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FRT: Hedge Forex Robot Review

Hedge Forex Robot is an automated expert advisor developed by the well-known Forex Robot Trader group. This time around, they claim that this system will double your trading using a trend trading strategy with built in hedging technology. They even show gains of over $100,000 so far this year, in order to the $3000 in the last 30 days. Numbers like these are frequently utilized promote FRT systems, but they had never been verified by third-party. Throughout our review and in the trading results section we will further analyze this fact, and provides you with any pertinent information that is required to help you make your decision.

The product is owned and operated by This group is a long-standing name in the Forex expert advisor business, originally run by Don Steinitz, a professional Forex trader and developer. Since his passing, it is unknown who took over the website, and what type of trading history they were marketplace. It’s rumored, that the website was working on an Internet marketing firm that has no experience in the Forex marketplace, but we don’t pay much attention to rumors because they are just that. This group is also behind Reaper Forex Robot, Ganon Forex Robot, Odin Forex Robot, and Vader Forex Robot. If you have any questions for the support team, you can open up a ticket at


Hedge Forex Robot Review

The ForexRobotTrader team advertise their Hedge Forex Robot as a very simple and easy to utilize trading product. They tell traders that all they need to do is “load the robot any number of currency pairs of your choice and walk away.” It’s hard to believe that this system is optimized for every single pair of the marketplace, so we don’t recommend that you throw this on alive account and just walk away. If you do decide to use this software or any other, you should always go through a testing period, especially when the vendor tells you if it’s compatible with every pair.

Trade Logic

The robot starts on the highest timeframe, it scans lower and lower until it comes across the first countertrend. Then the system will go into an “alert status” as it waits for an opportunity to enter the market. The “alert status” is shown to the trader as rent parts of indicator section of the chart.

There isn’t much detail about this trade logic, but we do know that the software is actively seeking for countertrends to take advantage of. This is a plus, because in knowing how the software is meant to operate, we can easily monitor the trades to see if it’s working properly.

The best Forex robot list, is full of products that give us at least this much information about their methodology.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $79
  • Strategy: Countertrend
  • Timeframe: Weekly
  • Pairs: All Pairs

The Hedge Forex Robot is priced quite affordably down from $199, to $79 for the time being. This is definitely on the lower end of the price scale when it comes to automated expert advisors.

Is also important to note that this strategy is not compatible with FIFO brokers, as hedging is not allowed.

Trading Results

The main issue we have with ForexRobotTrader products, is definitely rearing its ugly head once again with the Hedge Forex Robot.

The vendor is showing incredible trading results with pips ranging from 3000, all the way to 6600 per month, with profits of over $25,000 per month. If you click on the results, you’ll be taken to a trading statement that is filled with exclusively wins and completely unblemished trade record. Yet, none of these results are verified, and they could be easily manipulated because they are not uploaded to a third-party service.

The fact that they do not use Myfxbook is a major gripe from the community, and one that we share. We have brought up this point on multiple occasions, and feel that the vendor should certainly start to provide much more transparency considering their reach in this market.

There is no good excuse why they are using a third-party service to verify their trading results, unless they are fabricating or deceiving the community and some way.


Until we see some verified results for the Hedge Forex Robot, we will not be able to provide a recommendation. In 2019, there is just no reason to purchase a system that doesn’t have verified results, over a multitude of systems that do.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article.

Hedge Forex Robot $79
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Hedge Forex Robot is an automated expert advisor that uses a “legendary” hedging strategy.

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