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VPS Review: FXVM

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FXVM is one of the most popular Forex VPS providers in the marketplace, and is frequently the top recommendation for many different Forex trading blogs. The service is built specifically with Forex traders in mind, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why this provider is touted as the top option by so many traders. They believe that every trader should move their “trading platform to a remote server for enhanced performance, security, and ease-of-use.”

The service is owned and operated by ThinkHuge Ltd, a Forex group that owns,, ConnectForex and SimpleTrader. They are located at 26th Floor, Beautiful Group Tower, 77 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong. Customer support can be reached via live chat, the contact form on their website, or There is currently no phone support, or at least this number is not accessible via their website.


FXVM Review

The main concern of the FXVM VPS team is reliability. They want to ensure that traders are fully protected from Internet outages and computer failures. There is nothing worse than losing a large chunk of your Forex trading account because your computer or Internet connection had some sort of issue. As is the case with most Forex VPS providers, they provide a 100% uptime guarantee with all of their trading servers.

The service can be accessed via Remote Desktop or smart phone, which makes it easy for traders to monitor their trading accounts at all times. This, alongside the members area management portal which allows traders to reboot, restart or update their VPS makes for seamless utilization.

fxvm features

The servers are hosted on the state-of-the-art Equinix datacenters located all around the world, which means they have many different access points, so that you always have a fast response time between your server and your Forex broker. After signing up, traders can access the server which comes preinstalled with MT4, NinjaTrader, and TradeStation. There compatibility also extends to Forex EA’s, as they promise that all automated strategies are accepted on their service, with no exceptions.


The FXVM team offers 4 different plans to the Forex community. Each plan fits a traders requirements, based on how many MT4 trading platforms they want to run on their server, and the increasing resources that are needed to support these terminals. Traders can choose between the Lite VPS, Basic VPS, Advanced VPS, or Dedicated Server. Most clients will only require the Lite or Basic packages, as the Advanced and Dedicated Server options are for traders that need an excessive amount of trading platforms running simultaneously.

Every single VPS comes with a dedicated IP address, automatic backups, MT4/MT5 auto startup, a set of time of 5 minutes and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Here are the packages for your perusal:

fxvm packages
  • Lite VPS – $19.00/month
  • Basic VPS – $28.00/month
  • Advanced VPS – $49.00/month
  • Dedicated Server – $274.00/month

In terms of location, traders can choose between New York, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. When choosing the location of the Forex VPS, it’s important to choose a location that is closest to your broker, not to you.

Broker Latency Results

One of the main advantages that the FXVM VPS team of boast about, is their lightning fast execution speed. It’s certainly very impressive that they provide live latency results, showing the connection speed between their servers, to over 60 of the most popular Forex brokers in the marketplace. By following this list, traders can determine the best location for their server, because the lower the ms, the faster the transaction speed.

fxvm latency results

Customer Feedback

FXVM certainly passes the customer feedback test, with a 5 star rating on both Trustpilot and FPA. We’ve been unable to find any negative reviews, which is exactly what you want to see when you are seeking out a Forex VPS provider.

fxvm customer feedback


It’s quite clear that FXVM checks almost all of the boxes of what you want from a trading server. They are compatible with all Forex brokers, have live latency checks, and can be used to trade any expert advisor. The plans are priced appropriately, and the client feedback is exactly what you would want to see from any potential purchase. The only decision you need to make, is whether or not you feel a Virtual Private Server is something you need to help with your trading.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

FXVM $19-$274/month
  • Price - 80%
  • Latency - 90%
  • Compatibility - 80%
  • Ease of Use - 75%
  • Customer Support - 75%


Multiple datacenters
Live latency results
Good feedback


No cons

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  1. Gotta really think twice about using this FXVM folks. Second month just started and the connection was lost for more than 20 minutes! Scary to think about it.

    • Thanks for letting me know John. What are they saying about this downtime?

      • Their email to me (or maybe other customers):

        “Dear Customer,
        We need to inform you that your VPS was rebooted on July 9th around 02.36 PM UTC due to a node issue we are still investigating.

        All VPS are back online.

        Please ensure you login to your VPS and check that any of the services that you require are running as expected.

        Any clients who do not have MT4 autostart configured please contact our support if you need help configuring it as we do recommend it.

        If you need any assistance, please let us know. team

        No apologies, no follow-ups… wow….

        • Hi John, please wait for your comments to be moderated. No comments are being deleted, I just have to wake up and check this page. Give me time.

          • Ahh, thank you for the clarifications. I thought the spam detector was doing its job too well.
            I appreciate your going through all the comments by yourself. Shows your dedication to the Forex EA community. 🙂

  2. Hello Guys,
    I am in US , Texas and I am going to use With some Robot,
    Any suggestion that you can give vps services, Is amazon Lightsail will work or anyone can share any experiences with other VPS they might be using?

  3. Recently I used their VPS and its good but I think price very high comparing other market competitor. Now I am using fxsvps .com where I am getting 2 GB RAM VPS with very low price.

  4. Good day
    I’m currently looking for VPS I’ve got a robot that I’ve installed on my laptop unfortunately it is not making much profit compare to others I live in South Africa and I’m using the broker which is also in South Africa can you please help me

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