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Trading Course Review: Earn2Trade

Today I’m reviewing an educational Forex trading service that wants to help you become a professional trader, Earn2Trade. The creators of this project want to provide traders with educational videos, webinars, trading simulators, reference guides, quizzes, assignments, ongoing support and mentorship. That’s certainly a lot of content, but it doesn’t come cheap as the vendors are asking for $700 a month. This is very difficult to stomach for the average trader, but I’ll continue to provide a review and let you know if there is enough value to abort this type of exorbitant fee.

Owned and operated by Ryan Masten, and David Lojko, this company believes that they have the ability to “redefine what trade education can be.” There is no information regarding where in the US the head offices are located, but traders can get in touch with support via or 1-888-502-2260.


Earn2Trade Review

The goal of the Earn2Trade team is spoken consistently throughout the sales page, as they want to teach traders how to be successful in the marketplace, and create professional traders. They believe that they have the ability to educate any level of trader, and help them “transition from hobby trader to a pro.”

The team consists of 4 main members, a teacher, a developer and two active successful day-traders.

I first came across this service, because the developers own the Binary Options Edge forum, and they sent me an email a few days ago claiming they’ve started this futures and Forex education service. Considering they own a binary options form, I was somewhat confused as to why they are delving into Forex and futures. Yet, after spending more time on this page, it seems quite apparent that they are better suited for both Forex and futures. In the email, they do tell us that in the future they would like to move into other avenues such as stocks and options education as well. So, this is likely something we can look forward to, if we are members.


  • Type: Forex & Futures Education
  • Price: $299-699/mo
  • Videos: 60+
  • Educators: 4

Not to harp on one element, but the pricing for the Earn2Trade service, is certainly a big chunk of change. There are currently 3 plans available, the classic plan that goes for $299 per month, the live plan at $699 per month and the gauntlet plan which goes for $349 bimonthly.

The classic plan is built for traders that are looking for education only, while the other plans give traders access to the Gauntlet, which they referred to as “the Gateway to becoming a professional trader.”

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a simulated challenge for traders that have already been trading for some time, and are looking to prove themselves. The Earn2Trade developers will set up a $25,000 SIM account, for traders to show their stuff over a 60 day evaluation period. After this evaluation is over, traders can submit results to a proprietary trading firm associated with the E2T team. This firm will then review the trading history over this 60 days, and if they are happy with what they see, “they will send you would offer about becoming a partner in the trading firm so you can begin trading real money.”

With the firm, traders would be trading the firm’s funds, but still keeping 80% of the profits made.

I would like to see much more information about this firm, and this process before I believe that it is a viable option, or opportunity. I’ve seen offers like these in the past by Wall Street Academy, and Forever in Profit, but those never panned out. I do believe that the team behind this service is much more professional though, I will say.

The Gauntlet Mini (New in 2020)

Just launched, the Earn2Trade team are now providing “the gauntlet mini” a new intraday funding program. In this program, traders can get funded in as few as 15 days.

Here are the rules:

  1. Trade a minimum of 15 trading days
  2. Do not reach or dip below the daily loss
  3. Do not exceed the maximum position size
  4. Do not reach or dip below the trailing max DD
  5. Only trade during approved times
  6. Follow the progression ladder

This allows traders to become a funded faster than ever before. The account sizes are also scaled to ensure that the chance of being funded is higher too. Here is an example of the smallest account size:

We are still looking to hear from more traders that are part of this program, so if you’ve completed it, please leave your feedback.


The Earn2Trade educational service is certainly an interesting one. This team of traders believe that they have the tools and ability to create professional traders that can then go on to work and trade with proprietary trading firms. Before signing up, I would like to see multiple examples where traders completed this gauntlet successfully and were signed on by this firm. We don’t want to get ourselves in a position where we are paying $700 per month, when there isn’t actually a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I would also like to see more transparency when it comes to the educators. I would like to see real live trading accounts verified by statement sharing services, so that we can see exactly how strong they are as traders.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Earn2Trade $299-699/mo
  • Price
  • Funded Clients
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


The Earn2Trade program is essentially a test that traders need to pay, to take. Then, based on the results of the test, if the client passes the test, they get a funded trading account.

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  1. So, I’ve passed The Gauntlet, then I got funded with 80/20 profit split.
    My experience with earn2trade/Helios is excellent so far.

  2. Dear Forexrobotnation,

    We just wanted to write that our offer of a free pass at The Gauntlet has been given out already. Thank you all for your interest!


  3. Hi. Is it worth to take part in Gauntlet challenge? Anyone was hired by Helios Trading group?

    • I’m still awaiting my first success story here.

