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ThatFXTrader ( is a Forex trading group that provides trading signals, online courses, group sessions, one-on-one sessions and different trading videos to help clients achieve their goals. They claim to be “an FX trading system with ongoing care and support designed for everyone.” Today we will provide a full review, look at each of the service is that they are providing and let you know they provide viable trading assistance.

Located in New York, USA, the creators of this service don’t provide us with an actual address. The same goes for their generalized explanation about who they are, as they don’t exactly introduce themselves to us. All they tell us is that they had some sort of relationship with “Keystone Academic Solutions” and that they value their clients greatly. We would like to see a little bit more information about who the creators are, and what type of experience they have in the Forex marketplace.

In order to get in touch with support traders can fill out a contact form on the website.


ThatFXTrader Review

Unlike most systems that we review, the ThatFXTrader team dips their toes into many different pools. The question will be whether or not this vendor is able to sustain a high level of service, when being that much more stressed than their competitors.

One of the positive aspects of their service is that they offer “two free introductory training course videos.” This is a recommendation we give to many other trading course providers. We find it imperative to see the exact teaching approach that is being utilized in order to determine if it’s the type of course or trading methodology that suits our needs. So, obviously we recommend traders who are interested in the service to first take advantage of the free training course videos to see if their teaching style suits you.

The free introduction videos are straightforward and easy to understand, but we are concerned that the vendor may not be able to handle more advanced trading mechanics. We would like to see a video showing advanced topics covered as well, even if it’s just a 10 minute snippet of something a little further along in the course.

We notice that the blog on the website hasn’t been updated in over half a year, which isn’t a major concern, but maybe something they should tkae not of when reading this review as well.

Forex Signals

Considering we have a fair amount of knowledge in the Forex signal market, we figure be suitable for us to analyze the ThatFXTrader signal service first. The vendor claims to provide premium real-time signals that will keep their clients up-to-date for $49.99 per month. These signals come with take profit, stop loss and live trade updates so that you can follow the trade from start to finish.

The group also provides weekly recap videos, attached chart analysis, and fundamental updates to make sure that you are aware of different market events that may impact the trade.

They do not provide any strategy, and their only results come in the form of a Google Spreadsheet, which was last updated a few weeks ago. It’s very difficult to determine whether or not this signal service is viable without any verified trading results were real strategy insight.

The best Forex signal providers in the market always provide both of these aspects.

Online Trading Course

The ThatFXTrader online trading course, or “full volume Forex training course” has apparently been mastered by thousands of students, and is the perfect way for any level of trader to advance their trading skills. They promise in a disease step-by-step guide, with over 75 hours of core training material available at any time. This comes with a weekly web-based workshop and ongoing updates to make sure that the course is all relevant and reflecting ever changing market conditions.

Here are a handful of the topics covered in the course overview:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • The Strategy
  • Components of Trading
  • Going Full Time
  • Position Management
  • Behavioral Analysis

These are just some of the topics we find the most intriguing as part of the course. For traders interested, the course can be purchased for a one time payment of anywhere between $499-$1199 depending on what other aspects the trader wants to receive in their trading package. For $699 traders get an additional 5 weeks of web-based group sessions, homework and session recordings. For $1199 traders get an additional personal mentorship to help fine tune the trader’s skills.

For the most part, the course is very much like others we have reviewed like FX220, BulletProof Traders and AstroFX.


ThatFXTrader definitely comes across like a professional trading service, but we aren’t exactly sure if the juice is worth this squeeze at this point in time. We would like to hear more from actual clients, see some real trading results from their signal service and even get have a little more transparency when it comes to who the creators of this service are.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

That FX Trader $50-$1199
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That FX Trader is a provider of Forex signals and trading courses.

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