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Superior FX Signals

Back again, today with my review on Superior FX Signals a new product that claims to provide both Forex and Stock signals at a 90% success rate.

The signals are sent daily and the service claims it successfully “predicts market movement and provides you with copy/paste signals that you can instantly, safely and effortlessly use to gain huge profits.” The service costs $77 and it is being sold on the Avangate payment processor.

The superior fx signals provides users with the signals in the members area and also provides an auto trade copier EA that will automatically place these trades. While the developers say that they only provide live trading verified results there really aren’t any on the site at all.

The only example of results I can find here are these:

Not verified live results by any means.
Not verified live results by any means.

These supposed live Superior FX Signals results certainly don’t seem live or verified. It is a screen shot of some sort of web site or charting program. Without access to a statement I don’t believe that this vendor should be making this claim.

My Final Thoughts

This one is simple. I DO NOT recommend the new product.

I will obviously spend time talking to the Forex Robot Nation users and community about Superior FX Signals and hopefully we can get some more tests done if people want to see if this has any potential.

If you have anything you would like to add just leave a comment below, thanks.

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