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Mentor Review: Wall Street Academy

From the founder of Forever In Profit, Quillan Black, comes a Forex mentorship program, Wall Street Academy. Quillan promises that this product is “the most effective educational platform for learning how to trade in the Forex market.” The last offering he was involved in was focused too heavily on luxury lifestyle marketing, so hopefully this service is more results in strategy oriented.

The location of the product headquarters is in Miami, Florida. As for the address, this isn’t provided but the developers are likely running a work from home operation. To get in touch with support, you can fill out an email form on the website, the support email address isn’t publicly provided.

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Wall Street Academy Review

Reviewing systems like Forever in Profit and Wall Street Academy, is a first for me. It’s the first time that I’ve really seen lifestyle marketing used effectively in the Forex marketplace. The developers make themselves accessible through social networks and provide glimpses into their lifestyles by doing photo shoots and printing T-shirts. It really does work, because it makes you feel confident about the prospects.

Yet, flashy cars and expensive watches aren’t what we are interested in at Forex Robot Nation. So with that being said, let’s take a look at what Quillan Black’s mentorship program has to offer.

  • One on one webinars
  • Support group
  • Training course
  • Past recorded webinars
  • Access to both Forever in Profit and Wall Street Academy websites/facebook groups

Going for the same price as the Forever in Profit membership, this comes across as a rebrand sort of situation. I’m not sure if it’s 100% the case, but I get the feeling that whether you sign up with this brand or the other brand, you are essentially getting the same package. Thus, make sure that you only sign up with one. It looks like the same thing goes for the “Technical Prosperity” website, and “Technical Art FX.” This isn’t a negative or positive, just a fact.

Quillan Black

A major portion of the Wall Street Academy sales page is dedicated to the CEO, Quillan Roberto Black. He was born in Mandeville, Jamaica and is a 26 year old entrepreneur. According to his story, he “began to focus on learning to trade in the Forex market in January 2015.” Then, one year later he designed this Academy to teach traders his personal trading style. One year after that, he now has over 770 students in his personal mentorship program.

The story sounds impressive, but also unrealistic. If you yourself are a trader, and you’ve decided to take up trading the general rule is that you will need to trade at least a year before you start breaking even. In the story outlined on the Academy website we are led to believe that in one single year Quillan learned how to trade so well that he could begin teaching is specific trading style. Honestly, even under the best circumstances, I just don’t believe that this is possible. I really would need to see some sort of proof and progression, so let’s take a look at the results.

Academy Results

At first glance I was actually extremely happy with what I saw from the Wall Street Academy results, as there are two myfxbook accounts. However, if you look closer you will see that the account only ran for 2 weeks from the end of September 2016 to the beginning of October 2016. That’s not all, the results can’t even be accessed. If you try to click on the trading results, nothing will happen. If you go to the my FX book website and search specifically for the technical life trading account, it doesn’t exist.

So I’m not sure what’s happening here with these trading results, but they can’t be relied upon whatsoever. Obviously the sample size is way too small in the first place and then there’s no proof that this account actually belongs to Quillian or the Academy.

Client Feedback

We are a few years removed from our original Wall Street Academy review, and have now received quite a few comments from the community. There are a few people that have attacked us, claiming that we are making too many assumptions but this is par for the course. The attacks are never substantiated, they never go into any detail or address any of our real concerns.

Then, there are other clients that claim this is a scam and a crappy course. Obviously, you can decide which of the comments you want to listen to, but I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle, as it always is.


It’s difficult to say whether or not we can trust the Wall Street Academy. This product is well presented to a certain extent, but doesn’t give us the type of transparency or proof that I need in order to move forward. Personally, I need to see that a trader can trade with my own eyes, or using some sort of statement sharing service. Until this is provided, I will not be able to recommend the Academy to any of the Forex Robot Nation readers.

In 2021 I’ve watched some videos from the creator, and find them to be insightful. I still have questions about the Myfxbook account, but I feel better about the service as a whole.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to contribute your comments and questions.

Wall Street Academy $499-$1499
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Support


Wall Street Academy is a Forex trading service providing training, courses, videos and tools to help their clients succeed.

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  1. Wall Street academy is good

    Wall Street academy is a fire corse, if you’re on here complaining that no where in his courses he talks about entries, you didn’t pay attention. Literally every video he’s going on about entries. Confluence 2.9, 3.0, and XXX are some of the best in my opinion but he has over 60 webinars where he also goes over entries. Y’all are bashing someone because you failed to apply yourself to the charts with what he taught. Sounds like y’all wanted to complain about him to help you sleep with your failures at night. We get it, you don’t understand the way he explains things, there are other courses with other teachers you may understand. And he doesn’t need to upload and FX book to validate how you feel about him.

