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copy binary tradesWow, I’m sure you’re really tired of me by now but I have another review this one is on a system called Copy Binary Trades.

This software costs $20 a month and is being sold on the revenue wire payment processor. At this point in time there is very little information about the Copy Binary Trades system. So I go onto the website it looks like they have just a video and then they have a place for you to purchase the software.

They claim to provide a third-party verified account statement straight from an industry-leading options broker. As they show us this information I notice that it looks exactly like everything all the other binary options software vendors are showing us. Just because the Copy Binary Trades developer says that he’s going to show you something doesn’t mean he’s actually going to show you what he said.

Either that or maybe he’s confused about the binary options market or hasn’t seen any of the other binary options software. I say this because if you’re going to say you’re doing something different than everybody else then do something different than everybody else.

So now I am sitting through the Copy Binary Trades video and watching more about what he has to offer us. I’m really tired of wading through this video here I’m hoping that he tells us what the software is about soon. The developer claims he is a unique shortcut that 99% of binary options traders aren’t aware of.

At this point in time I’m not going to sit the rest of the Copy Binary Trades video.

Unless I can be proven otherwise or given a reason why I should purchase Copy Binary Trades I do not recommend this software. Feel free to add to my review with your comments and your opinions as always I look forward to reading them.

Hopefully you keep on winning and hopefully you have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. disqus_RspvkK2ojN

    Their system seems to go offline a lot, sometimes right in the middle of trading. The quality of the signals seems to be hit and miss. will probably give them a little more trying but will not likely continue using them.

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