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In this category, we are consistently adding new Forex trading course reviews. We want to introduce beginners, and experts to different types of lessons, and schools to ensure that every trader has the knowledge to grow their trading accounts manually. There is a growing interest in the different Forex trading academy programs available, which makes it imperative that we provide the community with honest feedback.


The reputation of each Forex trading course differs based on the reviews of their clients, and the level of education they are providing. Frequently, the paid Forex courses are a collection of free information that’s being repackaged and disseminated. In some cases, these courses are still valuable, but for the majority of the time, traders will want to sign up with a course that is completely original information. This is the type of analysis we provide in each of our reviews.


Each Forex trading course is very different in who they are trying to reach, and teach. In our reviews, we analyze and specify the level of trader that each course is built for. You never want to find yourself in a position where you are paying for a beginners course when you have intermediate skills, or vice versa. Many of the courses are expensive, with price tags over $1000, but it’s not necessary to overpay for education. Often, Forex trading courses are overpriced as a way to insinuate their level of talent. Don’t buy a course because it’s the most expensive, that does not always signify which is the best service, or educational program.


Please feel free to go through every single Forex trading course we’ve reviewed and find out which is the most suitable for you.

The ONLY Forex Trading Strategy You’ll EVER Need | Free Course EP 4

It’s episode four, and if you’re not winning trades yet, I will change that for you today by combining all the last three episodes into this one video. I’ll make it even easier with a higher time frame trading strategy of supply and demand.  I’m already getting DMs on Instagram from traders passing funding challenges using this free course. This …

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Trading SECRETS That Made Me Millions in Forex | Free Course EP 3

It’s time to uncover the trading secrets that made me millions in forex. This article is the third episode in my free trading course, teaching you my current winning supply and demand trading strategy and making as many of you profitable traders as I possibly can. One of the most challenging parts of trading is knowing when to exit trades. …

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Unstoppable Supply and Demand SECRET SNIPER Entries ||  Free Course EP 2

Brace yourself for this short and fascinating article about supply and demand. It is the second content of the free trading course, and it’s time for you to start getting perfect entries on every trade. You enter a trade that never goes into drawdown until you win it successfully. That’s what we’re doing today. Hence, watch the Youtube video above, …

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Millionaire Supply and Demand Trading Strategy | Free Course EP 1

This article is the first in a free five-content course taking you from trading (supply and demand strategies) at your computer to the Porsche dealership buying your first supercar. I’ve been in Forex for 15 years, but how I trade evolves every year. Hence, in this five-content series, I will show you my most prominent trading strategies that I use …

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Mentor Review: Wall Street Academy

From the founder of Forever In Profit, Quillan Black, comes a Forex mentorship program, Wall Street Academy. Quillan promises that this product is “the most effective educational platform for learning how to trade in the Forex market.” The last offering he was involved in was focused too heavily on luxury lifestyle marketing, so hopefully this service is more results and …

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Forex Investors Alliance: Forexia Pro Review

Today I’m looking at a collection of services by the Forex Investors Alliance, often referred to as Forexia Pro. This development team provides traders with expert advisors, trading signals and an advanced training course that currently consists of 4 topics. With growing awareness for some of these services, I feel it’s important that we take a closer look and review …

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Course Review: TrendSignal (

TrendSignal is a Forex trading course provider that utilizes a “sniper trading strategy to trade FX, Indices, Commodities & Shares.” The group is focused on trading strategies, training courses and any other aspect they believe is beneficial to their clientele. They believe that traders don’t need to develop their own trading strategies, but follow their simple rule-based trading methodology to …

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Ranking the Best Ways to Make Money in Forex

As a beginner or a new Forex trader, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all of the different ways to make money. The purpose of this post and video is to help clarify which options are more likely to be profitable for you. I’ve used a tier list to compile my thoughts and let you understand which ways I believe …

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Smart Charts 2 Review (Greg Secker)

Smart Charts 2 is a Forex e-learning and trading platform built to help traders achieve their goals. The service comes with, trading signals, a market scanner, a trading course, the platform, coaching and 1-on-1 setup instructions for $1999 per year. This is a very high price, so it’s important that we provide a complete review and let the Forex Robot …

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