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Forex Auto Scaler Review

Hey guys, today I am reviewing a new trading software called Forex Auto Scaler by Jeffrey Harbin. This MT4 based trading software places trades automatically after you place your original trade and it will auto scale so if you have a winning trade this will continue on that trades success. Forex Auto Scaler is by a trader and developer that we have …

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FX Capitalist

Today I’m looking at a scalping system by newcomer James O’Reilly that goes by the name of FX Capitalist. What is different about this software is that while it is a scalper, it works on a higher time frame. FX Capitalist  EA uses a risk reward of 1:4 and trades automatically on the EUR/USD pair. There is also an advanced version of the …

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ABC Forex Robot

Today we have a brand new automated MT4 trading system just released to the market ABC Forex Robot and we’ve got the full review. With about two months worth of results Eric Martinsson’s new software trades the USD/CHF pair with an undisclosed strategy. The ABC Forex Robot is going for $199 on the RegNow payment processor and comes with a 60 day …

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FAPTurbo 85% Off Version 57

Hey guys. just a quick little update right now. FAPTurbo 57 is now available and for the next three days the team over there is offering an 85% discount. Yes, if you have always wanted this EA you can now get it for the price of $29. They will be donating 50% of all earnings from this event to They …

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Super Trend Profit

Karl Dittman is back at it again and this time around he has released a new Forex indicator Super Trend Profit. Karl has been in the Forex software market for a long time and has provided both hits and misses. Super Trend Profit will monitor the market, pick out a trend and then send an alert to your e-mail or phone to notify …

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Forex Hedge Ghost

Well there really isn’t anything too scary about this one except maybe the draw down of Forex Hedge Ghost by Igor P. Again, the developer of this software is not very well known but they are providing some Myfxbook results (or maybe not). Forex Hedge Ghost is an automated Forex robot that costs $99 and is being sold on the RegNow payment …

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Forex Profit Inception

Hey traders, got a new review for you of Forex Profit Inception by Blake Falzon. There is very little information on Blake but maybe he is related to Brian with Profits Run. The Forex Profit Inception is a  new manual Forex trading strategy that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The strategy is barely explained in any detail at all on the …

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Forex Pip Gather

Just a quick update today, looking at new trading software Forex Pip Gather by Pro Invest and Paul Briggs. Today, looking at a $47 Forex course and trade alert software that claims real income in a short period. Forex Pip Gather includes automated signals, 87.9% winning trades, stop loss, take profit, quick installation and it works in all market conditions. I made …

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RealTime EA

Back at it again, today looking at a very guarded software RealTime EA by Lauren Anderson. At this point, anything that comes out is just pure speculation as there is very little about this MT4 based trading software Realtime EA. What we do know is that there are three Forex robots being sold, the accelerator, the mastermind and the multiplier. …

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Forex Power Tools Review

Today I will be reviewing a new trading system Forex Power Tools by Elizabeth Cullen. Elizabeth claims to be from popular Forex signals sites but I cant say I’ve heard of her or her Forex Power Tools. So, the product comes with a collection of tools built to make your trading experience easier. These can be purchased from ClickBank for $497, …

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