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PTU Trend Jumper

PTU Trend Jumper

Today I’ll be reviewing a new trading system by Troy Noonan and Premier trader University, the PTU Trend Jumper.

Now I am extremely excited about this new product. I have been using products from the Premier trader University for couple years now and every time I learn something and I find a way to get more from my trading. This system is likely to be a big ticket software so if you’re looking to buy this you better be ready to go all in. By that I mean you will need to be committed to learning and becoming a better trader.

PTU Trend Jumper Details


PTU started back when Clinton was elected to office.
PTU started back when Clinton was elected to office.

The Premier trader University started in 1996 and have trained over thousands of traders. The developer Troy has been alive trader since 1992 and he was involved in other launches like the Seven Summits Trader and the Ultimate Trade Analyzer.

The PTU trend Jumper scalps for high frequency profits I take range and time-based charts for Forex and futures. The method is described as high frequency and high action. One of the main focuses of the system is to trade frequently and to profit quickly reducing the risk of long drawdowns.

The system is actually quite in encompassing, take a look at what this method trades.

  • Forex Pairs
  • Futures
  • And More

The PTU Trend Jumper Method

The software is employed by simply putting it on your chart and then watching as the price action dynamically adjusts to the current live market conditions. The method itself can be used for day trading, swing trading and longer-term position trading.

Once the PTU trend Jumper is placed on the chart (MT4 now available) will provide the entries, take profit, stoploss and everything else a trader needs in order to make successful trades on one chart.

Trend Trading Results

Let’s take a look at some of the daily chart trades that they have been providing using this new trend Jumper. These are trades that you place once a day and then just leave your computer on to pick up the profits.

Trend Jumper Results
These results started at the beginning of 2012.

Results look real solid so far. Can’t wait to see more.

The PTU Trend Jumper Method

PTU Trend Jumper Conclusion



At this point in time if you have the funds and are looking to invest in serious system then I DO RECOMMEND this new software.

It is very rare that I recommend products so I expect only the best out of Premier Trader University.

As always, if you have anything you would like to add I look forward to reading it below.

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  1. I had every hope that this system would work for me. I even had a funded account set up, so that I could trade not only Forex, but also the other markets, and when I was done with the demo account , I would be able to go straight into trading a real account. I traded the demo account diligently, taking the signals as they were given with the default settings and the recommendation of how Troy Noonan said to trade in the webinar video with targets, stops, etc. and I didn’t deviate from it at all. And my results? The best I could do, was Breakeven for almost a full month of trading every available trading day, trading every forex signal and other market signals I could. The result: I could only trade Breakeven. If I was trading a live account, the only person making anything would have been the broker. I decided I wanted a refund. But, even sending a copy of a completely documented accounting of every trade I made thru TradeStation, substantiating that I followed this system as per the given signals, they reluctantly gave me my refund. So, for me, it was not a system that I could be profitable with. I concluded that there must be something else, like a human element or some other variable, not accounted for outside of the trading system itself, that they can show such great results, something that I was unaware of and unable to achieve.

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