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Binary System X

Today I am looking at Binary System X a new binary options trading system that claims to have earned over $13 million dollars. I will review this product and let you know if I think it is worth your time. Binary System X Review As I get onto the website I find myself faced with a promotional video and a …

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Simo Forex Signals

Another review today, I plan on looking at Simo Forex Signals by a 24-year-old full-time trader that goes by the name of SimoFX or B.Simone. While I’m not going to say I have heard of Simone I do like the approach he has taken on his website to a certain extent. The website is obviously much more professional than the …

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FX Source Code

Today I review FX Source Code a new Forex software by an unknown developer. I am far from impressed. The sales page consists of a YouTube video and a couple account statements. The proof that the FX Source Code is relying on is a supposed two week span where the system earned nearly $15,000. The software is being sold for …

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Binary Crusher Scam Review

Today I’m looking at Binary Crusher, in specific I am watching a video that claims it will help secure my financial future. If you stay on the video long enough you are able to purchase the Binary Crusher software for $49. Well let me get into this a little bit and discuss what this presentation has to offer and if …

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Green Forex Signals

Today I’m reviewing Green Forex Signals a new product by Javi Martinez. This product is a meta-trader four indicator. You receive signal alerts on any currency pair. According to the sales page there were 168 trades during the last six years using the strategy. If that truly is the case then this system won’t be providing many trading signals. Green …

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Binary Turbo

Today I’m looking at Binary Turbo a new binary options software by Jeff Anderson. Jeff claims that he is a renegade binary trader and his plan is to blow the whistle on massive binary options scams and lies while revealing how to earn in this market. This product costs $47 and it is being sold on the click better payment …

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Binary Fast Cash Review

Today I’m looking at Binary Fast Cash a new binary options product and I’ll provide you with a full review. Immediately I am disappointed by the sales page. This $47 binary options product is marketed in the worst way. The entire process makes me sick, the sales page just tries to make you feel bad about your life and your …

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Forex Secret Protocol

Today I’m looking at Forex Secret Protocol, this product is going to be a big deal. This Forex launch taking place within the next two weeks is going to fill your email inbox with a ton of promotions and marketing hype. In this Forex robot nation Forex Secret Protocol review I am going to cut through the clutter and provide …

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LH Forex Signals

There is a new signal provider Laszlo Hun releasing his service LH Forex Signals. The Forex signal service costs $87 per month so this isn’t your normal cheap provider. In order to truly evaluate a signal service it is important to focus on the trader, so I will look into the developer. LH Forex Signals Creator Laszlo is a professional trader …

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Xtreme Binary Robot

Today I review another binary options system, the Xtreme Binary Robot by Anthony Hawk. The site consists of only a video so there is very little information for me to provide in this review but I will see what I can do. I will also make available a comment section at the bottom of the post so people with more information can …

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