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AstroFX is a Forex course provider that offers educational workshops, coaching and guidance for all levels of traders. They provide free introductory classes on weekdays for brand-new traders, and believe they have the most powerful trading setups in the marketplace. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if this is the type of trading course you should utilize to help grow your Forex trading skills.

The company is located at 49 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London, UK and was first launched in early 2014. The two founders are trade analysts, Aman Natt and Shaun Lee. They claim to have a combined experience of over 14 years in the Forex marketplace. There is less information available online about Sean, but Aman has an extensive Instagram account where he pushes lifestyle marketing aggressively with pictures of cars, trips and other luxury based living items. It certainly isn’t a humble approach, but definitely one that would attract a fair amount of followers, as you can see by the 83,000 that he currently boasts.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email or phone 0203 858 0096.


AstroFX Review

One of the first aspect of the AstroFX website is their course availability calendar. Based on this, it looks like the service hasn’t been very busy the last few months, as all of August, September and October are wide-open. We are unsure if this is because they are taking some time off new the end of summer, or if these services losing popularity.

Regardless, it does look like these services are open and available so traders can book their free consultation at any time.

The free consultations are to be done in person. Traders can discuss requirements with a senior trader, receive the full breakdown of the education materials and take a tour of the trading floor in their offices. The educators promise that they will “breakdown the art and science of Technical Analysis step by step to ensure you are completely proficient with trading the Forex market.” This type of promise is common in Forex courses, as you can see in our recent reviews of Core FX Trading, Tier One Trading, and Irek Piekarski Masterclass 2.0.


There are 6 features that the AstroFX system is built on:

  • 12 step program which teaches basic concepts
  • Different advanced trading tools
  • Risk management
  • Video tutorials
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis

When each concept is mastered, every trader will have what it takes to monitor the markets and place winning trades on a regular basis.


None of the courses are explained in much detail, but what we do know is that there are 2 different types, in person and online.

These courses include webinars, members area videos, an exclusive telegram channel and an exclusive package. The exclusive package is a box that comes with a guidebook, certificate, notepad, and, USD with trading Journal, wireless mouse, mouse mat and stress bull toy.

The vendor provides little to no information about the AstroFX courses, but they do provide an free video section of their website with 50 videos. So, while you may not know exactly what’s in the course, you can get pretty good idea of how the creators of the course go about educating their clients. The only issue with these videos, is that they stop being produced over 2 years ago, and now the only videos seem to be viral lifestyle marketing vlogs.

Client Feedback

In terms of client feedback, they are nearly 200 reviews on, with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, but there are other less enthusiastic sources.

In fact, there is a Forex Factory thread, and a babypips thread with people claiming that the courses are a total scam.

It’s really difficult to know which side of the fence to fall on at this point, because there are people on both sides. It’s hard to know who is truly telling the truth, and working through all of the murky water to see what’s actually happening.

We definitely recommend looking at a few other sources to see what’s being said, because there’s a lot of smack talk. We’ve read that none of the wealth is actually from Forex, and that one of the creator’s girlfriends was just caught red handed running her own Forex scams. We don’t want to give credit to some of these sources because they aren’t proven, but there is a fair amount of gossip that needs to be sorted through if you are interested in the service.

Trading Results

We found a single trading account that had a large drawdown, and only traded a couple of months in 2018.

This account was also with a broker we’ve never heard of, so we don’t really see this Myfxbook as a positive. With all of the images and videos of positive trades we see on Aman’s Instagram, he should have an active Myfxbook for the community to analyze.


At this point, we really can’t draw a conclusion about the AstroFX services. We are not fans of lifestyle marketing, so we will probably steer clear of this service until more information comes to the surface.

Do you think all the cars and bling are real? Or do you think that this group of traders is selling a dream? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below the article now.

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AstroFX is a Forex trading course

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