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Course Review: Falcon Trading Guidance (FalconFX)

Falcon Trading Guidance, or FalconFX is a Forex trading course that looks to inspire, guide, educate and evolve with their clients. They believe that wish to teach traders how to trade the Forex market from a simplistic and structure driven approach, that only they offer. With over 100 hours of video content, which include weekly live webinars, bye weekly recaps, and quick tips, this service surely provides an impressive amount of information. Whether that information is worth the £97/month price tag is one of the main questions of this review today.

The founder of the service is Mark Hutchinson, retail trader and author of “10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals”. He claims to have over 8 years of experience in the Forex market, and 4 years of consistent success with an average return over 9.79% per month. Mark also has a lifestyle Instagram account with over 12.8K followers where he shows off his luxurious cars, trips and yachts in an attempt to prove his worth as a trader.There is no address provided for the company. Traders can get in touch with support by filling out a contact form on the sales page.


Falcon Trading Guidance Review (FalconFX)

The main service provided by the Falcon Trading Guidance group is their 10 part video series that provides traders with over 8 hours of structured course content. Surprisingly, there is very little information about the Forex trading course, and what traders can learn from it. We are told that the video series covers 10 key topics, but not introduced to what those topics are up front. After jumping through a few hoops, and entering my email address for free access to the first falcon foundation series episode, there is a more detailed page with information about the service.

The Falcon FX Pro service, gives traders access to the 10 episode falcon foundation series course, an in-depth strategy handbook, access to the community, weekly market breakdowns, midweek market reviews, biweekly trade recaps, live monthly webinars and exclusive tips.

Falcon Foundation Video Series

The main educational resource provided by the Falcon Trading Guidance group is there video series. This currently consists of 10 episodes that are supposed to walk traders through Forex trading from start to finish, which is less episodes than their competitor, the Online Trading Academy. The 10 videos total close to 8 hours of content, which may sound like a lot of material, but it’s probably not enough to make you a profitable trader right away.

That being said, let’s take a look at the episodes one by one.

  • Episode 1: Intro to Forex and Falcon Trading Guidance
  • Episode 2: Technical Analysis
  • Episode 3: Basic FTG Principles
  • Episode 4: Probability
  • Episode 5: Risk
  • Episode 6: Choosing a Broker
  • Episode 7: Journaling & Trade Refinement
  • Episode 8: Placing a Trade
  • Episode 9: Psychology
  • Episode 10: Laptop Lifestyle

The brief guidelines of the Forex trading course lead me to believe that the information is effective, but light. There doesn’t seem to be any specific strategy being put forward by the Falcon team, but more of a general approach. Moreover, there is a reddit comment which tells us the strategy is “completely set around trendlines and nothing else.” This makes identifying trades “open to interpretation.”

Performance Reports

The Falcon Trading Guidance team does not provide any trading results. It’s normal for educational programs in the Forex market to rely on testimonials, but here at Forex Robot Nation, we always want to see results. Based on the pop-ups I’m seeing on the website, and the thousands of followers, there is no reason why some of the clients of this service can’t provide their trading records on Myfxbook.

Not only that, but there’s nothing stopping the developer Mark Hutchinson from providing his personal trading records as well. Considering, Mark advertises his service based on his 9.79% monthly gain over the past 4 years, I feel that it’s imperative that we see those results.

Lifestyle Marketing

Mark’s Instagram page is full of motivational videos, which are great, but I have some concern with the lifestyle approach to many of the posts. In one of the posts, Mark claims that he’s just purchased a yacht, and in another he boasts about his new Mcclaren.

This luxury lifestyle approach is often used by scammers in many different markets online. I’m not saying that’s what’s occurring in this case, but it definitely makes me need to see some actual trading results before I consider the trading course.


At this point in time, I will not be recommending FalconFX Pro by the Falcon Trading Guidance group and Mark Hutchinson. In order for this to change, I need to see some actual trading results from some of the clients and Mark himself. When this is provided, I will change my considerations.

If there is anything you would like to add, please leave your questions and remarks below the review now.

Falcon Trading Guidance (FalconFX) £97/month
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FalconFX is a Forex trading course with 10 videos, webinars and over 8 hours of content.

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  1. I have worked with Mark to start this investment, of course he made it sound wonderful. Well I have not seen one penny come my way. They keep promising me I’ll be profiting when I for an upgrade, comission fee, and other fees. Well to this day I still haven’t seen nothing. I suggest anyone who wants to work this company DON’T!!! All they do take your money scam you and you don’t see any results!!!

  2. All the negative comments in the post about falcon trading guidance just verifies why 96% of retail traders fail. Small mindsets and get rich quick mentalities. The guys that joined falcon hoping to find the “holy grail” and left because they sucked, I hate to break it to you: you’re always gonna suck.????????

    You wanna see guys flipping $200 into $10k (i.e results) ????????

