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The Rob Booker Robots Collection Review

Today I’ll be taking a close look at a Forex trader, Rob Booker, and his collection of trading robots. Rob is quite well known in the Forex market for his trader radio podcast based out of Gilbert, Arizona, United States. His trader radio podcast has nearly 90 episodes and over 800 followers on sound cloud. I’ve just recently been introduced to his services, so I thought I would take a closer look and let the Forex robot nation community understand if this guru is one we should trust moving forward.

I can’t find the exact office address, but it’s located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. The contact email address is not readily available on the home page either, nor is a contact form, so, I’m not sure how traders can get in touch with Rob. For all our robot ratings and much more go here.


Rob Booker

Rob has been in the Forex trading market since 2006. That’s an incredibly long time, so I probably should have put together a review a long time ago. Rob currently offers traders a copy trade service, some trading robots and a lifetime membership with a whole bunch of perks.

Copy Trade Service

Rob Booker’s copy trade service requires traders to fund the trading account with Gallant FX, and then email Rob has some sort of a deal with this broker, so that he gets a commission for the clients that he brings in. That’s what makes this service worthwhile to him.

The service is very simple. As soon as Rob takes a trade, a trade is automatically taken on your account as well. His goal is to gain 6.5% per month and keep the maximum drawdown below 6.2%.

Trading Robots

As for the trading robots, Rob bookers robots come in a package that’s being sold for $297. The current purchase includes access to the 6 best trading robots, a new robot every month, as well as updates for life. Unlike other developers, Rob Booker also provides access to the code for his robots and provides a daily webinar to show traders how the robots can be utilized. There are two main trading robots, and a handful of others.

The Finch
  • This robot looks for divergences on a 5 minute chart, trading 3 to 5 currency pairs.
The Kingfisher
  • This robot is very similar to the finch, but analyzes overbought and oversold levels using the Relative Strength Index.

There is really not a lot of information provided about any of Rob’s trading robots at this point in time. The sales page pushes us to a trader radio episode with Scott Heywood, which I may listen to later to try and get more of the details.


As for the trading results, Rob Booker does provide us with a Myfxbook account, but this is a mixed account so it’s hard to tell when it’s a robot, or a human making a trade. It would be much better if each robot had their own Myfxbook page, then I could get a better understand of how they work, and what we can expect.

The Myfxbook account that was provided has since been removed. There are no updated results at this point in time.

Lifetime Membership

Rob Booker also provides traders with a lifetime membership opportunity, which gives traders access to everything that he offers for $1000. This is not a cheap endeavor. Here is what you get.

  • Trade Alerts
  • The Rob Booker Chat Room
  • Every Rob Booker Trading Course
  • Free Entry to all Rob Booker Events
  • All Rob Booker Indicators and Robots
  • 2 Live Seminar Videos
  • Discounted Personal Training in Rob’s Inner Circle Program


There’s really a lot for us to chew on here but it’s difficult to make a full recommendation at this point in time. The website is very well put together, the podcast sounds great, and Rob Booker comes across like a knowledgeable trader. Yet, without testing any of these systems myself just yet, I am going to leave the review at 3 stars. I’ve read a few other reviews online, and there has been feedback on both sides of the spectrum so I don’t want to draw a conclusion just yet.

As we update the review for 2019, there hasn’t been very much change. The services remain the same, and Rob is still lacking in the areas we want to see more information in.

Hopefully Rob finds a way to be a little more transparent after reading this review and making adjustments.

Please let me know what you think about Rob Booker, Trader Radio, his trading robots, copy trade service, or anything else you want to discuss by leaving a comment now. Thanks guys!

Rob Booker Robots $497
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The Rob Booker Robots are a collection of trading systems by a well known trader. It is yet to be seen if the robots are viable on any live trading account.

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Unique podcast
Available via text message


Myfxbook account removed
Little transparency

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    I purchased the FINCH robot (full version) for “only” 197$. I should have received an email with the instructions to get it.
    I have not received it and I have no robot!!
    It is very difficult to win 197 $ to waste in this way.
    Another SCAM

