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Well I got a bunch of reviews today today so let me get started with Forex Luxury.

This product is by the same people (Forex Developers, LLC) that brought us Forex shocker years ago so I’m very surprised to see them back again. Forex robot developers usually show up for a while create a product or two and then they disappear so it’s very interesting to see an old developer back in the game.

The Forex luxury system will cost $179 and it is being sold on the RegNow payment processor. Now I’ll take a look at this system and tell you about what it provides and if it can help your trading at all.

Top Features of Forex Luxury

Forex Luxury Details

This robot will trade the European and US sessions. The strategy is trend and breakout-based on the H1 time frame and it will only open one trade at a time per active pair. Forex luxury usually aims to pick up 15 to 20 pips depending on the settings.

It looks like they have been trading this system for just over two months so we don’t have a large history but it looks like it is producing some profits already.

With that said let me take a look at the results.

Forex Luxury vs Forex Shocker

Results for Forex Luxury

So I’ve been taking a look at the trading results and in their Main accounts they only trade one pair, EURUSD. It seems as though their main goal on this account is to gain 15 pips at a time while limiting the losses to anywhere between 25 to 40 pips.

During the last two months the Forex Luxury has opened about 26 trades so over this trading period the system is averaging under one trade every two days so it is not overly active.

You can take a look at the results here for yourself.

Forex Luxury 2 Month Results

Forex Luxury Conclusion

I do like that this developer has been around for a long time and has decided to come back into the Forex market and provide us with a new Forex system. Their last product Forex shocker was around for years and is still being sold.

At this point in time I do recommend trying and testing this system. Obviously if you don’t have the money to afford this software then don’t buy it but if you have some time and you want to try out the strategy give it a shot.

If you have anything you would like to add about the Forex Luxury system please leave your comments and remarks below.

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