    • Hi Trevell, I’m glad the course is working for you. I don’t have any feelings about the owner, and I like his YouTube videos. My only real concern is about the Myfxbook results. There appears to be a couple Myfxobok images provided, but no actual Myfxbook account. If I can get an answer as to why that is, I will certainly increase the rating of the review.

  2. I was just getting ready to use my debit card and send them $749.99. Im SOooo glad I found this site. Yes that is a big red flag, when the trading accounts never excisted. And you can’t click on the fake profits and open them up. I have seen to many scams in my lifetime. Not in a hurry to give these people my hard earned money. He probability isn’t from jamica either. I bet its more like Nigeria, were all the scam artist are located at, and scamming Americans, let and right……..smdh

  3. What a joke! I’m just a Newbie to trading and thought I would give Wall Street Academy a go. STAY AWAY from these guys. It has been one week now since I signed up with them paying almost $1000 AUD and I still do not have access. I have attempted to try and gain access to their course modules but every hyperlink goes to a welcome video landing page. I can’t access anything as it says I’m not enrolled in the course. I’ve made several complaints to them and I keep getting the runaround BS. I’m going to contact my bank now and have my money returned. *******Stay away from these Dodgy operators*******

    They are great marketers but not genuine traders. They have no authentic proof of being consistent profitable traders at all. Every screenshot or account slip has been tampered with. If they claim such success like “forever in profit“ why don’t they Take screenshots or display some tax statements of all 4 quarters from just one year. Show your consistency… Prove that you are forever in profit lol.

  4. His course teaches you how to mark up a chart. But (correct me if im wrong) he never explains how/when/where to enter or exit a trade. He has an awesome online presence, but the course is one of the most basic out there.

  5. Any newbie trader out there who is considering buying Cues trading course – Do not do it, its a complete waste of money. Most of what is on the website is basically whats on baby pips e.g: Ichimoku, explaining different types of indicator etc, nearly all of which Cue doesn’t use himself, theres literally no need for it in the Course.

    I bought this course a few years ago and now thankfully I’m profitable (no thanks to WSA and Cue), and to this day I still have no idea what Cue talks about. There is no Clear strategy of how to trade things, its very vague. Risk management is key in trading and theres zero explanation of how to manage risk, never tells you where to put a stop loss etc and how much to risk, its basically gambling. You need clear concise rules on how to trade a strategy and there isn’t any what so ever. sometimes he’ll tell you could have taken an entry on the 5min time frame or 30 min; Which one is it and why ffs?!. its all based on ‘Oh that looks okay, ill trade that’. You need to build systems in trading and theres plan of action in this course, literally crap all.

    For those starting out in trading I would personally follow Ireks Piekarskis masterclass and/or Tier one trading by Akil Stokes and Jason Graystone, these guys are genuine legit people who provide real systematic strategies plus risk management strategies to stop you from going broke, none of this gambling bull you see on WSA. I hope this helps, bottom line is there are better ways to spend your money.

  6. Can anyone share the videos pleasee

  7. I took the 5 day course last year after learning his strategy on the first package. met amazing people, its a good product to start out, I will say that it helped me understand structure and the terminology, but thats about it, as for strategy wise, I made no cosistent profits doing so

    • Thanks for sharing with us Joseph.

    • Anyway I could get in contact with you Joseph? Thanks, Brian

    • Joseph hi! I’m not new with forex, I have been trading for a while and understand the basics, So not on a professional level. Do you recommend this course to move forward? Or do you think there is a more advanced and profitable course out there? If yes which one?

    • Can anyone share the videos or the course material?

      • Wow I must say that in May 2020 I have come FULL CIRCLE on my opinion about Cue. I was the guy that wrote back in 2018 YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR GRAMMAR BALDY. Well 2 years later I have come to realize that forexrobotnation was right about Cue. He’s a scammer and not a real trader. Now I was never personally scammed by him or FIP but there is no good substitute for TIME and it took all this time to realize that Cue is full of crap. I do well in my trading no thanks to Cue and FIP.

  8. I think what you do is not right you ashume things but didnt try it First out. I would like it more of you buy the course And tell us if it was good or not. This is the same if i would wright something about a place to eat but never been there to try the food lol.

    • Hi Mark, I don’t make any assumptions. I make observations, and one of those observations is that they are posting images from a Myfxbook account that doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe that’s a red flag that should be written about, then you are lost.

    • You need to fix your grammar, BADLY.

  9. These are very interesting products, but they do look similar, if not exact.

    Same people involved, same marketing techniques.

    It’s hard for me to take them seriously, with all the flashy watches etc.

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