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VPS Review: LinkUpHost

LinkUpHost is a Forex VPS provider that is “built for and understands Forex traders.” They feel that their service is a step ahead of their competitors because they have advanced knowledge of the Forex market, and what traders in this market expect from their virtual private server host. Their services taking advantage of a reliable and easy-to-use cloud platform, so that traders don’t have to worry about their hosting, and focus on their trading.

There is little to no information about the company itself, but we do know that they are located somewhere in London, UK. The vendor should be more clear about who they are, and what their exact address is. This information is important, because all of their competitors provide very clear information in detail about these aspects.


LinkUpHost Review

The main goal of the LinkUpHost team is to provide a service that meets the needs of Forex traders through fast execution speeds and guaranteed security. These are arguably the 2 most important elements of any virtual private server company, so it’s important that this vendor is understanding of that.

6 Features

There are 6 features that are important to the company, and their overall mandate.

  1. Access Anytime Anywhere. This one is simple, their VPS servers are accessible from any computer, or smart phone in the world at any time.
  2. Forex Ready System. Their platform has no limitations, so that traders can use any Broker, expert advisor or indicator that they require. It’s also worth noting the VPS comes preinstalled both MT4 and MT5, which makes getting started a very simple process.
  3. Reboot Protection. Traders don’t have to worry about their servers restarting, because of the world-class LinkUpHost support team, and “tier 4 datacenter.”
  4. 99.95% Uptime. Under the current infrastructure, this VPS host promises a very high uptime rate, so that your trades are never interrupted.
  5. 24/7 Support. This is self-explanatory.
  6. Trustworthy Security. The team promises that they never had a security breach since they established the company. They do not tell us when company was established below, which would be a helpful addition to this feature.


One of the main features of a Forex VPS provider is the ability to upgrade. In this case, if you start running more MT4 terminals, if you need more resources to do so, you can upgrade very quickly without even interrupting your service.

Our main recommendation is to start with a lower plan, and when you need more resources, then upgrade. There is never a reason to start with an expensive plan, because you will really never know how many resources you need until you start trading.


There are currently 4 LinkUpHost plans available. The Forex 22, Forex 44, Forex 66, Forex 88, Forex 110, Forex 132, and Forex 154. Each plan is named after the price it costs per month.

We won’t go into detail about each plan, because you can see the resources directly on the website. Yet, we’ll let you know the features that are shared in all of the plans. These include, unlimited bandwidth, Windows server, true VPS isolation, Forex ready, broker independent, works with any ea, dedicated IP address, DDOS protection, 30 day moneyback guarantee, 30 gbps datacenter bandwidth and no contract requirements.

What’s Missing

The one aspect that seems to be missing that other hosts (FXVM, MyForexVPS) provide, is some sort of real-time broker latency. These other hosts provide specific response times from each broker, so you know exactly where to set your data center.

This is certainly an aspect that should be added the website.

Client Feedback

We’ve found that the majority of feedback at this time is positive in general. There are a few negatives, but nothing overwhelming.


The LinkUpHost provider looks to offer a solid Forex VPS service, but that doesn’t mean that they are top of the list.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments and recommendations below the article now.

LinkUpHost $22-$154/month
  • Pricing
  • Latency
  • Compatibility
  • Ease Of Use
  • Customer Support


LinkUpHost is a Forex VPS provider with MT4/MT5 platforms pre-installed.

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Multiple plans
Platforms pre-installed


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