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EA Review: Pattern Trader Pro

Pattern Trader Pro is a new Forex expert advisor that promises to utilize a human intelligence automation hybrid that this market has never seen before. They believe that their software can easily “kick out up to 82% profit every 3 to 4 months like clockwork.” While some of the presentation comes across as professional, other aspects like the vendor claiming to have earned $1 million from $5000 deposit in just two years, is something concerning. It’s also worth noting, that the vendor has no proof of this million dollar gain so it probably shouldn’t be included in this presentation.

According to the sales page the creator of the software is Michael Aigars. Furhter research shows that he goes by the name Aigars Vasiljevs in multiple other platforms including Facebook and his MQL5 profile. He is located in Latvia, and currently has 2 products on the MQL5 marketplace, the “Pro future predictor” and “Pure Manual.” Neither of these products has any real feedback, but it’s apparent that the “Pure Manual” trading acocunt is now being used as the main account for the PTP. Furthermore, it looks as if Aigars was going to release this software on his own, but was bought out by the LeapFX team, and is now releasing it under their name. In order to get in touch with support, traders can email

None of this information is necessarily an issue, because traders frequently use aliases in this market and LeapFX’s acquisition of this software is legal.


Pattern Trader Pro Review

It’s worth saying, that the Pattern Trader Pro sales page is heavily convoluted. While we appreciate information, there is a lot of fluff on this website that needs to be disregarded and simply thrown away. There are simply way too many marketing references to million dollar returns and secrets that are “just coming to light now.” As far as we’re concerned, marketing like this can cheapen the product, and take away from its true abilities.

Strategy Discussion

The robot utilizes a pattern recognition strategy, which looks to take advantage of double tops, rising wages, double bottoms, falling wedges and more. The developers feel that when these formations are recognized that the software can easily provided 85% to 95% chance of winning.

The second part of the strategy is human intelligence. Once an opportunity is recognized, the trade conditions must be verified by human. Apparently, Aigars pays trusted traders to approve and deny trades in the back end, which puts this in the best Forex robot discussion. We would like to see some sort of proof that the trades are being impacted by humans on the backend, because many developers of claimed this in the past without any proof. It would also be reasonable to introduce us to some of these trusted traders to get a better understanding of their Forex trading experience.

EA Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $397/year
  • Strategy: Pattern Recognition
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Pairs: All Pairs

The Pattern Trader Pro is currently priced quite exorbitantly at $397 per year. The vendor feels that the total value is actually worth well over $4000 because of their unlimited maintenance, software access, human intelligence module and pinpoint direction. While we’re sure many of these aspects are very important, the price does seem a little high compared to the rest of the market, as you can see in our recent reviews of the Hedge Forex Robot and Rob Booker Robots Collection.

Trading Results

The vendor currently provides a single live Myfxbook account that has been running since November 16th, 2018. During this period of almost 4 months, the software has traded 244 times for a gain of 96%, with a maximum drawdown of 17.25%. While the sample size is definitely small, these are impressive numbers so far.

The average trade length is 13 hours, and the risk reward ratio is 44 pips per win, to 28 pips per loss. This is an effective risk reward ratio.

While the system has been trading a very short period of time, the monthly gain is trending in a downward direction. In November the robot gains 26%, in December 16%, in January 14%, in February 11% and in march 5%. It’s clear that the software is still gaining which is a positive, but it’s also clear that the software is gaining less and less as time goes on. Hopefully the next month is larger, and we don’t see this trend continue, because often we come across systems after they’ve had their best months. If this software continues to dip, there will be no reason to spend $397 a year for such small gains.


Our first impression of the Pattern Trader Pro is relatively positive. Yet, we aren’t in a position to recommend it in its current state. Considering the software has only been trading for a few months, we would like to see how it performs over a much longer period of time. This way, we can watch the trading results and also see if client trading results are in line with the vendor.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, or have your own results to share, please do so below.

Pattern Trader Pro $397/year
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Pattern Trader Pro is a Forex robot with a unique trading approach and live Myfxbook results.

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Live myfxbook account
Unique strategy


Too much marketing fluff
Small sample size results

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  1. I joined Pattern trader pro back in late March 2019
    Today I have no money left in my account. Margin back to 0.
    I guess I should have change the standard setting of max 15% risk.
    When I look at the myfx report they use 0.1 lot size for every trade. That account is still okay.
    Be very careful with risk an you will likely be fine.
    I’m not sure how the copier is supposed to control the risk but completely wiped my account with a week of bad trades.

    • this EA is doing a horrible job…… they have no idea on trailing stop or risk management. There were once they opened 4 to 5 yen pairs at a time, creating too much exposures…then trade got reversed all Yen Pairs hit stop losses. account down by 70%. with max risk at 2. They probably need to hire a better trader to execute the trade.
      Give them a few more months and see if they can do better. wont continue once account blow up.

    • Yep, just wiped out my account again trading Gold, short multiple entries and Gold just made new high since 2013. I used 0.1 lot size on $1000 account.
      I’m just fortunate enough that in the 1st month this trader made my account double, and I was able to pull out some profit, but since then margin called twice. Not investing any more cash into this system.

  2. Safik Alam Mondal

    I have an forex account in shine join forex exchange company with 5,000/ dollar . I transfer my account balance to pattern trader forex

  3. So are there trading commissions due upfront out of pocket before profits can be withdrawn???

  4. I was emailed by someone who follows this website, they asked me to answer a question about the performance % return decreasing, here’s my answer:

    So in march we made 575 Pips. which equated to 5.13%
    in January we made 242 pips which equated to 14.68%.

    ​So in march we made more than double the amount of pips, but made less % profit.
    ​And january made half of march in pips but almost triple profit.

    ​So this tells us that the system is most definitely still performing well, and did better in fact in march than january, but why did it make less money?

    Simple because we didn’t use as high of a lot size. We decided to bring down the lot size risk a little bit to maintain a low drawdown. But don’t mistaken that for thinking that we were using high risk in January, we were not.

    We just have a goal to maintain a drawdown that’s quite low and thus calculated a lot size that would keep it always low, but we will be raising it soon. As the account grows based on our new calculation.

    I hope this helps.

    • Rented this EA for 1 month. First 2 trades lost $500 +, anyway it had 7 losses and 12 winners in the first 3 weeks. Losses greatly exceed winners. I do not know where they get there 85% win ratio from. I cancelled my next month rental. This was on a $10.000 demo account. I would not recommend this EA. You can rent this EA for $39.00 per month or outright buy it for $599.00.

      • Victor clearly you didn’t compare to our trades.

        If you look the month you signed up we had a losing month. Then when you cancelled, the follow weeks we blew away those losses and made massive gains. So not really sure how you can even remotely suggest the system is bad or the win rate is bad, based on a small sample size of less than a month – when clearly if you had held on just a few weeks you’d be in profit – significantly.

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