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Binary Spy

Binary Spy

So I’m back again with another review today I’m looking at Binary Spy.

This is a new system that trades binary options and the developer claims that “you can now gain five dollars for every one dollar you invest.” This software costs $49 and it is being sold on the click bank payment processor. As they go through the sales page and I try to figure out the logic behind this strategy I am left with nothing but sales jargon.

This is a signals service. I am not sure exactly how they are providing the signals but I assume they are being sent to a members area or on better trader for as this is the most common way binary options signals are provided.

Binary Spy Results

Now going to take a look at some of the results being provided on the Binary Spy sales page. I am not overly oppressed by these results, I actually have a bit of a beast with the way this is being shown to us. One thing I notice is the discrepancy between the results. They are showing us results from three different brokers and it seems like they’re all trading different pairs so it is really difficult to figure out what the binary options software is actually doing.

Let me show you the first example of the binary results.

Binary Spy Results 1

As you can see here the system trades multiple pairs but let me show you the second example of the Binary Spy results.

Binary Spy Results 2

Now we see nothing but EURUSD trades which just doesn’t match up with the results on a different brokerage. This leads me to believe that either one account is just using signals for one pair or visa just falsified results from a bunch of random brokers. At this point in time there is a whole lot I want to see from this binary options software.

Binary Spy Conclusion

At this point in time there is no way that I can let you buy this software. While I want to believe it is good I am just having a hard time getting to that conclusion.

If you’re looking for binary options software I suggest you check out our binary options lab where we do all our binary testing.

If you have anything you would like to add about the Binary Spy just leave a comment below and enjoy the Forex robot nation community.

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  1. How It Works
    The software provides 2 types of “separated” signals. One is
    predicted market’s direction ( Up/Down Arrows ) and the second
    signal is trend filter. Both should be used at the same time.
    1. Market trend’s direction is displayed as UP-Green/DOWN-Red
    arrows on your chart. Those are your main Call/Put Signals.
    2. Trend filter signals are displayed as red and green bars at the bottom of your chart.
    To get best results, make sure that both signals – arrows and trend bars – are suggesting the same trend’s direction.
    With the trend filter section, red bars must reach the lower line ( -10 ) and green bars must reach the higher line ( 10 ) if the bars didn’t reach any of those levels then it’s not a valid signal and you shouldn’t trade because the trend is not strong enough.

    thats just the basic model (19 bucks if you try to walk away three times) there are 3 oto’s but i didn’t get those. (ones for more signals and may be an added indicator , the second is for stocks and the third is for silver and gold)
    Hope this helps guys.

    • Does it leave signals sent to your email with a set limit

      • No its only just 2 separate indicators no money management system or anything else, grabbed the gold/silver one as well….same thing but the bottom was more idiotproof…its either a red bar or green….and seems to give a signal (arrow) once every 12 to 25 hours. when it DOES go off it usually wins…(if your broker does 5 min expires) AND you were sitting for hours,staring at your screen with your finger on the NOW button one bar late and your out of the money
        No thank you!

  2. anyone have using Mass Money Machine? It’s work or not?

  3. I want to know if this works as well

    • Same here, not holding my breath with this one. I am still having success with Binary Bullet, they just added email signals today as well.

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