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The Forex Holy Grail is a manual trading system, with a unique trading strategy that’s apparently used by “institutional traders and bankers.” The creator is just now deciding to share it with the community for $497 via PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram or Bitcoin. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if this strategy is worth the price tag.

The trading system is created by “Maurice Campos,” a trader with no real reputation in the Forex market. In his story, he tells us that several years ago he found an “ex-broker trader” that taught him a secret strategy for several thousand dollars. We are not introduced to this trader, and we really don’t even have Maurice’s track record trading, so it all comes across like a bit of a fairy tale. It’s hard to take seriously.

To contact support, traders can fill out a contact form on a separate page.


The Forex Holy Grail Review

The developer claims that The Forex Holy Grail is a secret strategy that he paid for, then modified to make it easier for the public to consume. If used properly, Maurice claims that he makes “more than 750 – 1500 pips per week.

The majority of the sales page is generic sales pitch fluff. Too much of the information fails to inform in any way, and jumps from topic to topic sporadically.

It’s filled with the usual taglines like don’t trust EA’s, 97% of traders fail and many more. The copy isn’t very well written, and it’s long-form style is an old marketing technique that traders in Forex stopped respecting years ago.

We prefer a more straight forward approach, as shown in other courses like FX220, ThatFXTrader and BulletProof Traders.


Despite writing thousands of words, Maurice fails to provide much detail about the secret strategy behind The Forex Holy Grail system. Most of the sales page just tells us what the strategy isn’t. We know that it isn’t an indicator based system, or an expert advisor. Outside of this, little is provided by the vendor.

There is a short vague mention that the strategy is based on “pure price action,” and that’s all we know. It’s very difficult to want to spend nearly $500 for a strategy that isn’t explained in even minor detail.

All we know is that after we purchase the course, we’ll be able to trade without indicators, secure entries, sell in tops, buy in bottoms, and “trade the same way the banks do.” Yet, there is really nothing that makes us feel confident in this approach.


  • Creator: Maurice Campos
  • Founded: 2011-09-09
  • Type: Forex Strategy / Course
  • Price: $497

Traders interested, can purchase The Forex Holy Grail for $497. After purchase, traders get access to the secret strategy, and email support. They do not show us what this looks like. We would appreciate if they give us some sort of hint at what the presentation looks like, whether it is in video or written.

There is so much mystery around the product, and in the sales page, that it comes across as a very high risk purchase.

Client Feedback

It’s difficult to find real client feedback for this system, because there are so many products that are referred to as the Forex Holy Grail. It makes it almost impossible to sort through all of them. We tried doing searches based on the domain name, and didn’t come up with anything there either.

So, hopefully traders will leave their experiences below this review and we can gather more information that way.

Trading Results

The Forex Holy Grail trading results are lackluster. Maurice makes promises of 1500 pip months, but doesn’t come close to showing us this is possible with his own results.

In fact, all of the results provided are simple screenshots in the Metatrader platform. Maurice could easily cherry pick only the good trades, and that seems to be what he’s doing. The dates, TP and SL are all blurred too which make it seem even more suspicious. Also, the results all come from a single month, so there is no real sample size to analyze.

The vendor needs to create a Myfxbook account, and prove to us that he can trade this system before he offers it to the community.


At this point we see no reason to recommend The Forex Holy Grail to the Forex Robot Nation readers. This service is being sold for nearly $500, and fails to provide us with any detail or proven trading result. In 2020, the expectations of the Forex community are much higher, and Maurice Campos needs to recognize that and adjust.

If you have anything you want to add to the review, please leave a comment now.

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The Forex Holy Grail is a trading course that teaches traders how to utilize price action techniques.

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Price action strategy
Easy to learn
Low risk


No strategy explanation
No verified trading results
High price

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