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Fidelcrest Review – Securing Forex Funding

Fidelcrest is a Forex funding provider that offers traders a 70% profit share while covering all the losses for traders that qualify for their services. In order to get funding, traders have to meet a bunch of detailed requirements and show off their trading skills. In all the requirements are met, the traders can qualify for up to $20 million in buying power.

Founded 2019-01-15, Fidelcrest Challenge recruitment is operated by Megarus Ltd Oy. Megarus Ltd Oy is registered at Fredrikinkatu 61, 00100, Helsinki, Finland. To get in touch with support, traders can email, or call Los Angeles: (+1) 2139 736 517, London: (+44) 2080 899 554, and Tallinn: (+372) 5678 7390. They also have a live chat available on the bottom right side of their website that can be used to talk with a member of their team immediately.


Fidelcrest Group Review

The mission of the Fidelcrest Group is to help traders make a living with their Forex trading profits. They feel that if they find the most skillful and committed traders available that the will be able to create a roster of traders that they can market to investors. Thus, each trader that becomes part of their roster will increase the amount of capital they have to offer new potential traders.

There are three reasons they feel they are competition and funding program is better than their competitors.

  1. They had different tools and education to help traders “find the most profitable investment opportunities in the market.”
  2. They require very strict risk management an investment strategies to ensure high annual returns.
  3. They are optimized company structure offers tax benefits and a high level of security.

The Challenge

In order to get funded by Fidelcrest, traders need to prove their worth by competing in a 10 to 30 day simulated trading challenge. During this period traders are expected to “demonstrate discipline in meeting the money and risk management objectives.” The group has no bearing on your trading style, and will not set any limits on your trading approach. All that matters is meeting your performance numbers and trading objectives.

While this is all well and good, participating in the challenge is not free, and requires the traders pay anywhere from €250 – €900 depending on the amount of capital they want to qualify to trade.

Let’s take a look at the lowest price €250 challenge. For traders that want to start with €250, they can qualify for $25,000 (USD) of starting capital. In order to accomplish this goal, the trader must have 50% positive days, have a Max daily loss of $1250, a Max overall loss is $2500 and hit a profit target of $2500 over the course of 30 days. During this 30 days, the trader must trade at least 10 of those days.

Micro Accounts

Most funding challenges require a fair amount of money to get involved, as you can see with Earn2Trade and TopstepFX. Yet, the Fidelcrest team actually offers micro accounts, or traders that want to get started with as little as €25 to €149.

Obviously with accounts this small traders don’t get access to very much capital, but at least it’s an option that most other providers don’t offer.

In terms of starting capital for the challenge, the vendor isn’t specific, bless we believe that traders start with the amount of money in their demo account that they spend to take part in the challenge. So, essentially if you sign up for the €25 challenge, then you would be required to turn that €25 into $250 over the course of month. Which means you would have to win 10X the original deposit in order to qualify.

This is a very difficult, and something very few professional traders would be able to accomplish, which makes this funding process extremely difficult.


Based on the information provided, the Fidelcrest funding program is professional and straightforward. Yes, it’s also apparent that it would be very difficult to win these challenges, meet the requirements and then get the funding unless you are a professional trader who also has some luck along the way.

Many traders believe that services like these are impossible, and the vendor is simply just trying to take a little bit of money for each trader, never having to actually provide any funding.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Fidelcrest €25 - €900
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Fidelcrest is a trading course and Forex funding opportunity.

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