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Unstoppable Supply and Demand SECRET SNIPER Entries ||  Free Course EP 2

Brace yourself for this short and fascinating article about supply and demand.

It is the second content of the free trading course, and it’s time for you to start getting perfect entries on every trade.

You enter a trade that never goes into drawdown until you win it successfully. That’s what we’re doing today.

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Myfxbook Verified Result With The Unstoppable Supply and Demand Strategy

I’ve been going the extra mile on live trading recently and even look like a scraggly caveman. However, it’s worth it because I’ve created the perfect entry method combining supply and demand and support & resistance.

In three days, I used this method to generate over $10,000. You can see it below – my real HankoTrade verified account on Myfxbook.

Patrick Ryan's laptop screenshot showing profits from trading with secret supply and demand strategy.

All of the trades are present and not cherry-picked. They’re all live trades. 

A USDJPY trade won $3,000+ in 54 minutes. A USDCHF trade went for $2,200 in just over an hour, and we had a EURAUD trade go for $5,000+ in 18 minutes.

I will show you every one of those trades, but let’s start with the smallest win first.

Live Trade 1: USDCHF (Buy)

We were in an uptrend on the USDCHF, so I decided to trade with the trend. The first thing I did was to mark up my demand zone.

I marked the area of interest where there was a bearish candle right before a big push above. I wanted to see how the price reacted to the level.

To get my perfect entry, I also add support and resistance.

I discovered my support where the price had struggled consistently over and over again.

We saw significant green candles and a push above the support level. Thus, I wanted to ensure that it breaks structure, i.e., swing highs formed earlier. Then, the price should come back down to my area of interest. 

Since we had such an explosive move earlier, the banks and institutions all believe this is an excellent entry price. Hence, you better believe they have more buy orders ready at the level to cash in on that price again and continue with this trend.

Ultimately, this trade went in my direction quickly, smashing my take profit almost immediately. Fantastic. 

The trade has all the elements that I needed for a perfect entry.

The price respected the demand zone and bounced off a support line. Therefore, combining the support and the demand zone, I entered the trade at that level.

It went directly up, hitting my take profit, and this was a 3.32 risk-reward ratio.

Live Trade 2: USDJPY (Buy)

We were clearly in a downtrend, seeing lower lows consistently. Thus, what happened? There were three consecutive bearish candles and a big push to the downside.

I marked up the first bearish candle to become my supply zone. 

Since we’re in a downtrend, I’m looking for sell opportunities.

The price broke significant lows during the down move, which is what I wanted to see on the trade. Then I want it to return to my supply zone (marked earlier) because it is my area of interest.

That first big push down tells us big banks and institutions are preparing more sell orders. 

I put my stop loss above the supply, and for my take profit, I only targeted a recent significant level. I could’ve targeted a lower level. However, we were in an extended downtrend, so I preferred the safe trade.

Moreover, it is already a risk-reward ratio of 3:1, so I really don’t have to go all the way down.

Almost immediately, the trade smashed my take profit. Hence, it was good that I played safe because the price reversed after hitting my predicted level.

It seemed to be the last move in the long downtrend before the market switched directions. Eventually, that was true, as seen later.

Once the price went up and broke the past structure (significant swing high), a different kind of trading opportunity arises from the uptrend.

For instance, we would now seek buy trades since we had a structure change.

We got three green candles, which would be my perfect demand zone. Then, we would get a sniper entry because I would set my support zone close.

Since we moved out of the downtrend into an uptrend, we would tap into the demand zone to get a sniper entry because that support is holding up inside the demand zone.

That’s how you’re getting those sniper entries every single time. 

If you want winning trades like this, you need to have the best broker in the business, which is HankoTrade. That’s where I’m placing all of mine.

They have low spreads and commissions, helping you win more trades than with others.

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Live Trade 3: EURUSD (Buy)

As seen in the last example, this is all about sniper entries on supply and demand. In this case, we had three green candles push up – a solid buying pressure.

Before the up move, a bearish candle created my supply (area of interest). Additionally, I set up my support and resistance.

Those are what I’m considering for that sniper entry. Once again, combining the supply and demand, support and resistance. 

I had my three candles push up to break earlier swing highs. Then, I wanted to see the price return to my area of interest because those buyers are stacking up their orders, ready to push the market there.

In the end, it was a sniper entry.

We tapped my support inside my supply zone some more. However, it pushed up and smashed my take profits immediately after entering the trade for $5,000+.

As usual, my stop loss was below my demand zone.

I stacked two orders on this trade because it was a clean opportunity. Besides, we were really starting to push into this uptrend earlier, so I was trend-following.

My first target was a recent swing high, but I just wanted to give myself more juice for the second. It ended up being a solid, solid trade.

It was a 2.06 risk-reward ratio.

Signal Trade: GBPUSD (Buy)

You can also use this strategy in a low-risk way.

For example, assume we use the supply and demand on the 30M timeframe (shown in the Youtube video shared above).

I’m looking for buy opportunities when we have a nice push above after confirming a nice uptrend. We had a clear demand zone – a bearish candle before the move up, becoming my area of interest.

PS: This was a free trading signal for everyone in my free Telegram Group. That’s why I made it such a low-risk opportunity.

The push above broke the previous highs. Then, I wanted the price to return to my demand zone and see how it would.

It reacted well because we had a long wick before taking over the previous bearish candle. It’s a bullish signal.

I placed a buy-stop order after breaking the bearish candle. It shot up, and we won this trade.

It is a low-risk way of doing it. I targeted a consolidation level, not the swing high because the lower risk was better to share with 17,000+ people.

The risk-reward ratio was just 1:1, targeting 20 pips. My stop loss was 20 pips as well.

It was a fantastic trade using the same methodology. I had my support and demand zone for a sniper entry.

You’d want to get into the trade earlier for a 4:1 risk-reward ratio and a much better sniper entry. Regardless, it’s left to you to use the supply and demand however you like.

You can use it in a high-risk way for 6% or 7%. It’s also okay for low rates, like 1% or 2%


In the following article, episode three, I will show you how to use it at a higher risk by trying to get 6% to even 10% from a single trade. Using such an approach is great, but you may lose more trades.

I hope you enjoyed episode two. I know these sniper entries will take your trades to the next level.

Thus, share this article and leave a comment.

If you have any questions about this strategy, consider joining my free trading room. My VIP trading room is also available, and we’re winning trades and kicking ass in there.

Much love. 

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