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  1. It really doesn’t look like anyone is getting funded. I’ve been checking this review for months, and nobody is leaving any comments.

    I’m surprised, I really thought this looked legit, but the rules might just be too difficult to win with.

  2. Well no comments since January – over 2 months now. IF and that’s a BIG IF, many people were getting funded I’m SURE they would flood this and every other review site with testimonies. Since I haven’t come across a single one I’m certain that the funding ratio is so small as to not be worthwhile. The risk to reward ratio is just terrible.

  3. Any news ? Any one really get funded from them ?
    Im intrested to get a monthly fee since im profitable by now , but what i need to know first is that do they really work ? Anyone really get funded from them ?
    Thanks guys

  4. I’m a profitable forex trader on my own, but with a small account. I have been watching TopStep for a while now and I’m excited to see them offer an FX service in addition to the futures combine. I have not traded with them before, but I will be signing up tomorrow and I can keep in touch to let you know how it goes.

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