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FRT: Vader Forex Robot Review

Today I’m reviewing the most popular robot sold by the developers at, Vader Forex Robot. This software is promoted as “a professional expert advisor with incredible new features.” According to the sales page, the software has earned over $924,881 this year and over $148,054 in just the last month. I’ll be providing a close analysis of these results and giving you my full take on this system, and the developer.

The original location of is Las Vegas, but since the passing of Don Steinitz, it is unknown who is now in control of this web property. The about us page is still about Don’s Forex journey, and does not mention his passing. Traders can access support by creating a ticket at


Vader Forex Robot Review

This EA promises traders an intelligent trading strategy that utilizes “daily Fibonacci levels to find predictable Forex trades automatically.” The Vader Forex Robot method revolves around support and resistance. The goal is to trade large movements and retracements by combining trends shifts and Fibonacci thresholds. The explanation of the trade logic isn’t complete, and doesn’t give me the information I need, but it’s better than nothing.

The developers promise simplicity, and this is a frequent theme on the sharply designed FRT website. They really do an effective job at projecting professionalism and ease of use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the product is a winner. It means that whoever has taken over, is a good marketer.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $149
  • Strategy: Fibonacci
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

The EA is built to run on 20 pairs, but it is not clear what timeframe the system trades. The robot comes with optimized settings that require no client adjustments.


You cannot truly understand the Vader Forex Robot if you do not take a close look at the creators. At this point in time, I have quite a few questions about this robot developer. As I mentioned above, the creator Don Steinitz passed away, and he was the lead dog for the entire operation. It is unknown who has taken over in his stead, as they still use his story as the only available information on the about us page.

My assumption is that the web-site was flipped and is now owned by an internet marketer. This isn’t a terrible thing if the marketer is good at hiring the right people, but for the most part, marketers are only in it for their personal return.

Personally, when I’m dealing with a financial product, I want it to be owned and operated by an actual trader. Which, I don’t believe is the case with anymore.

Vader Trading Results & Performance

The trading results on are always suspicious to say the least, and this is no different with the Vader Forex Robot. They provide trading statements that show monthly returns of over 16,000 pips. Yet, despite being challenged frequently to put these accounts on Myfxbook or FXStat, they refuse to do so.

This is why I do not trust the trading results that they present.

Client Feedback

The customer feedback for FRT and this specific EA isn’t positive. There is a long list of 1 star reviews on FPA as well as other websites.

One of the most recent comments claims that “Vader loses very efficiently,” which is far from an endorsement. The most common complaint is that despite the developers showing incredible results, the community hasn’t been able to reproduce these results on their own accounts.

2021 Update

There haven’t been any real updates for the Vader Forex Robot in quite some time. Despite being marketed heavily still in 2021, there aren’t any change logs, or advances to speak of. The vendor results are HTML based, and not verified by any third party. They are antiquated, and not the type of result I am willing to put my trust in.

I found a live Myfxbook account running the robot, showing a -100% loss, crashing completely in August 2020.

This account showed promise originally, with a respectable equity curve, fueled by a win rate of 88%. The robot held 15 negative trades open for anywhere from 15 to 55 days. During this time, the software piled up small 6.5 pip wins, but eventually the open orders blew the account.

This is a very dangerous approach, as many of the trades either didn’t utilize a stop loss, or failed to close at the -102 pip mark. All of the open trades exceeded the average loss, so there was either some sort of error, or just a very aggressive trading strategy that went wrong.

In situations like this, you will want to monitor your open trades, and ensure that the floating drawdown isn’t too significant. Make sure to close trades yourself manually, or find a way to ensure the robot has a hard stop loss.


At this point in time, I am not impressed with that I’m seeing from and the Vader Forex Robot. There are certainly elements of the web-site that I appreciate, but I need answers on who is their lead trader now that Don has passed and when will they start providing verified results. Hopefully soon.

Much more needs to be done if they want to be taken seriously, and answering some of the burning questions about their strategy and trading results would be the best place to start. They have an open invitation to leave a comment here to address our concerns any day of the week.

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Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment with anything you have to add.

Vader Forex Robot $149
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
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Vader Forex Robot is an EA developed by the ForexRobotTrader team, utilizing a Fibonacci based trading strategy.

