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Gann Trader X

The trading robot box and logo.
The trading robot box and logo.

Today I am reviewing a product by Inspired Trading Software called Gann Trader X that claims to be the world’s first all-markets trading system.

The software package has two packs available, the Premium Plus ($97) and the Platinum ($497). With the premium traders get access to all the Forex pairs. With the platinum package the clients get access to, stocks, indices, commodities, a mebmers area, free updates, email alerts & signals and more.

The Gann Trader X is a system that supposedly works on just about everything. The developers claim that “you can explore your win ratio and transform your profit-potential thanks to the first ever universal trading system that can be applied to all assets.” I am always nervous about systems that try to do too much as they often reach too far and end up under delivering across the board.


Trading Results

As I look at the results for the Gann Trader X it does seem like they are just a collection of back tests and they also stop at the end of 2012. I don’t know when this software was released but I don’t like that the results all seem to be old. I would like to know how these strategies are working currently if I was going to purchase it.

Trading results that end in 2012.
Trading results that end in 2012.
What are my final thoughts?

At this point I DON’T recommend Gann Trader X, I am a little disappointed in the provided results and the overall look and feel of this site.

For $500 or even $97 I will need more information before making a true decision on this software.

If you have any thoughts or opinions please leave them below.

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