Breaking News Review is a website dedicated to providing many automated trading solutions to the community. The website is owned by Don Steinitz and it gets a lot of attention due to its impressive Google rankings.

Whether the website any software deserves this attention is what this review is about today. It’s time someone takes a closer look at Don Steinitz and what he has to offer the Forex robot community. Review

My initial impressions of Don and his website are impressive because his approach is clean and professional. This is likely why Don is having so much success in this market. What we have to ask ourselves is, is Don successful because the product is releasing are so good or simply because his marketing efforts are carrying him. I’ve done a lot of research into this topic today because it’s a website I’ve been following for quite some time. Our best bet is to take a closer look at the community reaction and the results provided by the vendor.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the results Don provides on his website Right now I’m looking at his top rank system, the Falcor Forex robot. Again, the page for this system is very professional looking and makes me want to buy but let’s look a little deeper. In taking a look at the results it is clear that they are purely hypothetical and cannot be trusted. It looks as if Don is taking Forex back tests and turning them into for tests and then using these for results. When looking at the results we can see that there is never any swap or commission so we know that this is not running on a live account.

The website does not use any statement sharing services whatsoever for any of their automated trading systems. This means that all the results being provided by Don will not in any way indicate future performance. It is extremely rare in this market for vendors not to take advantage of my FX book, FX blue, or even mt4live. All these websites are easy to use and will verify an automated trading solution for everyone to see. Without using any of these 3 statement providers I generally feel like the vendor is trying to hide something from us.

I cannot give a positive recommendation to any robot listed on the site. I have gotten in contact with Don Steinitz to see if he has any response to my allegations but I find it highly unlikely that he’ll respond. I also found in my research that over 350 people negatively reviewed these robots on Forex Peace Army. If there’s anything you would like to add to this review please leave your contributions below the article now. I really appreciate some comments on this topic considering so many people have gotten involved with this vendor. Thanks for spending some time on Forex robot nation and I hope that this article helps you make a better purchasing decision regarding Don Steinitz and his robots.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I want to purchase the best forex robot that can help me achieve good result in forex trading.
    Please which is best when compared learn2trade forex robot and Odin forex robot ?

  2. hi please tell me which best robot automatically name?
    please rely me

  3. Murali Rajaratnam

    Hi, I have bought vador Ea from, and I ‘ve lost 2$ last three days can someone advise what should I do now?

  4. great review. Thanx allot

  5. hi

    i bought Ganon and has hedge ea from Frt…so much bad result..dont waste your money on Frt’s ea s…the result on there website is totally fake…!

  6. can no any result on myfxbook?

    • Look my name is Serge Mondesir and I have the Vader ea and I’ve been playing with my settings. Remember the site says its optimized already you just need to put the settings and inputs you desire then drop it and see what happens according to your inputs and strategies. And btw please use your strategy tester on your ea on the MT4 platform easy to use and good way to check your inputs. Hope this was helpful

  7. Friend , I bought this robot , I would have some bo configuration that works on it?

  8. Hi, I’ve also beign following this website for some time and now the “new kid in town” is Ganon with a “cord theory” thay seems more to “cords theory for the universe”: who knows how it works? at the website you don’t find any graphs or proof for real accounts and the prices always on rebate! and also giving you another robot as a gift… it just doesn’t fit on my little experience watching companies producing so many “robots” so often without any real myfxbook or fxblue proofs. Most decent software takes 1 year -at least- to be tested and released.

  9. I bought his Reaper Robot last thanksgiving and emailed him my poor results with screen shots and he emailed me to changed a couple things and it still resulted in a busted account. I complained several times and ask for the settings he used to get his results and I get deaf ears. I then ask for a refund due to false advertising and got no response.

    • Sorry to hear that Tony, I’ll email to see if I can get a response, do you have an order number I can reference to put pressure on them?

      • They don’t issue order numbers. I believe they go by the email which is on my reply post. I found that my order was actually made on 10/14/14 7:05pm for $149.25 on cc ending 2379. Thanks for the help. BTW, I bought these products from them back in 2008 & 2009 and gave up on them: Steinitz HAS MTF Robot, Steinitz Sniper Trading Room, Steinitz Wave Runner, Steinitz Fractal Pterodactyl. I already complained to BBB and they didn’t respond.

  10. Pls community member run away as far as possible from what this seller has to offer. All his promises are vague and at the end of your loosing trades he looks for your fault either in installation, activation, compatibility or whatever. I have bought six softwares from him 4 worked and cleared my account within 17 days but his own advertised accounts keep blossoming. RUNNNNNNN traders pls runnnnnnnnnn

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