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FAST Trading Profits: LIVE Supply and Demand Scalping Strategy | Free Course EP 5

In this article, I’m live trading supply and demand scalping to show you how I make thousands of dollars fast to buy baby furniture and diapers because, in the next couple of weeks, I’m having the birth of my first child.

This is the last content in my five-episode supply and demand course. I’ve shown you backtests and live trades.

However, today, I will show you my entire live trading process.

First, pretend the like button on the Youtube video shared above is a baby bottle. Ensure you watch to the end of the video because I’ll give some secret tips to help increase your win rate when scalping.


Live Trade 1 With Commentary: US100 (Buy)

On my first live trade, the price tapped into the demand zone. I entered it almost perfectly, thanks to a minor support level formed earlier. 

I expected it to move above a recent level because I believed the bullishness was still strong.

In my Hankotrade, we were already up $1,000 on this move. I could push my stop-loss order to break even if I wanted.

However, we were clearly in an uptrend, and I was happy with this position. 

It was a nice-looking trade watching it live with a risk-reward ratio of 2:1. We were flipping bearish at the moment but waiting to see if the price respected my demand zone. 

I was bullish on the day because I’ve been bearish on USD. 

Hence, we had some significant push up earlier of various flag patterns continuing in this upward direction.

I tried to figure out where the pullback was on this chart, looking to trade the push above.

Although there was a demand zone around earlier, the price didn’t validate it. Hence, I didn’t take that trade.

The demand zone I traded from had a nice push above, and the price seemed to respect it during the live session – a quick scalp on a 5M chart.

This trade flipped bearish on me for a moment, but I hoped it was just a pullback before the up move and smash of the take profit

Moments later, I was at about $500-$600, hoping to get a few thousand dollars off the quick scalp trade.

It kept flipping bearish on me, but I believed it would respect my demand zone as it was wicking into it and pushing off.

I didn’t want to see too much closing in that zone. 

Moments later, it was pushing to $1,000, and if you’re wondering, you can see it is a live trading account at the top left.

I really wanted this $1,000-$2,000.

There was a minor resistance on the five-minute time frame, as the price was struggling.

Hence, I wanted the price to break the area for a quick push above to smash my take profit.

I like leaving the room and coming back when I trade. However, it’s hard not to watch it when scalping.

Price still struggled to pass that rejection level due to massive selling activity there.

Live trade with supply and demand strategy from Patrick Ryan's computer.

Didn’t the market know I was making a video? When I’m making a video, the trade should hit take profit immediately. It makes for a better video.

At $1300-$1400, I still wanted it to push through that area and break it completely. 

Finally, we broke that level for $1600-$1700, and I expected the price to explode, which it also did for my take profit, banking me $2,000.

In the video, I fast-forwarded a bunch of the process, but that’s what you want to see on a scalping supply and demand trade. 

While that trade was active, I hit 1.53% on a GJ supply and demand trade in the VIP trading room and made over $1,000 on the same move, which I will show you next.

However, here’s the result on my Myfxbook account.

On the day, I made $6,000 scalping from wins on 3/3 trades.

The NASDAQ win I just showed you was for almost $2,000. I also had EURGBP and XAUUSD trades, which I will share.

EURGBP Scalping Trade with Supply and Demand Strategy

I traded this with a five-step process, even when it’s a scalping supply and demand strategy.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Understand the market structure. It was clearly bearish in this case, looking back at past performance.
  2. Set up the support and resistance. I did this, and the price respected it well.
  3. Look for an area where the price pushes aggressively in one direction. We had it in our live trade, and I boxed up a whole area. Since I’m scalping, I wanted a larger supply zone to work with. Also, I used a region where the price moved aggressively because I believed institutions were also considering the level.
  4. The price should push below, break former swing lows, and return to my supply. In this case, we almost tapped into the supply level, telling me the potential trade is even more valid.
  5. Take the trade when it gets into the zone. 

The price started to go in my direction and smashed my take profit.

It is a perfect trade because we tapped into the supply and then pushed it down immediately.

For my exit, I targeted an easy recent level near my resistance. Hence, it was an easy win.

XAUUSD Scalping Trade

It was still the same five-step process I used in the gold trade. 

We were clearly in an uptrend with higher highs and higher lows. Hence, I expected the price to continue. 

The second step was to set up my support and resistance. There were many support levels around where the price was frequently tapping. 

Thirdly, I drew my demand zone – a box I put on the bearish candle right before the big move above. That told me there are buyers in the area with big institutions pushing the price up.

Then, I wanted to see earlier swing highs broken on the way up before the price returned to the demand zone. I also wanted wicks into that demand, which I got.

We want to see the candlesticks tap into the demand and not close within for respect.

Hence, I decided to enter the trade. 

Eventually, the trade started shooting up immediately, went in my direction, came back a little bit, and then shot up and smashed my take profit in a single candle for a couple of thousand dollars. 

When I’m scalping, I target a level price that has reached before for my take profit

I recommend you sign up with the Hankotrade Broker to win trades like these. It is my favorite broker and where I do all of my trading.

It has the best spreads and commissions. It’s completely free to register by following this link.

Tips on Supply and Demand Scalping

We’re getting to the end of this five-course series on supply and demand, and I’ve gotten a ton of DMs from people telling me this course has helped them.

Right now, I want to give you some secret tips to help you if you’re doing supply and demand scalping. 

Focus on Pairs You Have Good Market Bias

Like our examples, it’s always best to trade pairs with obvious market bias.

In the last one, we are clearly in an uptrend. It is what you want to see and the condition you want to be trading.

It’s not impossible to trade supply and demand when the market is ranging. However, you’ll have a higher win rate when you scalp your supply and demand in a trend. 

Trade a Short Session

If you’re scalping the markets, don’t overtrade. On my last day, I placed three trades and only spent an hour in the London session and another in New York.

If I’m doing five or six hours of scalping, it’s exhausting, and I would lose more trades. Hence, ensure that you’re staying safe. 

Final Thoughts

Those are my two tips, but the third is to join my free trading room. We won five free trades in a row recently.

Also, consider my VIP trading room, where we did a 2.5% day lately.

I hope you enjoyed the course. I’m going to go back to some more fun videos, some robot videos. I’m working on a free indicator to give everyone in the next couple of months and much, much more.

See you next time.

Much love.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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