 24 hours a day, and any disruption of service can be detrimental to a traders profits.


There are many different virtual private server companies, and some that are closer associated with the Forex market than others. Obviously, traders can use any normal VPS provider for their Forex trading as long as they pick the Windows OS and install MT4 or MT5 on their own. Yet, there is an advantage in dealing with a virtual private server host that has experience with Forex traders, so that the support you receive is more accurate.


Please read some of our Forex VPS reviews here, and feel free to suggest any other companies you would like to see us analyze. We will be adding more hosts to this list in the near future, so check back soon.

InterServer Forex VPS Review (#1 Rated)

InterServer is the top recommendation for Virtual Private Server companies here at Forex Robot Nation. We find that their low prices, in conjunction with the ability to upgrade seamlessly makes them an easy choice for traders who want a reliable Forex VPS at high speeds. Today, we will be going through their offer, and letting you know why we rate …

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Hyper Bot VPS Review ($299)

Hyper Bot VPS is a new automated expert advisor that comes with access to a free Forex VPS. This is one of the first offers like this that we’ve seen. In the past, we’ve seen brokers offer free virtual private servers, but never automated robot developers. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if the …

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VPS Forex Trader Review (

VPS Forex Trader is a Lithuanian Forex VPS provider that promises fast servers built specifically for foreign exchange trading. They believe that it’s very important to specialize in one area, which is what sets them apart from many of their competitors that offers servers for many different reasons. In providing just Forex virtual private servers, they have an expertise that …

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VPS Review: BeeksFX (Beeks Financial Cloud)

BeeksFX (Beeks Financial Cloud) is a Forex VPS provider offering solutions for both retail traders and financial institutions. They have many different services including hybrid cloud management, cryptocurrency hosting, cme connect and of course, Forex hosting. Today we will focus our review on their Forex services, and let you know how they stack up against their competitors. Beeks Financial Cloud …

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VPS Review: LinkUpHost

LinkUpHost is a Forex VPS provider that is “built for and understands Forex traders.” They feel that their service is a step ahead of their competitors because they have advanced knowledge of the Forex market, and what traders in this market expect from their virtual private server host. Their services taking advantage of a reliable and easy-to-use cloud platform, so …

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VPS Review: MyForexVPS

MyForexVPS is a Forex VPS provider that offers server locations in Amsterdam, New York and London. They promote their service as “the most profitable virtual servers for Forex trading.” This is obviously something that they cannot prove, but they do offer some pretty powerful resources at an affordable rate. Owned and operated by ON2A FZ LLC, the team is …

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VPS Review: FXVM

fxvm logo

FXVM is one of the most popular Forex VPS providers in the marketplace, and is frequently the top recommendation for many different Forex trading blogs. The service is built specifically with Forex traders in mind, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why this provider is touted as the top option by so many traders. They believe that every …

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How to Make Millions in May

How you ask? Forex is how to easily make your millions in the month of May. Over the last two months the markets have been flush with opportunity and here at Forex Robot Nation the monthly trading profits have been soaring. I have had my time dedicated to two different tasks: Making free tools for the Forex Robot Nation newsletter …

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March Forex – The Road to Success

Trading Forex is to me a life’s pursuit. I spend hours every day building a trading strategy, watching my Forex Robots and trying to find that next angle that will make my next trade a sure winner. In the last two years I have the level of success that makes me happy. I don’t have the flashy cars or the …

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Trade Copier – MT4 EA Forex Trading Cloner

Trade Copier – MT4 Forex Trading Cloner A new technology is being used very often now to provide forex trading signals to ea’s. This is an mt4 forex product called Trade Copier. There are many places you can find EA’s that use trading copiers and cloners on MT4 and many different uses. It is best to use a Forex VPS if …

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