  2. Rob is a great entertainer. Very energetic. Great guy. Fun to follow. Great for an introduction to forex. I bought into his system 2 years ago when the tomahawk strategy came out. He had a guy teach a strategy and by the end of the class they finally built it into a robot, the strategy needed tweaked because it did not back test well. The finch is a great idea, but it takes intervention. It is not a set and forget robot. It only works well certain months out of the year. And is a no stop loss robot looking for small gains. So when it picks the direction wrong once in a while. You have to kill the trades and make some manual trades to try to recover. I did not put in the time to fully run the bot and baby sit it as intended, but I learned a lot. Forex is tough, it seems like it takes sticking to good strategies manually to make money with it. I don’t regret signing up for Rob’s class. There were a ton of videos to go with it that I have access to, that made the investment worthwhile. But now he shifts his focus around every 6 months to the next big thing. Exotics club, which is foreign currency based stocks. He is currently pushing using his forex indicators on stocks and options. With Makay which seems on the up and up. And ties with wealth press which is now the new money crew? which is a little shady which comes out with new stuff to sell every 3 months. Where you can buy lifetime access to an indicator, then a new one pops up to buy next month. Overall the market changes over time, with elections, brexit, etc.. And one magic robot is not going to jump out at you and make you millions. You can backtest a robot, and find the best settings for last year. But that does not mean it is profitable live 3 months from now. People try to catch the trend in forex to make money. The trends start as possible change in direction. Sometimes the direction does not change for long. There is more to forex, like spreads being too large at times (first 3 hours on Monday). And news events that break up the underlying trend with randomness that you are wanting to get in on. Forex takes work to be profitable.

  3. Has anyone had the robot since it was free? I recently tried to buy it and they only sell it as part of a portfolio.

  4. Avoid Rob Booker at all costs. He has abandoned his “lifetime members” several times over the past decades. Just observe his patterns of scamming where he establishes the next best thing, it inevitably fails, and then he moves on to the next group of suckers with another amazingly profitable membership programme.

  5. I have tried FINCH for 2 months. Results are good but you have to intervene when the trades went opposite.
    Here is the performance link.

    • The 70% drawdown is scary on this account, but I appreciate the sharing.

    • Hello, are you using the default finch settings ? With account balance <$1000 are you still using the 1.5 profit target?

      I am looking to try it on a small account size like you show in your fxbook. Also, any other adivce? Pairs etc. Thank

    • Well The Finch works very well on the condition that you do not put it on too much pairs (I use max 4) and those pairs are not too correlated. If you do not know what that means, do not use the Finch! 😉 Also it does not work well when you use too large position sizes. Then it also does not work well if you do not follow Rob’s explanation to the letter and then even then… When one of your pairs or two start trending for more than a month… Well you will be in drawdown for more than a month and a big one. I am in one now for about two weeks and it is more than 10%. The only way most people can stomach that is I think by buying options on the pair in the same direction as the trend for the equivalent of the same lot sizes. It will cost a premium for that security but at least you can sleep and perhaps cash in ones the trend reverses and confirms. Be sure you watch all the video’s Rob made about the Finch and you at least run it on a demo account for half a year, better more if you did not have the big draw down experience. I am still using the Finch on a live account. But be aware that I have only been able to keep on trading it after at least 5 learning experiences with blowing at least one account in the process. Trading is hard and although the Finch is a good teacher it requires perseverance and the will to learn by paying your dues in time and money. See for yourself.

  6. Started using the Finch Feb 14 2019 with $1,000 live account. In 17 weeks I’ve averaged approx +1.5% weekly return with only one losing week at -0.68% (Cumulative 25.6% to date). The finch Robot does require manual intervention but only if you notice a trade getting away from you. Followed Rob’s recovery strategy and it got me out of trouble a few times.In my mind, I doubt that there is a Robot out there that can trade successfully without human intervention. It is too risky. This is the first time in 4 years trading Forex that I have been able to show a consistent growing equity curve. I’s awesome! My focus is no longer on making “The Big Trade”, but managing small trades and converting them to equity. No get rich quick stuff with Rob, just sound trading practices and a lot of common sense

  7. I must admit that I’ve been somewhat disenchanted with the performance of Rob Booker’s FINCH robot. Haven’t tried the others. It requires manual intervention, at times, to fully reap the benefits of this EA. I have no doubt that part of my disenchantment with the FINCH is myself, being a newbie to Forex trading. IMO, Rob Booker is one of the best teachers regarding FOREX and stock trading strategies! He is one of the most transparent online traders I’ve come across. One of the few individuals that I trust online, and is open about the performance of his robots.

  8. Rob Booker’s robots fail and in particular the Finch and any variations of it have blown up his member’s accounts, these are are verified on variaous forums.

  9. I’ve listened to some of Rob’s podcasts and I like them a lot but I think he’s more of a fun guy, then a serious guy.

    Sometimes I feel like his knowledge needs some work, but he is very interesting to listen to, and there are tidbits from time to time.

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