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Forex Indicator Predictor Review

Well there is a new Forex indicator available today so I’m going to review it in detail, it is called the Forex Indicator Predictor.

Historically I haven’t had great success with Forex indicators often because they repaint but I am always willing to give a new software a chance. The software costs $97 and it is being sold on the click bank payment processor. In order to get to the download page or the purchase page you have to enter your e-mail.

Forex Indicator Predictor Details

I really have to say that I like the design of this website it does seem very professional. The developer of this software is Larry Miller. I have never heard of Larry but let me get into the details of the Forex indicator predictor.

Larry claims that he’s been working on this Forex indicator for over five years and believes that the system can work for scalpers daytraders and longer-term traders.

This basically means the scalpers can use the five minute time frame the daytraders can use the one hour time frame and the long-term traders can use the daily time frame with his indicator to place trades.

Forex Indicator Predictor Examples

Let’s now take a look at some of the example trades provided on the website for each of these trading styles.

forex indicator predictor example 3
Daily trade example
forex indicator predictor example 2
Hourly trade example
forex indicator predictor example 1
5 Minute trade example


So here are a few of the examples. It works simply when you see the green arrow it is a buy trading when you see the red arrow it is a sell trade. So basically you sit and watch the charts and when the arrow appears you get yourself ready to place the trade in accordance with the color of the arrow.

Forex Indicator Predictor Conclusion

While I am not really a supporter of Forex indicators because I haven’t had a lot of luck with them that I am willing to give this a shot. So if you’re looking for an indicator you can test this one out and let us know what you think.

Thanks for checking out my Forex indicator predictor review if you have anything to add please leave a comment below and I hope that you check out other elements out my website Forex robot nation and that you sign up to become a member.

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  1. FIP is really MBFX New Trend Predictor under different name and sold by someone that has no rights to it. Mostafa Belkhayate is the creator and the owner of this system.
    This indicator is great with the other part (MBFX system v2).

    It is good by itself also, but inly on H1 and plus timeframes.

  2. I’ve purchased the FIP , It does repaint on smaller time frames. If you take a scalping trade you can still make a profit but you need to lock it in and not wait for the next signal or use the direction of the longer time frame to scalp in the same direction, less chance of the arrow disappearing a couple of candles latter. It’s supposed to be 99.9 % accurate on daily so I’ll be testing and lose any chance of a refund due to the time it will take to test . In saying this I’m still happy with the indicator so far.

    • Hi Damien. Would u mind update me with your progress with FIP? Thx

      • Don’t buy it, If you haven’t already, You’ll suffer way more losses than winners even on daily charts. It’s not at all reliable. Repaints, Even tried to use to complement other systems as traders do when using other repainting indicators like the fisher indicator. My opinion is that repainting indicators are better on trend following systems not predictive turning points in the market, this indi proves it. I don’t use this indicator at all, I tested it thoroughly, If you trade live with it you’ll lose money.

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