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Forex Wealth Maker

The product box.
The product box.

This is my second review of the day, Forex Wealth Maker by Tom Garratt a system based on methodology made by by the European system of central banks.

This system is fully automated, trades Forex and stocks, scalps intraday, works with 4/5 digit brokers and NFA rules. The Forex software provides you with signals which can be sent to your email and costs $49 being sold on the ClickSure payement processor.

There isn’t a lot of hype behind this Forex robot, the Forex Wealth Maker does not have a lot of interest at all at this point. I have never come across Tom Garatt so maybe this is his first time developing a product. He claims that his system can make “$100, 500 or even 1500 per day.”

How The Results Look

So in regards to results it looks like the Forex Wealth Maker team is just providing us with a couple of back tests and screen shots. For Forex robots, in the market we are in now, we really do expect much more out of the results for these systems.

I will show you an example below of what I mean. This screen shot shows a bunch of trades with no date trading a lotsize of eight and up earning $2,000 a trade, so really not a lot of pips, actually very small trades.

Potential trading results.
Potential trading results.


After my initial review I DO NOT recommend Forex Wealth Maker. There is really not enough information and the information we do have is weighed down by so much marketing talk it is difficult to get any real details.

If you have anything you would like to add, feel free to leave your comments below.

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