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Forex Robot Nation is the #1 review site in the market. Initially, we reviewed robots exclusively, but now review signals, indicators, courses, brokers, virtual private servers, social trading networks and more. We are always looking for new ways to support our readers, and ensure that their trading accounts are growing steadily thanks to our recommendations.

Each product we review goes through a very specific set of stress tests, based on the type of service. Then, are assigned a rating based on the performance in each category. We feel that our process is proven, which makes our voice the most reliable.

Forex Robot Nation Service Reviews

The foundation of the Forex Robot Nation website are the service reviews. In order for our readers to be successful, we need to ensure that they are utilizing the right platforms. In order to do this, we use a rating system, to analyze each aspect of a service and provide a score. Some of the ratings differ based on the product type, but we will walk you through the most common categories now.

The first rating we use is always price. In analyzing hundreds of different robots, and indicators, we understand the baseline, and work from there. So, in this case, the rating in the image is a 7.3. This means that the price is a good value, and in line with other products in this market. A really low score would mean we believe they are over-charging for the service being provided.

The next rating is strategy. For this, we analyze the strategy of the system, the overall quality of the approach and the skill level of the product producer. In this example, the rating is 9.8, which would mean the vendor shows an extremely high level of market understanding, explains their strategy well, and has a strong reputation.

The most important of our rating categories is the trading results. For this rating, we look directly at the trading results provided by the vendor. Are they verified by a third party like Myfxbook, or are can they be easily fabricated? These are the questions we ask, and answer. In this example, the rating is 1.5, which means either the results are very poor, or the vendor doesn’t provide verified results at all.

The fourth category is client feedback. It’s very important that the community response is in-line with the picture the product producer is creating. This is a difficult category to manage as there are a lot of fake negative reviews in this market, but we vet every single comment thoroughly to ensure that only real-user interactions are posted. In the example above, the feedback is a 5.8, which would mean there are some positive and some negative. Usually scores like these are seen when services don’t have a lot of feedback yet.

The last category is customer support. For this rating, we want to make sure that the vendor is responding to clients fast enough, and providing a high level of assistance when required. Most services are pretty effective at responding, but all of the best Forex robots we review need to have a high level of support. For this, we always recommend emailing the support team before you sign up to see if you get a response time you can work with. In the example above, the rating is 9.3 which is very high. In this case, the support team is obviously both very responsive and very helpful.

Forex Robot & EA Pros

So, what makes us qualified to rate robots, signals, indicators or any other Forex service? Well, it starts with experience, testing, and thousands of hours of work in this market. To date, we have written over 1700 reviews, and are tirelessly working to keep all of them up to date.

Every review is meticulously analyzed by us and all of our readers. Including a comments section for the readers to leave their feedback and tell us if anything is missed. We allow for open communication, discussion, critique and even argument if we feel it is valuable.

While there are many other blogs, and websites in this market, we are the longest running Forex robot blog of our size. We started in late 2009, and have consistently been building our community since. We have thousands of readers on a daily basis, and do everything in our power to make sure that we provide valuable knowledge on everything to do with the MT4/MT5 platforms.

The Forex Robot Nation Team

The Forex Robot Nation team is made up of Forex analysts, writers, and coders. The majority of the team works virtually, but our head offices are located at 2 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A1 in Canada.

Our leader is Patrick Ryan, the creator of Forex Robot Nation, and long-time trader. His tireless work and determination is fueled by a desire to make Forex Robots & Expert Advisors accessible to the masses. He feels that these tools are the key to providing an outlet for traders looking for sustainable, passive income.

To get direct updates from Patrick Ryan and the Forex Robot Nation team, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for frequent updates. Or even better, join our mailing list by subscribing below and get details on the best performing products straight to your email.


  1. hi, first time seeing your video. if i sign up for the monthly fx $55 per month just to try it, how does it work? do i get your trade recommendation via telegram?

  2. dont know where to download the forex copy trading ex4 file. I am already a VIP member, please guide me

  3. How do I remove myself from billing? I am changing services and will not be using this any longer. I checked on the site but after 30 minutes I have no idea where to go….

  4. Please share me your advice on the names of profitable EAs.

  5. Hello, I’m researching Bot trading, is there an optimum account size for bot trading? I’m trying to figure out the best risk reward size of account, for example, would there be any difference in performance between an account of $1,000 and $10,000?


  6. Hi everyone

    I am on a mission to find a Ema Crossover EA that will allow percentage off the balance off the trading account , most of the ones on offer don’t have this feature, also open and close trades with crossover.

    If someone knows off a good EA to give a try please let me know.

  7. hello sie pls how can i sign up here to bw able to be getting your information on time

  8. is this Site will run for over 10 years ahead? My son must know this site, so they know what best EA in to use in the future. Manual trade to Automated is really helpfull! Save time, energy, improve skill from EA awesome thing right?

  9. Hi Guys! Can anyone trading live please update me on Forex Stream. I’m just one step close to buying the EA. Please give me a honest advise. Thanks

  10. I am very Interested in robot trading, could advise me the cost of the Program as I am in the usa at this time and don’t have my computer working as has broken down here, I will be back in Australia 11 July when I will down load your reply on my desk top computer then, I HAVE BORROWED THIS COMPUTER

    Thanks Harry Leftwich , Audtralia .

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