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Trade Surfers is a Forex signal service and training program to help traders learn while still placing trades. They advertise the service as an opportunity to “trade Forex with the pro for three months for only $17.” They feel that many other products in the Forex marketplace charge way too much for Forex coaching programs, and they want to put an end to that. Today we will be providing a review and letting you know everything you need to about all aspects of this service.

The product is owned and developed by Terry Rodgers, a trader who claims to have 20 years of experience in the Forex marketplace. According to the sales page he helped trade multimillion dollar accounts and teach traders all over the world how to trade professionally. This is all well and good, but we aren’t having difficulties verify any of this information. We have done in-depth research and only found that this name was associated with a day trading Academy program that is seemingly a scam.

The vendor does not provide any email address or location of their company.


Trade Surfers Review

The entire concept of the Trade Surfers program revolves around providing a service “where beginners can learn to trade like the pros.” This system comes with free coaching, learning how to recognize trends, email reminders when live trades are available, and access to automation tools “that can make your trades for you.”

While all of these aspects sound great, none of them are discussed in any real detail.

Most signal services or trading courses provide much more information, which already disqualifies the trade surfing group from the best Forex signals rankings.


The vendor provides a list of items that the client will learn from the Trade Surfers education portion of their service. This is the list:

  • How to make money in all market conditions
  • How to pick winning trades faster
  • How to trade the trend
  • The best currencies and the best times to trade them
  • Automatic trading tool that will give you an unfair advantage
  • Trading times that you need to avoid
  • Simple strategies that help beginners trade like successful veterans

All of these teachings are all quite fluffy and don’t go into any real detail either, which seems to be the overarching theme with this entire service. The vendor needs to spend another 30 minutes providing some actual information on this website if they want us to take it seriously. They are lacking behind there competitors in both categories, in signal providers like Forex Specs and trading courses like The Lazy Trader.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $17
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

All we really know about the Trade Surfers signals is that they cost $17. The vendor does not disclose any information about the strategy behind their daily trading picks, the frequency in which they are provided for the pairs that they provide them for.

Again, the vendor is lacking information in a marketplace that demands information above all else when it comes to products.


The Trade Surfers team provides no trading results, screenshots or trading statements to prove that their trading picks are profitable.

The closest they come, is a testimonial from one of their clients named Andrew Jenner who says that he turned “$1,000 to $8,504.84 with 90.48% Success rate!” This information isn’t verified by any 3rd party so it really can’t be trusted either.

The people behind this service really need to spend much more time developing it and letting us know what is.


At this point in time we cannot recommend Trade Surfers because the vendor simply provides little to no information about their service. Hopefully they see our review, and make the necessary adjustments so that we can take this product more seriously.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Trade Surfers $17
  • Price
  • Strategy
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  • Client Feedback
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Trade Surfers is a Forex signal service by Terry Rodgers.

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Signals and training
Low price


No results
No support email
Lacking information in all areas

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  1. I agree they don’t provide a lot of up front information, but i am on their 3 month trial for 17$ and so far their trades are very good. They have their own software/proprietary indicators, and you learn about it when you sign up for the trial. They let you use their charting which generates auto trades for one month, included in the 17 fee, so you can see how it works. From what i can tell, they are very much legit. I think 17$ to test out trades for 3 months is a very good deal. You can attend the daily webinars, as they search for daily trades and do analysis, or, you can skip that and wait til they email the trades to you later. I think you jumped to the scam conclusion based on a lack of information.

  2. As for a review I took the $17 deal on facebook and set in for their daily webinars since august. I think you guys at forex robot nation should do the same before writing a review. The guy truly is amazing and if you want proof i can send you some of his past trade pics via e-mail as he sends them out daily. I have seen him not take trades several times but I haven’t seen him miss one in two months. As far as earn while you learn goes this is the best I have seen yet.

    • Hi John, you are welcome to provide us with your results and show us how it’s been working for you. We rely on our clients, and the community to provide real feedback and trading results.

  3. I have been associated with Terry Rodgers for about 7-8 years I met him in another trade group. He was and is head and shoulders above anyone I have seen in picking trades and analyzing the market. I have been with him from the inception of him developing his own proprietary indicators. These indicators work exactly as advertised. Take the plunge and do the 3 month trial nothing to lose and tons to gain

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