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InterServer Forex VPS Review (#1 Rated)

InterServer is the top recommendation for Virtual Private Server companies here at Forex Robot Nation. We find that their low prices, in conjunction with the ability to upgrade seamlessly makes them an easy choice for traders who want a reliable Forex VPS at high speeds. Today, we will be going through their offer, and letting you know why we rate them #1, above all the other VPS companies we’ve reviewed.

Providing web hosting solutions since 1999, the InterServer head offices are located at 110 Meadowlands Parkway, Suite 100, Secaucus, NJ 07094. They were originally founded by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri, two high-school students with a dream. They’ve expanded significantly since their early days in hosting and now own multiple datacenters. While they have a high level of expertise in cloud VPS, they also offer dedicated servers, and colocation as well.

To get in touch with support, traders have to login to their account or call their phone lines, which they have located around the world. They have phone numbers in the US, UK, Israel, Brazil and Mexico. If you prefer to get in touch with sales, you can email


InterServer Review

The InterServer website is professional, and easy to navigate. You can easily purchase a Windows-based Forex VPS within just a matter of minutes to make your trading experience faster and more profitable. The service comes with the choice between Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. This is perfect for traders that haven’t used a VPS in the past, because it looks and acts the exact same as a computer.

When using a VPS, all you have to do is connect to the VPS with Remote Desktop Connection (a free program that’s already installed on your computer). Once connected, you can open the web browser on your VPS, download any files you need and install MT4/MT5 the same way you would on your actual computer.

Here’s an image showing one of our Forex Robot Nation virtual privte servers where we run our tests. You can see that we have a web browser open, and the MetaTrader platform. We show the Forex Fury website, which is our #1 rated robot, and we run many tests using this system in our servers as you can see.

The bottom line is that the process is simple, and running a VPS shouldn’t be a stressful situation. The whole point of having a server is so that you can run your expert advisors without having to worry about downages or issues. This type of stability is what InterServer offers, but they’re not the only game in town as you can see in our reviews of FXVM, BeeksFX and MyForexVPS.


Currently, the InterServer service provider utilizes two different datacenters. One is located just outside of NYC, in Secaucus NJ, and the other is in Los Angeles. This gives traders fast speeds all throughout North America. We are confident they will be adding more location ins Europe, and Asia in the near future, but at this point in time they are focused strictly on their North American presence.

If you are outside of North America, you will likely want to utilize the FXVM services, as they have locations in Europe and Asia already.

That being said, the technical specifications for the InterServer locations are incredible. With top of the line power redundancy, cooling redundancy, security protocols, UPS configurations, electrical capacity and more.

Plans & Pricing

What’s at the top of our list, and the top of many of the Forex Robot Nation reader’s lists is affordability. We don’t want to break the bank on a Forex VPS, and InterServer makes that possible with their available options. They have 16 different plans, ranging from $10-$160 but we are really only looking at the cheapest options that you can see here:

Here we show just the top three options ranging from $10-$30 as that’s really all you need, especially when you are first starting out. These Windows plans are all capable of running MT4/MT5. Usually, you will want to start 1-2 slices, and then if you want to run more tests you can always upgrade seamlessly. It’s very easy for them to upgrade you without you losing any of your work or processes, so you don’t want to over spend. It’s always best to start out with basic plans and upgrade when necessary, so that you aren’t spending extra funds unnecessarily.

In this image, you can see the core selection process. Again, you will want to start with either 1 or 2, and then work from there. If you talk to support, they may try to sell you on more cores, but we recommend starting with the basics first.

After clicking Buy Now, you will be taken to a registration page to start the process.

After you register, make sure to check your junk/spam box as that’s where the activation email often goes. This is really the case for automated emails in general as you likely already know. After you login, you’ll be taken to your easy to use dashboard.

Once at the dashboard you can easily place your Forex VPS order and have your server provisioned.

Once you enter the Buy Now area for your VPS, you simply click Windows, and the rest of the settings are all acceptable. The above example is a great place to start, at $20, with the ability to run multiple MT4/MT5 platforms at high speed. You will be hard-pressed to find a better price with a higher level of service anywhere else in the US.


InterServer is our favorite option when it comes to North American Forex VPS hosting. They are really unmatched, and many of our readers are already using them. If you are tired of trading on your computer, or you just want faster speeds to make sure that yo uare getting the most out of your trades, then you should consider making the change.

Thank so much for reading our review, and please feel free to comment below with your opinions and experience with this host.

InterServer $10-$160/month
  • Price
  • Latency
  • Locations
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  • Customer Support


Interserver VPS provides traders with a more secure, reliable and faster way to trade with Forex robots.

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Multiple locations Great latency Low price Used by many traders


No Europe or Asia locations

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  1. I heard there is issues when used Fury 4 bot on VPS windows server 2012.
    That’s true or not

  2. Hello,
    I live in Japan. Can this inter server robot work for me here in Japan?
    I want to know if I can buy it. Steady Internet is not a problem here.
    Your advice will be appreciated. Thank you 🙏.


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