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Hyper Bot VPS Review ($299)

Hyper Bot VPS is a new automated expert advisor that comes with access to a free Forex VPS. This is one of the first offers like this that we’ve seen. In the past, we’ve seen brokers offer free virtual private servers, but never automated robot developers. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if the system is effective, or if it’s just a clever marketing ploy.

There is no address provided, and no specific detail about the creators of the service. They do not explain the type of history they have in the Forex market, as their about us section addresses nothing important. They tell us that their “team knew that we had superior strategies applicable to multiple market trading, trend trading, range trading, and highly volatile trading.” Yet, they don’t introduce us to any of the team members, so we can’t verify their identities. For all we know, this product is being produced by someone living in his mother’s basement.

To get in touch with support, traders can email


Hyper Bot VPS Review

The Hyper Bot VPS website is designed well, with unique floating images and an overall professional feel. It consists of a handful of bullet points, a pricing section and a YouTube video. In general, the site is mostly fluff, which makes our job reviewing the system more difficult. We prefer product developers that go into detail and actually cover trading topics.

There are 9 different features they feel set them apart from their competitors. These include broker compatibility, easy setup, automatic trades, comprehensive system, best strategy, and no minimum deposit required. None of these aspects are much different than any other product producer in this market, and really all the best Forex robots include them.


While the Hyper Bot VPS team makes mention of “the best strategy,” they don’t really tell us what that strategy is. We know that the strategy isn’t specific because the software can trade on all pairs and time frames. So, it’s possible that the developer wants the client to figure out the best approach to utilize. If this isn’t the case, they should be telling us exactly what the strategy is, or at least a basic outline.

It is difficult to consider spending upwards of $300 for an expert advisor with no explanation about it’s trading methodology.

EA Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $299
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: Any

For traders interested in the Hyper Bot VPS, the price ranges from $299 to $499. All packages come with full access, but traders who want to run multiple accounts will have to spend more to get those additional licenses. It’s also worth noting that the $299 plan is yearly, while the other two plans for $399 and $499 provide a lifetime license.

Client Feedback

At this point in time, we are unable to find any third party client feedback. There are a few testimonials at the bottom of the page, but these messages can easily be fabricated by the developer.

Trading Results

Despite charging $299 per year for a starters license, the vendor doesn’t provide any Hyper Bot VPS verified trading results. The closest they come, is a 1 minute YouTube video showing a two month sample size on a demo account. If this account was impressive, we are sure that they would upload it to Myfxbook and show us that way. Instead, they scroll through the trading results directly in Metatrader, likely because they can show us a custom time, and ignore the losses.

If this vendor wants to be taken seriously, they will need to upload their accounts to Myfxbook and prove that the software works. This is the same determination we’ve made in our recent reviews of Jabrix Scalper, Trend Profiteer and New Hope EA.


There are some readers that will say it’s our job to prove that the Hyper Bot VPS system is viable, but that’s not our opinion. We feel that the vendor needs to prove that their software works by establishing the strategy, and providing verified trading results. Then, if the software passes all our tests, we will test it ourselves. Until that time though, we are not going to waste our time testing thousands of releases, and the same goes for our readers. We don’t feel that it’s our readers job to test and prove that a system works either. It is always the vendors job to prove that their software works first. In this case, they have not proven that their Forex robot is viable, so we will revisit the website again soon to see if that’s changed.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please comment down below.

Hyper Bot VPS $299
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Hyper Bot VPS is a Forex robot built for all pairs that comes with a free virtual private server.

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Free VPS
MT4/MT5 compatible
All timeframes & pairs


No strategy insight
No verified results

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