    These comments made me laugh, honestly.. But also showed me how far I’ve come and why I am part of the 4% that make it in this biz.

    • Hi Junaid, please show us your trading results, I’d love to see your claims verified. Keep up the good work.

    • Bravooo
      I wish you tried, instead, to post something convincing about FTG

    • Falcon It’s The Game Changer. I Looked Alot Of Sites To Learn FX Markets But None Helped Me I Swear There Is Nothing Sweeter Than Something You Learned You Can Find The Market It Self. I Don’t Really Care How Much Mark Makes And I Don’t Really Know His Secret And Personality Issue What I Really Care That I Can Find What He Taught Me In The Market. I Been IMLTV A Yaer What They Really Taught Me Is Indicators And Junks That Doesn’t Work In The Markets And That’s The Reality. Another Site Called Babypips It Sucks Waste Of Time But Mark Teaches You The Simplicity Of The Market Im Feeling Lucky To Find Mark And Im Really Happy To Be A Member Of Falcon. To Those Who Are Saying He Is A Scum You Are Loosers. He Is The Greatest Trader Of All The Time

  3. FRN Team thanks for your help. Good Luck

    • They are only scamers. Falcon and Valarss Venture. It constantly takes to upgrade your account, but withdrawing your profit as you wil newer get.

  4. Wow it’s nice to see how this blog is in development after the last time I checked it, maybe it was 8 or 10 months ago while I was still a FTG member.

    I will tell you my insight of being there once and now how it feels quitting FTG:
    As a new guy to Forex trading, I was attracted by their Instagram marketing through one of their marketers profile. That was June 2018. I saw the neat and tify desks, those motivational quotes on their desks and in their bedroom, the clean trading charts and so on. Since I Was very new, I wanted to try any path that could lead me there, and I had few hundred $$$$ to spend them.
    I must admit that I learned from FTG and Mark Hutchinson the basic technical approach to the markets. They are very knowledgeable about THEIR style and their style only, trendlines, basic patterns, patterns within patterns and so on. THeir risk management and trade management is good enough. Entry points are bad in my opinion. Psychology, mindset and planning are their most powerful tool to attract you and keep you there. If you’re interested in these topics, go for them.
    After I finished the learning and repeating and doing their 3 steps method and I don’t remember what (trade recaps, quick tips and blablabla), I started the backtesting for a good period and volume, and then I found that their technical approach and Price action analysis is very bad when I compared it to other IG real traders (with proven history records). Therefore, and after realizing that very few traders with them show real time results, and after I saw that Mark is trying to do a global worldwide action and meetups, and after calculating how much money he does per month from his clients, I decided that he doesn’t even need to trade LOL (back then we were 500 members maybe). I left them fully convinced of my decision and with the eagerness to try something new and really understand Price action, the real clean price action of the charts.

    I have a lot to criticize FTG about, but I will not list all of the things here because trading is subjective and all about perspective. In the end, I found that their style is not suitable for me and didn’t convince me. Now I’m very satisfied and happy that I moved away from FTG and tried other styles, strategies and ways to look at the market, but I will remain thankful for this experience because, for the ONLY reason, that because of it and as a repulsion, I went on the right path. I’m not there, but I believe and know that I will be there.

    Oh I forgot to tell you that I quit FTG during FEB 2019, and since then I have learned maybe double what I learned with FTG, not only in quantity but in quality also.

    This comment is not for any marketing purpose, it’s only an opinion about my personal trading experience and it only represents myself

    Goodluck to all of you at FTG and outside FTG

    • I was looking to join FTG when I came across this. Very informative I must say! After FTG, which other trading academy did you join?

      • In my opinion, don’t follow any academy, open the charts, train your eyes, log what you see, analyze, deduce. Do this process over and over, and you will notice many things and you will start building up your strategy and plan. It will take some time

  5. The whole of the falcon trading community on instagram all follow the same “blueprint” and post the same motivational quotes, pictures of fancy looking “trading” desks and lots of talk of trades taken.

    Not one single falcon trader has ever posted evidence of an actual trade taken on a broker platform or trading terminal, let alone show actual verified results. I have been blocked and comments removed from every falcon trader that I have asked to actually prove their trading results. None of them can.

    And as for mark and his yacht… has anyone seen him post pictures of videos of it since the time he bought it? Nope… I will bet my house it was rented for the day or week to promote his latest book or the falcon trading course. If I owned a yacht, I would be on it every day.

