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Course Review: Core FX Trading

Core FX Trading is a Forex training course and live signal room that claims to be the best in the market. The purpose of the education is to “cover every aspect of how to become a professional trader.” The development team believes that through one-on-one mentoring, and constantly expanding content that they provide a value that goes unmatched by any of their competitors.

The creator of the service is Corey Smith, a self-proclaimed professional Forex trader and mentor. He wants to teach traders how he weIsnt from constantly losing money to becoming a professional trader and analyst for some of the top trading firms. Is a 27-year-old trader based out of West Palm Beach, FL with a degree in international business. It’s clear that he does have market experience, as you can see in some of his YouTube videos and free material on the website.

The company location is 126 Mayfair Lane, Boynton Beach, FL, 33426. Support can be contacted via


Core FX Trading Review

Corey believes that his Core FX Trading education is the solution to a real lack of affordable quality training in the Forex marketplace. It’s clear that he is serious about fulfilling his promise, because he provides a fair amount of free content on his website, and in his YouTube channel. Though, it is worth noting that Corey has not released a video in 4 months, and there doesn’t seem to be any announcement behind his sudden disappearance in this medium.

It’s possible that this is a reflection on the service, but hopefully Corey is still very active. You can also see that all of the free content is quite old as well, with the last article being published on January 9th, 2019.

Is unknown if the lack of new content is a reflection or not, but it’s definitely something we have to consider. We’ve seen this in the past with other Forex courses that seem abandoned, as you can see in our reviews of Tier One Trading and Best Forex Team.

Forex Training Course

The Core FX Trading course is highlighted in great detail on the website, giving us access to each of the modules so you know exactly what you are purchasing. The course consists of 40 lessons, over 50 hours of content, quizzes, articles and podcasts. The team feels believes that their service is more than just a training program, but in community with hundreds of traders actively participating.

There are 6 separate modules, and each module has a collection of different lessons.

  • Module 1: Training Details

The first module is short and straightforward, welcoming traders to the service, and introducing them to different trading tools via 2 short lessons.

  • Module 2: Trading Essentials

This module is much more detailed with 8 different units covering Forex one-on-one, psychology, risk management, goals, trading routines, trading journals and trading plan development.

  • Module 3: Technical Analysis

The 3rd module is packed with 17 units covering topics like market structure, Elliott wave, candlesticks, chart patterns, secondary indicators, Fibonacci, higher time frames and many more strategy-based lessons.

  • Module 4: Specific Trading Strategies

The 4th module consists of 5 different units covering the four-hour pullback, hourly breakout, pages on reversal, yes entry hourly breakout and hourly CTL reversal.

  • Module 5: Preparing for Battle

The 5th module lets traders right into the firing line with an introduction to back testing, demo trading and eventually live trading.

  • Module 6: Fundamental Analysis

The last chapter covers an introduction to fundamental analysis, different fundamental concepts and the fundamentals of news trading to help traders win more trades.


There are currently 2 options for traders looking to purchase the Core FX Trading training course and live signal room. It can be purchased for $100 per month, or a one time fee of $500 to gives traders lifetime access.

Both packages come with the exact same services. These services include complete trade alerts, like weekly webinars, exclusive access to the video library, large trading community and 24/7 analysis.

There is also mention of proven results, “averaging 1000 pips per month with a 70% win rate.” This must be in reference to the trade alerts, but there is no trading record provided, and certainly no verified results. So, it does come across as a little bit disingenuous to tell us that the service is winning at a rate of 70%, without any real proof to back that up.


From what we can see, the Core FX Trading training course and signal room look like a decent value but we are unsure if it’s best Forex course quality yet. The only real questions we have are about Corey’s dedication to the service because he isn’t posting of the website very often, and the promises 70% winning trades without any proof. Once these issues are resolved, we will consider providing a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Core FX Trading $100/Month or $500 Flat
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Core FX Trading is a Forex trading course that includes 50 hours of trading content and live trade alerts.

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Trade alerts
Live trading room
50 hours of content


High price
Not much client feedback
No verified results despite 70% promise

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