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BulletProof Traders Review

BulletProof Traders is a Forex trading club that provides traders with courses, signals and a promise of a 5% to 10% monthly return on investment. They claim to be better than their competitors because they offer more than just signals and trading room sessions. Instead, they provide a classic membership site “with a full spectrum Forex trading support package.” We aren’t exactly sure what this is right now, but we will break it down as we make our way through the review.

Established in 2017, the BPT team is run by an “elite team of market traders and analysts.” Sadly, the vendor doesn’t introduce us to any of these team members, so we cannot verify if they truly have elite level Forex trading experience. They are located at 55 East liberty st, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In order to get in touch with support traders can email


BulletProof Traders Review

The BulletProof Traders service is built on a foundation of their proprietary trading methodology, the cross-price matrix. They believe that this methodology sets them apart from other trading clubs because it’s “successfully stood the test of time ever since its creation 10 years ago.” Traders can learn this methodology online trading academy, and take advantage of it daily, as is the main strategy behind all of the trading signals.

The vendor also provides an active traders library with access to free educational videos on the front page of the website, or in their YouTube channel. These videos are being added quite frequently with multiple videos and within the last month. While the videos are very popular, as the channel only has 479 subscribers, it is still a positive sign that they are actively producing content and providing free value.

The advantage of this, is that you can follow their videos and see if you appreciate the way they teach before ever signing up for their club. It’s essentially an easy way to try out their service for free, with the exception of the Forex signals of course. We would like to see other Forex courses be a little more active with their videos, as products like AstroFX and Core FX Trading could benefit greatly from providing this type of information.

Online Trading Academy (Cross-price Matrix)

The vendor feels that other courses focus too much on price action setups, so the BulletProof Traders curriculum teaches traders “everything necessary to successfully trade the markets full-time,” and reach their goals. They believe that every trader should have a fundamental understanding of the markets, even if that trader wants to the lying on trading rooms for the rest of their lives. This is why they’ve put together a 6 module course which currently costs $990.

  • Part 1: An introduction to Forex trading
  • Part 2: Forex trading basics and technical analysis
  • Part 3: Advanced charting techniques and mastering chart analysis
  • Part 4: The fundamentals of their cross-price matrix strategy and price-action trading
  • Part 5: Cross-price matrix for advanced traders
  • Part 6: Applying the Cross-price matrix in real world trading scenarios

The course is definitely priced high, but the BPT team believe that their program is well worth every penny. In terms of mastering the strategy, they believe it “could take up to a year or two,” so is certainly isn’t a short-term project. This is the type of trading course that you would have to take seriously, which is more than apparent by just the price alone.

Membership (Trading Signals)

Outside of the trading academy, the BulletProof Traders club as a membership option. The membership consists of forecasts, trading signals, open positions, watch lists, crypto market analysis, Forex market overviews and more. Traders can get access to all of these aspects for $55 per month.

The most interesting portion of the membership for us, is the daily trading signals. The vendor promises to trading opportunities per day presented with a short 3-5 minute video which includes a complete cross-price matrix analysis breakdown. On the signals page they provide sample videos, so you can see exactly what you are getting before you sign up.

Signal Results

There is a promise of 500 to 1000 pips per month, which is a great number, but they don’t seem to provide any proof to back this up. In order to qualify as one of the best Forex signal providers, they will have to provide a verified trading statement with a service like Myfxbook.

We generally don’t appreciate it when vendors may claims, and don’t back them up with even a basic trading statement.


There are a lot of moving parts of it comes to the BulletProof Traders program. Traders can become a member and take advantage of trading signals, or join the online trading Academy to learn how to trade a very specific proprietary methodology. It’s clear that the traders behind this project have a fair amount of knowledge about the Forex marketplace, but we would like to see more from the community before we make our final decision.

With that being said, if you have anything you would like to contribute to the review, please leave your experiences and questions alone the article now.

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BulletProof Traders is a trading course and Forex signal service.

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