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Course Review: Traders Help Desk

Today I’m reviewing another Forex trading course developed by Gail Mercer, Traders Help Desk. Gail promises to teach traders “how to successfully trade any markets using time-tested techniques that work beginning with limiting your risk.” In addition to her online video courses, she also provides personal coaching, trading indicators and different trading packages for traders on a budget that still want to be educated on her Forex trading techniques.

Gail Mercer, founder and CEO claims to have 15 years of experience in trading and in the development of custom Forex indicators. She is located in North Carolina, and has published several books with topics ranging from trading binary options to mastering countertrend trading. Her philosophy is to “remain focused and responsive to price coupled with money management and risk to reward ratio in trading.” In order to get in touch with support, traders can phone 1-(336) 263-0122, or email via the contact form on the website.


Traders Help Desk Review

Gail hopes that her Traders Help Desk trading guides, and coaching will help traders in 3 major ways. She wants her clients to be able to identify proven price patterns, develop proven habits and use risk effective risk parameters with sustainable risk reward ratios. The video course focuses on patterns “like double tops, double bottoms, higher highs, and lower lows.” She claims that these patterns are prevalent in the markets every single day, and once a trader can recognize them, they can start to win trades easily. In terms of habits, Gail believes that traders need to overcome psychological issues, because losing trades is frequently the trader getting in their own way. This concept is also consistent in the Falcon Trading Guidance program.

In order to push these concepts, Gail offers video courses, personal coaching, trading indicators and trading packages. I’ll go through each of these now.

Online Trading Courses and Seminars

The Traders Help Desk currently offers 9 different Forex trading courses available for purchase, ranging between $49.95 to $149.95.

  • Trading Nadex Binary Options & Spreads Using Candlestick Patterns $149.95
  • Trading Psychology Course Trading Psychology Course for Traders $149.95
  • Overcoming Negative Core Beliefs in Trading Unlocking the Power Within – Guide for Overcoming Negative Core Beliefs for Traders $59.95
  • Trading Price Bars Trading Price Bars – A Guide to Understanding $49.95
  • Volume Price Analysis – Guide to Divergence Volume Price Analysis – A Guide to Identifying Divergence $149.95
  • Support and Resistance Unlocking the Power of Support and Resistance $49.95
  • Power of Trading Pivots Video Course Unlocking the Power of Pivots – Trading Price Pivots with Pivot Lines $49.95
  • Money Management in TradingMoney Management – Risk, Profit Targets and Rules $49.95
  • Unlocking the Power of Trading Divergence Unlocking the Power of Trading Divergence $99.95

Each package comes with a brief explanation, which explains what traders will learn in the video, and why it’s important for them to understand these different techniques and methodologies.

Personal Coaching (Mentoring)

Gail’s mentoring package costs $200 for 3 hours, with a minimum of 9 hours per purchase. Thus, it costs $600 (much like Trade Empowered) in order to take advantage of “a little one-on-one time with a professional trader.” In coaching sessions, Gail wants to help traders overcome the unique issues that they are facing. The mentoring sessions can be done online, or in person where she lives in North Carolina.

Trading Indicators

The Traders Help Desk also has a section dedicated to selling Forex indicators built for Trade Station, NinjaTrader 8, and Multicharts. All of the indicators are based on either volume analysis, divergence or momentum strategies. These indicators range in price anywhere from $75-$395.

In analyzing a lot of these indicators, it’s clear to me that they are quite basic and overpriced. Most of these indicators can be found online for free, at least when you are utilizing the Metatrader 4 platform.

Trading Packages

Gail also offers trading packages. There is a silver daytrading package sold at $1495, and a diamond daytrading package sold at $2495. These both look like cash grabs, because it’s just the collection of Forex indicator she sells combined into one product. The cost of these Traders Help Desk packages are way too high.

Community Feedback

I was only open able to find one review on the Traders Help Desk, and it’s not positive at all. Trading Schools rates this as a 1 star service, claiming that Gail is a good sales person, but not an effective trader. The review goes on to say that Gail “makes recordings of of trades on simulated account, after the market closes, and then posts results as real profit.

These Trading Schools claims were never totally confirmed, but the writer of the article did give Gail chances to prove her trading performance, and it seems he was never taken up on his offer.


There is a lot of information to digest in this Traders Help Desk review, but the bottom line is, I am torn on my final decision. I believe that Gail does have some unique insights on the Forex marketplace, but the prices of the packages seem high, and after reading the community feedback, I would like to see her trading performance before signing up.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review please leave your questions and comments below the article now.

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Traders Help Desk is a trading course with indicators, videos and mentoring services.

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