  6. I 100% agree with what others above are saying, in that this course is designed to take your money and offer you no clarity whatsoever.
    Not only is Mark a con-artist, he is highly skilled in manipulating his students to continue paying their membership fees.
    He does this by using the dangling carrot method of offering outstanding trading results, and showing off materialistic achievements a lot of niave students would associate with trading success. The fact is these materialistic achievements are a product of his almost £97,000 a month business turnover (1000 members @ £97.00 a month).
    I have done a more comprehensive blog on this matter, and show examples and screenshots of how Falcon FX lie and deceive their students.
    Lastly as I regularly discuss with other ex falcon members, one in particular actually wanted to fund a trader with their money for a while as they had personal reasons, and none of the 1000 members including the teachers were willing to take on that task. Funny that seeing as Mark always rambled on about getting investor money.
    Read my blog, don’t waste your money.

  7. Currently waiting reply for account status. Am still a current member. Will keep this thread updated once I have more information.

  8. I joined and such a waste of time!

    It is another online Scam to get rich ……..They never show any Successful trades ,Just write comments saying how good their recent rate had been .

    Very basic points on how too trade but not successfully…….this guy will be making a fortune from taking other peoples money not from Forex trading.

    Huge shame as so many people will be getting suckered in too this scam especially young people who see something fancy on some ones instagram – Look backloads too before he started Falcon on IG …..completley different story.

    • I can only agree with you. Their IG and members accounts are loaded with bull, only talking about the ‘community’ and how supportive it is, how small is their ego and posting motivational garbage.

  9. ill just come in here and give my 2 cents, Verified proof or not it does not matter,
    If i had to look for the ideal mentor it would be mark hutchinson hands down.. mark hisself is very humble and he doesnt encourage people to join falcon..He doesnt encourage people that indicators doesnt work or any other strategy but says that it limits potential and the falcon way is his unique way of looking at it…(which i believe is true after learning this strategy but its our OPINION)….(he says it in his youtube videos and in his webinars) No matter what strategy you are using.. if you are coming in expecting to get rich fast or earn results over night just save your money.. if u need verification for anything u do then just save your money.. cause you are already coming into the course with the wrong mindset, What mark teaches isn’t just some basic stuff(he does offer it though for new traders) but it gets more advanced than that… he comes in gives his view of the market and usually his forecast is correct… but not all the time because the markets evolve… but its our job to develop the strategy(Trading Plan) to enter and exit the trade which he lays out the guidelines to do…. He is not there to hold our hand and give us signals.. but he is there to develop us into INDEPENDENT traders which there are plenty that have come out of falcon…

    My experience with falcon: I’ve gain much more clarity after joining falcon… i was able to develop a trading plan that continuously gets its 1% tweak because i remain teachable and my EGO stays grounded. Could i also get taught how to develop a trading plan and other things in another course? Most likely so. I choose not to verify my results because that wont serve me in anyway.. Believe me or not i know what i’m capable of and i know what falcon is capable of and i’m glad i found falcon and don’t plan on trading any other strategy. Yes this strategy is based on trendlines but thats just the smallest part of it.. He teaches how to read the price action, how to actually evolve with the market using pattern separation that many have a hard time doing especially the newer members.. but it takes time and experience(backtesting and live market) to perfect that..and heimplements the Probable Vs Possible that he develop which also made my trading better.

    Overall: im glad i found falcon and if falcon and its members decide to withhold PERSONAL information then its up to them.. Everything u see on the internet, any course or whatever it may be will always seem like a scam.. but thats a risk people will have to take to find out how real it can be.. Give it a try, and if after a month it doesnt resonate with you then cancel the subscription.. or ask for an refund… you can message me on instagram @alexanderQVu if u have any more questions about it

  10. Does this message of no valid proof has been reached to the FalconFX founders ears?. All what i have seen in the videos are only Tradingview drawing types, but no one actually, showed any real result applying on the read trading platform. what is the point behind of Mark?

  11. good review with very valid points. i do not see the issue with either mark or some of mark’s full time traders providing verified results especially when the review score will be improved and they is so many people paying for the service.

    I have been a member of falcon in the past and to be honest its the closest training to how i naturally look at the markets, was i profitable .. no

    i have been trading for 2 years and currently a BE trader. Falcon provide lots of content and hours of videos but i found the final execution or trade confirmation to be open to interpretation and exit methods, they have the 90% rule but you have to take a message from the market regarding exits. The market is trying to trick you all the time so using a message from the market just promoted emotions to close early when in the trade.

    i left because the price tag was steep, mark shows his trades on the weekly/monthly reviews but they are not verified. I could do a trade review and say i had 5 wins, 2 losses and took +10% but if you dont see the actual trade results then are they genuine??? who knows

    I think its perfectly reasonable for them to provide a review company with the verified results. I personally would not want to show everyone my trading results but to provide them to a 3rd party that can vouch for the results is a reasonable request.

  12. Nice questions FRN team, i was wondering the same thing about this school- but as you said no proven results to be found neither from the teacher nor from the students. Nonetheless, the guy gets praised a lot lol from his students

    • Where is he getting praised? On the Falcon Trading Guidance website? Or on another website?

