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Course Review: FX220

FX220 is a Forex trading course and a one-on-one mentoring program built to help create more profitable traders. The developers of the service wanted to put together a course that provides new clients with both the knowledge and skills required in order to grow trading account. The main analyst believes that he can help traders reach the next level of success by offering his “internets experience in the Forex market as your personal mentor.” Today we will be providing a full review, analyzing all of the data to let you know if this is a viable opportunity.

Oussama Amara is the head trader and mentor at FX220. He claims to be an expert Forex trader with over 20 years of experience. He believes in market behavior, psychology, market maker secrets all while utilizing both technical and fundamental analysis on multiple time frames. During this time of this service he tells us that he has “transformed over 400 students into phenomenal profitable traders with his highly effective and proven methods.” We have found no information about Oussama outside of this sales page, so it’s apparent that he doesn’t have much of a reputation in the Forex marketplace.

There is no address or headquarters for the company. There also doesn’t seem to be an email address or contact form on the website, which means traders likely have to purchase software before they can talk to the vendor. This is certainly a factor is way of providing support, as most clients want to email first before they sign up with a service.


FX220 Review

According to the sales page, the FX220 method uses a complete systematic approach that covers all of the important areas of Forex trading. The service will help traders identify valid trading setups and take advantage of accurate ideal entries. These two foundational blocks will help traders get their take profits, exit their trades properly and see consistent account growth which is the end goal of the service.

Like BulletProof Traders or AstroFX, this course is made up of different trading modules starting with the basics and then moving to more advanced techniques.

Trading Course

The FX220 trading course consists of 9 modules, and 8 bonus modules all built to help traders become more profitable. The normal modules include to technical analysis chapters, an introduction to trend direction, high probability setups, consolidation, entry criteria, psychology, fundamental analysis and finally the FX220 system. The account is modules include market volatility, currency correlation, candlestick patterns, Fibonacci levels, market makers, trade examples, news trading, support and resistence.

Each of the lesson is provided in video form but there are a couple of PDF downloads as well. The PDF downloads are 4 trade examples and different checklists to help traders throughout the process of the trading course.

1 on 1 Mentoring

In addition to the trading course, FX220 members also get access to one-on-one mentoring with Oussama Amara. The mentoring is made up of Skype sessions, premium direct access through multiple messaging channels and unlimited lifetime support.

The concern with the mentoring and the Forex trading course in general is that it relies heavily on the reputation of one person, Oussama Amara. Yet, this person does not have a real reputation in the Forex marketplace and doesn’t seem to provide any real proof that he is an expert trader. Amara doesn’t provide us with any verified trading results or account statements, so we really don’t know if he is the expert trader that he says he is.

Transparency would go a very long way in helping us understand if the creator of this service is a successful trader or not.

On the plus side, the vendor does have a YouTube channel showing that he does have knowledge of markets. So, we recommend that you go through many of these videos to see if you connect with message teaching approaches before you sign up with the service.


For traders interested in the FX220 program, they can sign up for a one time fee of $797. With this package traders get access to trading course and the one-on-one mentoring.


At this point in time we are currently on the fence it comes to the FX220 trading course. The majority of the website comes across as professional, but there are also some tasteless screenshots and supposed to student testimonials that we often see in poor performing programs. In order for the service to be profitable, the creator of the course Oussama Amara has to be a very successful trader in his own right, and we have seen nothing to prove that he is.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article.

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FX220 is a Forex trading course with many helpful modules.

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1 on 1 mentoring
Trading system
8 bonus modules


No support email
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No proven reputation

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  1. Fx220 beast

    FX220 feasts on forex markets. There’s only one problem. You get addicted to collecting so many pips.

  2. Fx220 course is great!

    Awesome course! It’s the most complete course forex course i have ever taken.

  3. Best course hands down

    Best system in the industry, proven and years of consistent records. The curriculum is so rich that it literally covers all aspects of trading.
    I don’t think any of you down below tried it or could even afford it. Totally recommend it to anyone looking to trade like a professional.
    5 stars!

  4. I bought the course and it changed my life completly!
    Dont come here saying its a scam just because you didnt sucessful with it! Maybe you all just didnt worked hard enough or it aint your type of trading…
    its sad that you all saying these lies, because there is people that could change their lifes with this strategy and maybe dont because of you. Thats sad.
    My instagram is 1tyman, before you say it’s a fake comment that I did here.
    Yall stay safe and get your life better because that type of attitude wont get you no where.
    Kind regards,

  5. Utter rubbish. Couldn’t teach if his life dependent on it. Do yourself a favour and not fall his cheap parlour tricks. And Oussama if you’re reading this I know what you did last summer! Removing you’re free content and putting it into the course you naughty boy.

  6. Hi Obie
    Thanks for the heads up….i was keen to learn more about this system after viewing some of the youtube vids..but now im a little concerned to say the least. A thing that always bothers me with trading educators is the ones who wont/cant publish actual live trade setups before they happen…its always an historical sceen shot…and i can do that too and have an awesome tracek record picking out reversals, continuations, and perfect M or W pattern trades. … a truly succesful trasder would be transparent as he would be secure in his knowledge and win/loss record.

  7. I asked this guy when i saw him on youtube, he is just recording valid trades and publish them later. on his videos supposed to be recorded from live trading, he placed a trade without even identifying his Stop Loss (to know how much he is risking). I asked him if you are legit link your live or demo account from a regulated broker to myfxbook and let’s see results. but posting testimonial and screenshots this is garbage.

  8. I purchased this course and trust me save your money. It teaches you about M & W patterns in trading very basic info you can find for free online. I was very disappointing once I started going through the material. I paid $800 for complete crap.

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