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AIMS stress free trading or I trade aims is a Forex service provider that offers trading signals, indicators, strategies, forums, chat rooms and more. They believe that it’s “possible to create $100,000 per year” trading Forex. By limiting trader emotion, and offering a good profitable trading system, they feel that they have the perfect solution for every level of Forex trader.

The service launched in 2011, created by “Immy” a Forex trader who prefers to go by a single name, like Oprah or Cher. He is a “Forex trader, educator and system designed from England” with nearly 10 years of experience. None of the other team members are introduced, so it’s possible the service is run by one person. Though, this is hard to believe considering Immy claims to have over 3,400 clients, which is a very high number for one person to manage on their own.

There is no full address, but traders can get in touch with support by emailing


AIMS Stress Free Trading Review

The Aims Stress Free Trading (I Trade Aims) website doesn’t give off the best first impression, as it’s a bit sloppy. While we don’t doubt that the service is a professional one, they don’t do the best job at presenting this to their potential clients. The sales page is filled with big bold text, random quotes and different aspects that only take away from the overall presentation. This could easily be resolved, and should be fixed up by the vendor to better represent the services being offered.

Three Stage Training Process

The training process is broken down into three stages.

  • Stage 1: Learn the basic strategy
  • Stage 2: Excel towards advanced strategy
  • Stage 3: Expert to master level traders

The first stage provides traders with an introduction to the I Trade Aims strategy. This stage also includes MT4 setup, indicator installation, tutorial videos, beginning of time webinars, as well as access to the forum and trading room.

In the second stage, the AIMS Stress Free Trading group provides access to their AIMS the hunt trading method, and other strategies. Traders will learn to apply advanced trading methods, read enhanced trading manuals, understand Elliot Wave, get more involved in the chat room, benefit from one to one and group based training.

The final stage where traders achieve an expert to master level is the final goal. In this stage traders will experience consistent profitability, learn enhanced ideas and get access to the premium indicators. This area also includes access to higher level webinars, new trading concepts and even more training in a one to one setting.


While strategy is mentioned a multitude of times throughout the AIMS Stress Free Trading (I trade aims) sales page, the vendor fails to provide any real detail about these methods:

  • Strategy 1 – The Setup 1 Strategy Course and Indicators
  • Strategy 2 – The Hunt Strategy Course and Indicators
  • Strategy 3 – The Fruit Strategy

It would go a long way if the vendor would provide some sort of detail about at least one of these strategies. Without knowing the general approach of the trader, or system, it’s difficult to sign up. A little increase in transparency would certainly help their cause, and give us more confidence in their services.


There are three plans available for traders interested in the AIMS Stress Free Trading (I trade aims) service.

The live trading room goes for $49.99 per month and gives traders access to daily chart scans, trading signals, a chat room, and on demand support. There is also a one time setup fee for $197 for new users, which is quite the additional expense.

The premium plan goes for a one time fee of $497, and gives traders access to multiple strategies, indicators, templates, and premium access to the forums.

The premium lifetime plan goes for $2297, and gives traders permanent access to the chatroom, all future updates, and unlimited downloads.

The confusion for us is with the premium plan and the premium lifetime plan. From what we see, it looks like the original plan should give you everything that the premium lifetime plan does. Yet, after reading about the premium lifetime plan it seems like your premium plan can expire or age to the point where you need to spend an additional $1800. This really isn’t a good sales model, and takes all of the luster away from the original premium plan.


The AIMS Stress Free Trading (I trade aims) vendor does not provide any verified trading results. It would be nice to see at least one of their strategies traded on Myfxbook before we shell out thousands of dollars.

Client Feedback

The client feedback is very positive, with a 4.8/5 star rating on FPA.


There are both positives and negatives for the AIMS Stress Free Trading (I trade aims) service but for the most part it’s positive. The client feedback is very strong, but we would like to see more specific examples and results for transparency.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

AIMS Stress Free Trading $49.99 - $2297
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AIMS Stress Free Trading is a long time provider of Forex signals, indicators and courses.

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Many features
Great client feedback
In business for 8 years


No results
Weird pricing structure

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