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Fast Pip System Review

I have a handful of reviews today and I’m going to start with a Forex software called Fast Pip System.

This is a new Forex robot to trade on four different pairs (EUR/GBP,EUR/JPY,EUR/CHF,EUR/USD) and is being sold for $49 on the JVZoo payment processor.

Breakdown of Fast Pip System

The front page of the Fast Pip System shows a handful of back tests, each of them on the M30 timeframe trading a period of three years that ends in early March 2013. The system seems to trade around 200 times throughout this three year period for each pair so you can expect approximately 1 trade per day.

The developer of the software claims that the system is momentum-based which means that it uses this aspect to determine trade entries. The software will use this momentum and market conditions along with reversals to identify potential trades. The robot also takes advantage of the RSI indicator which will help monitor the movements and any change detection.

Fast Pip System Results

It doesn’t really look like they are providing any results outside of the back tests. There is a short video showing a picture of a back tests that I don’t feel like getting involved in and there is also a screenshot of how the system looks on the chart. I will show you this example right now so you can take a look at it.

Fast pip system
This is an example of the results.

Fast Pip System Final Thoughts

There is nothing about the software that has me overly excited. I’ve seen websites that provide us with back tests and very little information in the past. This is actually extremely common.

That being said, I can not recommend this software at this point in time.

If you have anything that you would like to add about the Fast Pip System I would appreciate it if you left a comment below for me and for the other users of Forex Robot Nation to take a look at.

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  1. Update: still no response at all from Fastpips support.

  2. I have bought Fastpips EA. It has a huge problem in that the target and stop loss are set to 50 pips and 20 pips but are showing in the trade window at 500 and 200 pips. The support staff have not responded to my email about this.

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