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Fibonacci strategy Moderately priced


No verified results Bad client feedback Little strategy insight

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  1. I am an experienced trader since 1995. I am testing a lot of robots, and I have tested Vader for some months in 2020. It was a bad experience. Huge losses and a clientservice from hell. The results they were showing is not on the same planet as my Vader was doing. When they posted last months trades and a huge profit. I went to all my trades, and it was not one simular trade. I asked why “my Vader” didn’t do any of the trades they had. I was just told to give it time. I did, plenty of time, until i didn’t want to lose more. Don’t waste your money on this. I really don’t understand how it can be on this list at all.

  2. How long does it take for Vadar to take a trade?

    • I tried this robot and wait for a new trade but always search and search… However with tested is OK but in reality never start and parameters are all rights…. Don’t understand this

  3. Vader is very bad, only loss, im write to developer but only say that risk disclosure, they are scam, i have account and has pay they are scam.

  4. Why the f*** are you guys buying any EA and don’t have the patience to first try it for 3 months on a demo account but instead start it on eating up your savings on your live account?
    Just my few cents!

  5. I have four different EA’s from them including Vader and all have been profitable. Yes it takes tuning. Vader needed some love to be good. I noticed it like hanging onto trades way too long and that is why it loses. if you set a tighter stop loss it does help. also make sure that the EA exits on change of signal.

  6. I’ve used Vader for a while.

    It’s either not good, or in need of major updates. My trading results never come close to the Forex Robot Trader results. It’s as if I’m using a different robot altogether than the one they use for their website.

  7. Yea ive been testing Vader and Hedge from them for like a month….They are very good at wining mini trades and loosing huge ones..
    Then you will get support and they will tell you that its the broker fault..Or that sometimes there are bad months when if you check their results, its always good. And by good i mean unbelievable..Go check their Hedge results on their website…It never looses. I just asked a refund..Will see how that go..But hell prolly give me some bull response, like “its my settings” when i use the default…
    Ill prolly have to go complain directly to Paypal.

  8. Stay away. Support bad bad

  9. check opening positions in monthly result. they is real

  10. Odin has been a real disaster. Tech support has been NON_RESPONSIVE. It’s marketed as being tuned to maximize returns – it only maximizes LOSSES… I’ve emailed tech support NUMEROUS TIMES – they’ve been less than helpful – even telling me I had to buy MORE of their robots to make this one work….talk about some total bullshit. They absolutely have refused to send any workable configuration fixes to the install configs.


  11. Hi
    This was my worst experience
    I had bought Vader in 2017
    I lost $ 400 with the default settings

    The version posted on the site with great profits is also fake

    Do not miss your time with this robot
    Vader is not a good robot at all
    I’m using the fxhunter robot now
    Alright good but not great

    Sorry, I apologize for using the Google Translator if it was a mistake

  12. I want a fx robot so which one is the perfect one for .e to you pls reply

  13. I am so lucky to read this page before I purchase the EA.

    Thanks to you for sharing these valued information to the public that helps
    a lot to save thier money.

    However, is there anyone there can share what EA can be use to make a living?

    Appreciate for your sharing.


  14. I bought Vader last week and started running it on my live account from 24/07/18 and so far it has made 21 winning trades and no losing trade. I am trading it on 11 pairs and just using the default settings. So the Robot seems to be working ok so far although. Will increase to 20 pairs next week and see what happens.


    Did;nt buy Vader, because I already had a bad experiebce with one of their other EA GANON.
    I bought Ganon in March 2015, set it up on my account with $1000. In around 15 days of
    trading it took away more than $650.. This is a lot in India, in our currency INR. Their support
    are excellent, though in their courtesey and providing you with new .set file, which does not make
    any difference at all. I ultimately stopped trading and salvaged around $250 of my account balance.

  16. hi thx for sharing and reviewing i was one step away to buy odin what i defenitely dont do now thx.

  17. I bought their Odin EA before I got to know you.
    I regret it a little. It took me a month to test them on my real micro account.I test it on more than 10 pairs.I think the strategy is just a simple reversal.It didn’t make money and made me lose a little.
    I was attracted by the profits they claimed.The actual revenue is far from what their website claims.
    Thank you very much for your sharing and please understand my English is not good.

  18. The company was taken over by his step son. The company consists of a computer programmer and himself. He is definitely not a Don Steinitz. No Forex trader professionals to be found in this company. False advertising.

  19. Is a waste of time and money. Big loser Their support team is ok. But the EA is not worth time or examination their results are fake!!! I demo tested for. months.

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