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Course Review: LeapFX Trading Academy

LeapFX Trading Academy is a new Forex trading course, and training resource. The service is built to “rocking you from absolute beginner to profitable Forex trader is little as a few hours.” While this sales pitch is enticing, we are sure that it is just a sales pitch, as becoming a profitable Forex trader is something that takes great work and dedication. Don’t expect to learn how to trade manually over the course of a few hours, you will only be disappointed. This does not take away from the product, but is just a message for everyone to temper their expectations.

The service is run by LeapFX, a company founded in 2012, that is behind many different products in the Forex marketplace. Some of their most recent products include Star Trader EA, Power Trader and Pattern Trader Pro. There is no information about their location, but they can be contacted via support via email at


LeapFX Trading Academy Review

The entire premise of the LeapFX Trading Academy, is that the service is beginner friendly and that “it will teach you what you need to become a trading expert.” After providing this information, the vendor includes a couple of different screenshots showing the types of profitable winning trades that traders can expect after their training is finished.

The course follows a similar path as others we’ve recently reviewed, such as 2nd Skies Forex, and Traders Help Desk.


The LeapFX Trading Academy team believe that they have figured out the 3 core pillars that successful Forex traders need to know.

  • Pillar #1 Trends & Key Levels: This approach focuses on trend following in conjunction with she levels, and teaches traders how to use these strategies in their manual trading.
  • Pillar #2 Confluence & Patience: This strategy is about using multiple confirmations and patience, so that traders aren’t chasing the markets, but letting the market unfold in front of the trader.
  • Pillar #3 Trade Risk & Account Management: This methodology is about utilizing the proper balance of risk and reward to ensure that accounts grow steadily. They believe that this is a major key, and one of the reasons that sets their course are from other providers.


The current price for the LeapFX Trading Academy is $197. This seems to be a one time fee, which is certainly a plus, as most Forex trading courses want a monthly or yearly subscription.

The package comes with access to the video training guides, trading templates, software and market analysis so that the community can learn from the LeapFX team.


The main course is broken down into 10 different trading modules.

  1. The first module helps traders navigate the broker platform and understand how to operate charts.
  2. The second module is all about setting up the different templates and tools to assist your Forex trading.
  3. The third module teaches traders went to avoid bad market conditions.
  4. The fourth module explains which time frames to use, and when to use them.
  5. The fifth module teaches traders the most effective ways to identify trends and key levels.
  6. The sixth module introduces traders to patterns and candlesticks.
  7. The seventh module is an explanation about confirmations, we just clarity as to when traders should enter trades.
  8. The eigth module is about managing trades while they are open, so traders know when to properly place the stoploss and take profit.
  9. The ninth module goes more depth into risk management, helping traders keep their accounts safe, and growing.
  10. The tenth module brings everything together with different trade examples and market analysis to put traders on their file path to success.

Client Feedback

At this point there is very little client feedback, but we hope that you will leave reviews here with your experiences with this course.


The LeapFX Trading Academy course comes across as professional, and straightforward. It comes with a 100% success guarantee, so traders can get their money back to the course doesn’t really fit their needs, but it would be nice to see some of the actual modules before signing up. Even if they just give us a snippet of information, it would certainly help us analyze their approach to the lessons, and help us with providing a recommendation or not. As it stands now, we would still like to see more information from the community before we come to a final decision.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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LeapFX Trading Academy is a Forex trading course with 10 different video training modules.

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