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Tier One Trading Review (Course & Promo Code)

Tier One Trading is advertised as “the all-inclusive resource for traders.” The reason the vendor claims this, is because they provide training courses, cost of software, live trading rooms, expert analysis and a global community of traders. They understand that the market is difficult to navigate for new traders, which is why they’ve built a content delivery platform they feel is the best in expert analysis and trading education. Today we will provide a full review, take a close look at their trading course and provide any promo codes the made available at this time.

TierOneTrading LLC was founded 2017-12-11. They are located at 15954 S. Murlen Rd Ste 286, Olathe, KS 66062 and have a team of five experts. The team is made up of Akil Stokes, Jason Graystone, Darren Oglesbee, Daryl Oglesbee, and Charles Miles. Each member of the team has a private email address that you can contact directly, which is a nice touch.

In order to get in touch with general support, traders can email


Tier One Trading Review

There are many different aspects to the Tier One Trading service which makes it a very intriguing proposition. On top of all their offerings, they also have a podcast which is on episode 232, so you can even listen to this to see if you like the approach of the vendor before signing up.

At the top of the features page you can find a video which shows exactly what the members area looks like, and how you can make use of the different aspects. This is definitely the type of presentation we expect from a Forex trading course, and definitely something Earn2Trade and The Lazy Trader should consider adding to their repertoire. It’s great to see exactly what you are signing up for before you even spend a dime.

Trading Course

The Tier One Trading team believe that they are membership is the only one you need, and that after you sign up you will never see a reason to purchase multiple training courses. There are membership program currently offers 5 separate training courses that start at the “absolute basics and then gradually work your way up to more advanced concepts.” It’s also worth noting that all additional content that is added to the members area will always be available without any additional charge.

A 5 separate training courses are currently made up of these subjects:

  • The Fornerstone – this is where traders learn the essentials of Forex trading.
  • The Foundation – this course is a study of price action and teaching traders how to understand it properly.
  • The Mastery – this course gets more advanced, and relies on the live trading rooms to cover are Fibonacci ratio analysis.
  • The Mindset – the focus of the mindset is to help you understand trading psychology.
  • The Blueprint – lastly, the blueprint shows you how to approach trading like a business so that you set modest goals and work to achieve them over time.

Analysis & Coaching

With the package traders also get access to experienced professionals that traders can interact with personally.

While they introduce the team of traders, our research shows very little information about any of them when it comes to their history Forex marketplace. This is not a major issue, but hopefully something the vendors can resolve by providing a little more detail about their trading history.

Promo Code

At this point there is no specific promo code, as the Tier One Trading service is offering a 14 day trial for a single dollar. This is a great way to get acquainted with the service, and figure out if it fits your trading style. Using a service like this for 14 days is also a great way for you to get you are willing to put the time in. If you sign up, and then you never use the service then obviously it isn’t for you.


Tier One Trading costs $297 per month for the all inclusive membership, every update guarantee and price lock guarantee.

Other plans provide monthly savings if you lock into longer term deals. If you sign up for 6 months, it costs $267 per month, and if you sign up for a year it costs $247 per month.

Enigma Pattern Recognition Software

Along with your membership comes Tier One Trading’s Enigma Pattern Recognition Software which can help traders can Advanced patterns like the pros from day one. This software is coded for MT4, NT7 and NT8. It looks to be a Forex indicator of sorts that paints on your charts to show you different patterns that you can utilize in your manual trading.

Trading Results

The vendor provides no verified trading results. This is normal for Forex trading courses, but it would be nice to see some of the personal accounts of their team members to know how effective they truly are. Providing Myfxbook accounts would take less than 10 minutes to set up, so we don’t feel that it’s really much of an ask.


If you are looking for training and education, then Tier One Trading might be a good option for you. The only way to truly know, is to test their 14 day trial to see if it fits your style.

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment with your experiences and personal takes.

Tier One Trading $297/month
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Tier One Trading is a Forex trading course, that comes with custom software and live trading rooms.

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