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Forex Pro Star

Well like I said, I got a bunch of reviews today so let me just continue with my next review of Forex Pro Star.

This is a new software by Joe Riley and Richard Wood. The software is being sold for $37 on the JVZOO payment processor.

Forex Pro Star Details

There is very little information about the Forex Pro Star. I know I say that a lot but this time I really mean it. If you go onto the website you see a couple of buy now buttons, results from one day of trading in what looks to be a binary options broker and very little else.

I find it very strange that this is the Forex Pro Star and they’re showing us results from a binary options broker. I guess you can trade Forex through these brokerages as well but it is very uncommon that the product will be promoted in this way. The results really don’t show us much either, they show a few different pairs and they show about nine trades and of those trades three are losers.

Forex Pro Star

So the best results they were able to show us what the Forex Pro Star is actually a winning percentage around 70% over two days and that’s really all they show us. I really think that this is a binary options system and that it is just name being correctly but there is so little information about this product on the website it’s inconceivable.

Forex Pro Star Conclusion

Well this one is really easy. It didn’t take me long to go through this review and I’m just going to outright say it I don’t think you should buy this software. The Forex Pro Star seems incredibly unreliable and looks just like some sort of marketing scheme.

I may be jumping the gun on this one but this really is my opinion if you have a different opinion feel free to leave a comment below and we can hash it out.

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  1. This company is fraudulent. They used a person name Maely Bennett from IG being a trade broker to sell Bitcoins. I lost 20.000.00 dealing with this company. They always promised a profit then added another fee to get your profit. The emails came from this company. I’m a teacher and lost everything dealing with them.

  2. You can cancel the preapproved payments from Paypal in your profile section. I was sorely dissapointed as well. 1 trade in a week on GBPUSD right when the market opened on a sunday. They gave me a quick loss of $175. I received a email back from support saying that they are looking for trades to happen and I will be seeing trades soon….. 3 days later, nothing. So I cancelled my preapproved payments

  3. Stay away from this people ,,ive paid them we dont get anyb trades from them ..there support ,,there is no support ,,Please stay away the are not honest

    And look out for a guy Graham Turner he gave me the link to this people ,and also dont reply back to me emails

    Then the guy that took my money is :

    Receiver email:

    He also dont come back to me

    Ive ask for a refund but they dont want to talk to me any more


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