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Live Traders Review (Jared & Anmol)

Live Traders is a trading education firm that claim their “students have made over $3000 per week, part time.” This vendor offers multiple trading courses, and a live trading room, so there is an option for every style of trader. Today we will be providing a complete review and letting you know if their Forex services are meeting the expectations of the community.

Launched in 2015, the firm is run by Jared Wesley and Anmol Singh. Their goal is to built a trading community of traders, for traders. They feel that honesty is key, so if they win or lose $1000 in a day, they will be transparent about that in their trading room. Jared, the owner claims to have more than 14 years of experience in the markets, with a real understanding of technical trading aspects.

There is no address provided for their head offices, but they do offer phone support and a free consultation at 800-947-4027. Traders can also email for additional information at


Live Traders Review

The Live Traders website is very professional at first glance. They have a trader education section, live trading room, newsletter, testimonials, trading lingo and an about us page. The vendor provides more information than most of their competitors which is a good first impression.

They believe that there are three reasons why Forex trading is growing rapidly worldwide. These are those reasons:

  1. Traders can access the markets anywhere at any time.
  2. Time restraints aren’t an issue as traders can make full time pay on part time hours.
  3. There are always opportunities to win, whether the economy is good or bad.

The group believes that the Forex market is ripe for the taking, and we agree, as long as the trader has the right tools.

Forex Pip Mastery Course

The Forex Pip Mastery Course is the main Live Traders Forex course. The course goes for $697 and covers a handful of different topics. Although, it is worth noting here that the vendor provides very little information about the course, and doesn’t show us any examples. Considering how detailed the majority of the website is, it’s quite surprising that this section is lacking insight.

All we know about the course is that it covers risk management, day trading strategies, swing trading strategies, essential trading rules, fundamental analysis, core indicators, and platform tutorials.

At $697 we expect a much more detailed analysis of the course, with videos and examples. It’s simply too much money to dive into relatively blind and it’s priced much higher than most of their competitors, as shown in our recent reviews of FX Scalpers Scalping Academy and ThatFXTrader.

Live Trading Room

While the trading course was a bit disappointing, the main Live Traders offering appears to be their Live Trading Room. Access to the Forex trading room and signals goes for $97/month, and there is an option for a free trial as well.

The trading room focuses on providing real trades that have entries, stops and targets. They even provide a daily routine starting at 9AM EST. The routine starts with a morning market review and a list of favorite opportunities. Then, the market opens and the analysts look at their favorite opportunities and start placing trades. Next, they trade secondary setups, and manage open positions. This continues to noon, and then at this time the room is open for “members to chat, share ideas and interact.”

The concept is excellent, and really inline with what we feel most new traders need when they are just starting out. Though, the vendor doesn’t show us any examples or videos of the live trading room, which we really would like to see before signing up.

Trading Results

The Live Traders group does provide signals and trade opportunities every day through their live trading room. However, they do not provide any verified trading results on Myfxbook or any other platform. If they want to qualify for best Forex signal status, they will have to provide a bit more transparency in this way.

The majority of signal providers in the Forex market do provide some sort of trading result, whether it is verified or not. This group does not provide any at this time.


We find that the Live Traders offer is very professional, and showing a lot of promise. Though, there is still a fair amount missing. Neither of the products we are interested in come with any examples, and there are no verified trading results. It would be nice to see their track record before signing up.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments below.

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Live Traders is a provider of a Forex trading course and a live trading room that provides signals.

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