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In this category, we are consistently adding new Forex trading course reviews. We want to introduce beginners, and experts to different types of lessons, and schools to ensure that every trader has the knowledge to grow their trading accounts manually. There is a growing interest in the different Forex trading academy programs available, which makes it imperative that we provide the community with honest feedback.


The reputation of each Forex trading course differs based on the reviews of their clients, and the level of education they are providing. Frequently, the paid Forex courses are a collection of free information that’s being repackaged and disseminated. In some cases, these courses are still valuable, but for the majority of the time, traders will want to sign up with a course that is completely original information. This is the type of analysis we provide in each of our reviews.


Each Forex trading course is very different in who they are trying to reach, and teach. In our reviews, we analyze and specify the level of trader that each course is built for. You never want to find yourself in a position where you are paying for a beginners course when you have intermediate skills, or vice versa. Many of the courses are expensive, with price tags over $1000, but it’s not necessary to overpay for education. Often, Forex trading courses are overpriced as a way to insinuate their level of talent. Don’t buy a course because it’s the most expensive, that does not always signify which is the best service, or educational program.


Please feel free to go through every single Forex trading course we’ve reviewed and find out which is the most suitable for you.

Course Review: Core FX Trading

Core FX Trading is a Forex training course and live signal room that claims to be the best in the market. The purpose of the education is to “cover every aspect of how to become a professional trader.” The development team believes that through one-on-one mentoring, and constantly expanding content that they provide a value that goes unmatched by any …

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Best Forex Team Review (Free $100)

Best Forex Team is a Forex service developer promising $100 for free to any level of trader, that is looking to earn in the Forex marketplace. The vendor claims that they want to invest in any trader available no matter the skill level, as long as they are serious about trading. The offer is very strange, and requires the traders …

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Irek Piekarski Masterclass 2.0 Review

Irek Piekarski Masterclass 2.0 is a Forex trading course that is made up of 70+ video lessons. The videos are focused on the Forex market and provide traders with everything they require in order to begin their trading journey. The course contains nothing but straightforward lessons, and zero grey area so that the traders get access to actual actionable results. …

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Tier One Trading Review (Course & Promo Code)

Tier One Trading is advertised as “the all-inclusive resource for traders.” The reason the vendor claims this, is because they provide training courses, cost of software, live trading rooms, expert analysis and a global community of traders. They understand that the market is difficult to navigate for new traders, which is why they’ve built a content delivery platform they feel …

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Trade Surfers Review (

Trade Surfers is a Forex signal service and training program to help traders learn while still placing trades. They advertise the service as an opportunity to “trade Forex with the pro for three months for only $17.” They feel that many other products in the Forex marketplace charge way too much for Forex coaching programs, and they want to put …

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AIMS Stress Free Trading Review (

AIMS stress free trading or I trade aims is a Forex service provider that offers trading signals, indicators, strategies, forums, chat rooms and more. They believe that it’s “possible to create $100,000 per year” trading Forex. By limiting trader emotion, and offering a good profitable trading system, they feel that they have the perfect solution for every level of Forex …

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Course Review: The Lazy Trader

The Lazy Trader is an online Forex trading course that wants to help their clients turn their trading experience into something that’s carefree, successful and more relaxing that the majority of hobbies. They feel that over the years of offering this trading course that they’ve been able to “discover the groundbreaking formula for successful online trading.” Today we will provide …

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Signals Review: Lions of Forex

Lions Of Forex is a Forex signal service, promising a 90% win rate, and an average of over 2000 pips per month. The membership program also comes with Forex training, mentorship and educational resources to help traders take control of their finances by joining “exclusive inner circle for Forex traders.” The product has been on the market since July, 2016. …

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Course Review: LeapFX Trading Academy

LeapFX Trading Academy is a new Forex trading course, and training resource. The service is built to “rocking you from absolute beginner to profitable Forex trader is little as a few hours.” While this sales pitch is enticing, we are sure that it is just a sales pitch, as becoming a profitable Forex trader is something that takes great work …

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Course Review: 2nd Skies Forex

2nd Skies Forex is a Forex trading course provider owned and operated by Chris Capre. This service provides traders with trading ideas, free trading lessons, recommendations, tools and most importantly 3 different trading courses to help traders become more profitable. The website includes a multitude of free training videos, so that you can get a better understanding of Chris’s teaching …

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