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In this category, we are consistently adding new Forex trading course reviews. We want to introduce beginners, and experts to different types of lessons, and schools to ensure that every trader has the knowledge to grow their trading accounts manually. There is a growing interest in the different Forex trading academy programs available, which makes it imperative that we provide the community with honest feedback.


The reputation of each Forex trading course differs based on the reviews of their clients, and the level of education they are providing. Frequently, the paid Forex courses are a collection of free information that’s being repackaged and disseminated. In some cases, these courses are still valuable, but for the majority of the time, traders will want to sign up with a course that is completely original information. This is the type of analysis we provide in each of our reviews.


Each Forex trading course is very different in who they are trying to reach, and teach. In our reviews, we analyze and specify the level of trader that each course is built for. You never want to find yourself in a position where you are paying for a beginners course when you have intermediate skills, or vice versa. Many of the courses are expensive, with price tags over $1000, but it’s not necessary to overpay for education. Often, Forex trading courses are overpriced as a way to insinuate their level of talent. Don’t buy a course because it’s the most expensive, that does not always signify which is the best service, or educational program.


Please feel free to go through every single Forex trading course we’ve reviewed and find out which is the most suitable for you.

Course Review: Traders Help Desk

Today I’m reviewing another Forex trading course developed by Gail Mercer, Traders Help Desk. Gail promises to teach traders “how to successfully trade any markets using time-tested techniques that work beginning with limiting your risk.” In addition to her online video courses, she also provides personal coaching, trading indicators and different trading packages for traders on a budget that still …

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Course Review: Falcon Trading Guidance (FalconFX)

Falcon Trading Guidance, or FalconFX is a Forex trading course that looks to inspire, guide, educate and evolve with their clients. They believe that wish to teach traders how to trade the Forex market from a simplistic and structure driven approach, that only they offer. With over 100 hours of video content, which include weekly live webinars, bye weekly recaps, …

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The Grade Money Review (EA & Course)

The Grade Money is a development team that currently offers a Forex trading course, an expert advisor and a free telegram where they offer trade signals. The goal of the group is to “help people live better, do more and become financially free.” They want to contribute to the market by helping beginners better understand the process of growing wealth …

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Funding Review: FTMO (

Today I’m analyzing a service that provides tools, education and potential funding for traders that can prove their trading skills, FTMO. The benefit of being part of the community, is that traders can use the company’s capital, while receiving 70% of the profits and not having to pay for any of the losses. The only other Forex trading service we’ve …

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Course Review: Desire to Trade by Etienne Crete

Desire to Trade is a Forex trading Academy, that’s built to help traders develop their skills from anywhere in the world. Under this brand, there are other products that include one-on-one trading, and a Forex trading assistant, but our focus today will be on the trading course as that’s the main draw. The creator of the service is Etienne Crete, …

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Forex Education: Online Trading Academy Reviews

Today I’m reviewing a popular, heavily commercialized educational course provider that offers teachings in stocks, futures, options and Forex, Online Trading Academy. With thousands of reviews, a plethora of clients, and a boatload of publicity, it’s hard to ignore the sizable footprint this company is living on the trading marketplace. Although, just because they are one of the largest educational …

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The Truth About Trade Empowered

Today I’m looking at a Forex trading service that provides live trading rooms, training courses and proprietary software, Trade Empowered. The message behind this service, is that you should “live your passion.” The creators, Todd Brown and Jason Stapleton want to “build consistently profitable traders” by teaching them the right ways to trade and giving everyone a one-stop “trading education …

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