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Best Forex Team Review (Free $100)

Best Forex Team is a Forex service developer promising $100 for free to any level of trader, that is looking to earn in the Forex marketplace. The vendor claims that they want to invest in any trader available no matter the skill level, as long as they are serious about trading. The offer is very strange, and requires the traders sign up with eToro, in order to access the “private trading system” which is built to earn automated profits in your trading account “even while you sleep.”

Created on 2012-11-22, the BFT service has certainly been around for some time. Yet, there is no information about their location, or any of the traders and analysts that are involved. The creator of the service claims that he is a professional’s trader and that he makes “a lot of money trading,” but there is really no proof to back that up. The vendor should provide this information in order to be taken seriously.

To get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website and specify either general support or feedback.


Best Forex Team Review

The entire premise of the Best Forex Team service is to funnel traders into signing up and depositing money with the eToro brokerage. Obviously, the vendor gets some sort of kickback for every single client they have sign up with this brokerage. This is a common marketing strategy utilized binary options market, but not something we see very often in Forex. It isn’t really a positive or negative, but historically trading programs that utilize this approach don’t feel it’s necessary to provide an effective service because once the trader deposits, they don’t need them anymore.

Two Trading Systems

According to the sales page, the product line consists of 2 trading systems. The first system is CopyTrader Profits, a 100% automated tool that supposedly has “access to copy every single trade made by the top traders in the world.” The vendor claims that he has the inside track, and will tell traders exactly who they should be copy trading and when in order to make their account balance grow quickly.

The second system is a manual trading strategy called the Bankroll Builder. According to the website the vendor expected to release this product in the summer of 2014, but it still hasn’t been released even though we are well into 2019.

It’s possible of the service isn’t very active. There is also a broken image on many of the website’s pages, which makes that look very likely.


The vendor doesn’t outline any sort of strategy behind the Best Forex Team copy trading approach. They simply promise to provide traders with access to the best traders available. We don’t know who those traders are, their trading history, or their trading methodology.

Apparently all BFT members also get access to personal coaching that will be provided for free. The creator of the service claims that he usually hold seminars private coaching lessons that cost $5000 per client, but for now he’s providing this free.

There is no information anywhere on the website that shows us any of the webinars, so who knows if they are even real.


  • Founded: 2012
  • Creator: Undisclosed
  • Price: Deposit based

One of the main promises made by the Best Forex Team is that they will provide you with a $100 initial investment for your first 50 trades. Then, their team will review the statistics and make you a long-term profit sharing offer like Earn2Trade or PsyQuation.

Trading Results

The vendor doesn’t provide any trading results outside of a few screenshots of eToro trading accounts.

None of this information can be verified, so we cannot trust it as is.

Client Feedback

We have only found 2 reviews for the Best Forex Team service from the community, and they are both 1 star reviews.

One of the reviews claims that the creators of the service blue their trading account, and the other claims to lost 6 months of salary.

Both of these reviews are very negative and harmful to the reputation of the company.


It’s hard to find any positives about the Best Forex Team at this time. They provide little to no information about their trading strategy, who they are, their trading results or anything else of real substance. Then, in conjunction with their for client feedback makes it very difficult to provide any sort of recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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Best Forex Team is a trading course, copy trading service and Forex signal provider.

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Copy trading
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