      • On Instagram/ Youtube channels of these guys : Michael Bamber, Hannah Forex. If you go back to their first videos you’ll see that they started trading as begginers 1 or 2 years ago. Now they are both members of the Falcon team. What a joke lol…
        But i have to admit this is a rather clever and new way of marketing, when you get praised by your students. Still none of them talk about results but just about motivational crap

  13. I would not trust anything like this, if you go through the gowners Instagram before he started falcon he had nothing, only making money from making members pay £99.

    He has no proof to show trade history before hand and if you look at IG before falcon started was very normal, just preying on kids saying they will get rich trading.

  14. FRN team im looking for a forex teaching service to join, is it true that you reviewed FalconFX without purchasing a membership

    • We have not provided a review of their content Manpreet. We have provided an outline, and then asked questions / made pointed remarks about what we would like to see. The only concern or question we’ve had about their service is in regards to trading proof. We believe that they should provide some semblance of proof that their service works. If they could provide this, then we would certainly consider purchasing a membership and increasing the scope of our review.

  15. I am a student at Falcon. The video course and handbook and the other video series like the quick tips series are designed to get you up to scratch with the strategy, which is very effective.

    I would like to see your results? Do you have a myfxbook account?

    The main service is the recurring weekly content not the video series! Of course you would know this had you subscribed.

    The amount of content that Mark and the Falcon team constantly uploads speaks volumes about Falcon vs any other forex community/course out there. By all means reviews other scammers that are only after someones money, but that isn’t true of Falcon. Maybe it is hard for you to fathom that finally there is a community which holds the members best interest at heart.

    Look forward to seeing your results.

    • Hi John, you can see my results and different tests available here

      I hope that you will provide your results as well, and prove that this service is as good as you say it is. This is the second negative comment aimed at the review. Yet, neither comment provides any proof, which is all we are asking for. The main question or concern with the Falcon Trading Guidance service is the performance. Are people really having high levels of success? We want to know.

      So, feel free to provide your results and help the community.

  16. The bi-weekly trade recaps you mentioned earlier are actual trades that Mark has taken himself for the past 2 weeks so yes he does share his wins and losses with everyone. But you would of known that if you made the review after actually purchasing the course, but how you can make a review after not watching any real content is baffling.

    • Hi Craig, please provide us with these results. Please also provide us with your results. My review asks a lot of questions, but draws very few conclusions. We can get answers to these questions now, thanks to people like you.

      I look forward to seeing your results. If you don’t provide them, I’ll assume this is a fake comment.

      • He achieves double digit returns, each month, he is very transparent with his trade recaps.

        As far as my returns are, I’ll be brutally honest, I have been extremely lazy, I must have put in about 2 hours of backtesting over the past 6 months, I haven’t been a member every month and I have been looking at the charts ad-hoc (as I have had other commitments that have pre-occupied my life recently) but I have been regularly around the BE for the month, which with no investment of my time I class as a success for me.

        Going off your logic of my results and being a fake comment, can we class this ‘review’ as a fake review since you haven’t actually purchased the course so have no knowledge of the content itself?

        • Hi Craig, I see more claims, but no proof. The review is real, because it asks questions about the service. Questions that that continue to go unanswered despite new responses. We are not seeing any verified proof. If you have something to share, share it, until then your remarks about transparency fall on deaf ears.

          • You’ve asked questions. You haven’t done a review. If you don’t believe me that’s fair enough but if you actually purchased the course for even one month you’d see the value that is being provided. If I had told you that one month he returned 13.4% following month19.9% and the next he returned 40.4% (which is all true) you’d dismiss it as me making stuff up!

          • Craig, we are going in circles here. If you have proof, provide it, that’s all we are interested in at this point.

        • It’s worth noting, that John and Craig’s comments are coming from the exact same IP Address in the United Kingdom.

          • I’ve provided you with 3 months of his returns but you’ve ignored that.

            For anyone that has read this ‘review’ – please do yourself a favour and join Falcon. The content is fantastic. With a weekly market breakdown and mid week market review every week. Bi-weekly trade recaps. Foundation Series. Quick tips. Handbooks. They keep adding new content all the time as well. Plus you have all the content available from the date it was started so you have nearly 2 years worth of trade recaps, and weekly and mid week market reviews to watch. A lot lot more than the 10 videos and 8 hours of content this ‘review’ has wrote in the pros section.

            Even if you join for one month to get a taster (that’s what I did initially) – and I went back a couple month later and I will be joining again this year and actually putting in some work to learn the craft, now my personal situation allows me the time to do this.

            You can message anyone from the community on their social media platforms and they are all very helpful.

          • Craig, we did not ignore your comments. You just haven’t provided any VERIFIED proof. Uploading a trading statement to Myfxbook takes much less time than any of your responses. So, there is no excuse as to why you haven’t been able to do so.

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