      • Dear Admin,

        As per our previous email correspondences, we would love to offer a free opportunity for one of your users to go through our educational program or Gauntlet Challenge. Perhaps we can have a success story from one of your own users?

        All the best,


    • Hello Mike,

      We do have individuals who have been hired by Helios after successful completion of The Gauntlet. Here is a copy of the latest offer received from one of our candidates by Helios,

      Dear David G.,

      Congratulations on passing your Forex Earn2Trade Gauntlet! This is an exciting step in your
      career as a trader. We’ve received and reviewed your trading performance and have a couple of
      things we noticed:

      1. You did not seem to have a consistent trade size.
      2. While you implemented stops, they seemed to be more of a black-swan event type of
      ultimate stop rather than a stop to maintain proper risk:reward.
      3. Several of your trades experienced significant drawdowns, up to 35%+ on a single trade.
      This was against each of your loss limit goals on your Gauntlet.

      With this information, we are able to extend to you this initial offer to join our firm. Please note,
      this is just an initial offer and there is plenty of room to grow assuming you perform well. We’re
      excited to have you join our team!

      ● Funding Amount: $10,000
      ● Max Drawdown: 25% ($2,500)
      ● Leverage: 30:1
      ● Profit split: 70% Trader / 30% Helios

      The max drawdown includes open trade equity, so please make sure you keep this into
      consideration when monitoring and placing trades. If this drawdown is reached, your account
      access will be suspended until you prove through another Gauntlet that you can adhere to
      proper risk management and demonstrate consistency. A few other notes:

      ● Stops must be used at all times. Open trade equity plus potential losses on open stops
      cannot exceed the max drawdown.
      ● Profit withdrawals can be made at anytime. Helios will withdraw their percentage on a
      monthly basis or anytime a withdrawal is made. Wire/ACH fees do apply.
      ● We expect your trading style to mimic what was shown during your Gauntlet. If we see
      trading activity severely deviating from this trading style, we may pause your account
      until we’ve discussed the trading style change with you.

      Congratulations again! Please let us know should you accept our offer and we will begin drafting
      the paperwork to bring you onboard!


      We can’t post personal information about our candidates but hopefully they will post about their own experiences in the near future. Keep in mind we are a relatively new company, but we are active and we are proud of the offers we are getting our candidates.

      Yours truly,


  4. Dear Forexrobotnation,

    You are correct, Helios Trading Partners LLC (Helios) is a proprietary trading firm established in September, 2016 and setup by the same owners as Earn2Trade. The model is to use Earn2Trade as an educational vehicle to find good traders to recruit to Helios. The difference between our model and other models is that when traders are brought on board at Helios, they are brought on as limited owners of the company. This was the best way to avoid any legal issues regarding unlicensed traders trading on behalf of the company. This protects the trader since it is technically illegal to trade other people’s accounts unless you are licensed to do so and have completed the necessary paperwork.

    Regarding your question about the probability of bringing on traders with 1-2 years experience, the team at Helios Trading Partners would have to discern whether or not the individual’s track record was verifiable. If there is a decent and verifiable track record, then there is a good probability of being brought on as a trader and limited owner of the company. As for the verifiable track record part, this is why Earn2Trade is used as the conduit for recruitment. The owners believe that the education methodology and Gauntlet program that they’ve created would help them recruit the best traders into their proprietary trading firm. The owners themselves are experienced traders and also own their own Commodity Trading Advisory, MastenLojko LLC.

    Regarding your point about reviews or discussions on the services of Helios Trading Partners, it’s important to note that Helios doesn’t actually provide services. Helios is a proprietary trading firm and the only business it does is to trade the market for profit. That said, hopefully there will be more discussion around Earn2Trade as it grows and we appreciate very much your feedback and any other questions we can help you and your community with.

    Yours truly,


  5. We’d like to add that our Proprietary Trading Partner is Helios Trading Partners, you can reach their website here, We’ve added a link on our website and our FAQ page.

    The owner’s Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) is MastenLojko LLC and their past trading performance is available online.

    We hope that clears up some of your questions!

    Thanks again,


    • This Helios Trading group seems like a brand new venture as well. There are no reviews or discussion on their services. How probable is it that a trader with 1-2 years of experience will be signed on by your partner?

  6. Dear Forexrobotnation!

    Thank you for your review. We have only recently begun business, and are considering all options as we grow. This is excellent feedback and we will do our best to improve our education model every day. We would love to contact you directly and have a conversation about it. Thank you again.


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