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FX Scalpers Scalping Academy Review

FX Scalpers Premier Scalping Academy is a Forex trading course built to teach traders how to “scalp the FDX market with confidence and consistency.” They aim to have an average trade length of 56 minutes on any pair, with an average monthly gain of 8.4%. Today we will be providing a detailed review and letting you know if you should expect those numbers if you sign up.

FX Scalpers Inc. is located at 675 Cochrane Drive, East Tower, 6th Floor
Markham, Ontario L3R 0B8, Canada. It is unknown who the traders are behind this service, as this information is not provided. We certainly recommend that they give us a little more detail, so we know that the creators are actually traders with experience in the Forex market.

To get in touch with support traders can email or phone (416)993-9826.


FX Scalpers Review

The FX Scalpers service is pretty straight forward. They offer a free information session where they demonstrate different scalping setups, and then offer a “3-day intensive course” to teach you their approach.

As we put this review together, we now notice that the service is local, and really only available to traders located in the Toronto region. So, if you are not in Toronto, you are not able to take part, because this is a physical meetup. The details of the meetup are listed below:

  • Location: 675 Cochrane Drive, East Tower, 6th Floor, Markham, Ontario L3R 0B8
  • Date: Dec. 30th , 2019
  • Time: 2-3pm

Considering you need to travel, even if you live close, it would be helpful if the service providers had a video for us to watch to see if we like their approach before committing the time. Especially considering we have absolutely no idea who they are, or what type of experience they have in the Forex markets.

Similar Forex courses include ThatFXTrader and FX220.

FX Scalpers Course Curriculum

For traders who go to the FX Scalpers meet up, and appreciate the information provided, they can sign up for a trading course. The price of that course is not told to us on the website, which is not our favorite thing. We prefer transparency in all areas, and would hate to commit the time to go to an event like this one to find out they want $1000+, which they likely do.

In terms of the course, it consists of three days. The first day will teach traders all of the basics about Forex, things you likely already know if you are a regular Forex Robot Nation reader.

The second day is completely about using MT4 properly, installing different scripts and managing charts. So, another basic day if you are a reader here.

It isn’t until the third day that the real value of the FX Scalpers system is revealed. On this day traders will get introduced to Renko charts, reviewing E.F.S trading setups and managing daily performance targets. Traders will also get access to the creator’s proprietary Elite FX Scalper Indicator and Expert Advisor systems.

Trading Results

Unlike most Forex trading courses, the FX Scalpers team actually provides a Myfxbook account that shows the gains that can be accrued by using their approach.

The account is fairly new, running for the past few weeks, showing a modest gain of 20.20% and a drawdown of 6.02%. During this time, they traded 162 times with an average trade length of 1h 15 minutes. The average win is 3.50 pips and the average loss is just 3.27 pips which is very low for a scalping approach.

The results are certainly interesting, and we would be interested in finding out if this is the Elite FX Scalpers Forex robot that they provide on day three of their course.


FX Scalpers Premier Scalping Academy is an interesting service but at this point in time it’s only available to traders located in Toronto, Canada. If they ever expand their services, and get some real client feedback, we will refresh this review and provide more details.

Until then, if you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments and remarks below the article now.

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FX Scalpers is a 3 day Forex trading course.

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