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The Millionaire App

the millionaire appThe millionaire app is another one of these systems where you have to sign up to a binary options broker in order to get the benefits of this application. I am getting a little tired of writing these reviews because I am sure they are starting to come across the exact same way every time.

So before I really get into this one I have to say immediately that this is not going to get the Forex robot nation seal of approval. Obviously you can read on and read about my impressions of these binary option broker sign-up systems but if you don’t go ahead and check out some of the Forex systems on Forex robot nation or the binary options lab.

The Millionaire App Review

Now if you really want to hear my opinions on the millionaire app this is going to be easy for me because I just did this. The main goal of these systems is to have you deposit with their binary options broker. Either they are getting some sort of a commission from the broker or the broker itself is releasing this free system in order to generate interest in their broker.

From my experience all of these systems are the same, they don’t work. If you look at the basic business model you can see easily why these systems don’t have to work. The main goal is to get your foot in the door with the broker once you are with the broker it doesn’t matter to this person whether or not their system works.

I hope that you stay away from software like the millionaire at stake to some of the more proven and paid systems because they actually have to support their customers. Keep making the right decisions and you’ll start making money in Forex or binary options without any problems.

If you have anything you would like to add to my the millionaire app review please leave your thoughts and comments below and thanks again.

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  1. This is pure crap just by looking at the process and going through it. Most of us do not have the time to stare at a MT4 indicator like a moron for hours on end. And most of us work. This program does not work. Even if it did, you would have to stay home during 9am-5pm EST.

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